FHH Update 12-22-2016

Hey guys. You remember how last year I posted that long ass article called The 2015 BCTV Hip Hop Awards? Yeah, I’m probably never gonna do that again. It was fun the first time, but it’s really too much work. I’ll probably just post an article about my top 5 albums of the year. I’ve already stated my album of the year, but if you still don’t know what it is, click HERE to read its review. I’ll probably also mention the most disappointing albums, as well as the worst albums. I don’t know for sure yet. Huh… I think that’s actually all I’ve got to say. You know how I’ve been super depressed? I’m still depressed. I’m not really that depressed anymore tho lol. I’ve been getting into a lot of different colleges, so that’s pretty exciting. I’m most excited about Pace University tho. I got a scholarship, and it’s in New York City. I wasn’t even really excited about going to college until I got accepted to Pace. I’m still waiting on decisions from a handful of other places tho. I haven’t committed to any colleges yet. I’m really excited tho. Also, this website turned 2 years old 2 days ago, so that’s cool I guess. I think that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. I think the main reason I’m not doing the fake ass Hip Hop Award Show thing anymore is because I don’t feel like I listened to enough music to do that. So yeah. Sorry if you were looking forward to that. Oh yeah; you may have also noticed that I stopped putting my SnapCode at the bottom of every article. I decided to stop telling people to follow my blog’s SnapChat account since I never actually use it. So yeah. I think that’s everything. Peace.

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