FHH Vlog #19 | I Can’t Think Of A Title For This One, Pt. 2

It snowed over the weekend, so today was our first day back this week. There was a two hour delay, and we usually get out earlier on Wednesdays anyway, so our lunch period was only 25 minutes. At first we were gonna go to Wendy’s since it’s right down the street, but it was crowded as fuck, so we went to McDonald’s instead. The only reason we went there is because we didn’t have time to go to a better restaurant. The two burgers I had were unbelievably bland. I don’t like McDonald’s. It was fine tho. I guess. I also recorded my friend Erich Mildner taking a bite out of his burger during our World Religions class, so I hope y’all enjoy that shit. Tomorrow will probably be more exciting since we’ll have more time.

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