FHH Vlog #20 | Where’s Frostie

Today’s vlog is pretty different. I’m pretty sure this is the worst vlog I’ve ever done, mostly because Frostie is nowhere to be found. He was on service today, so I ended up going with Kevin Mahon, Thomas Connor, Miguel Chavez & Joe Madden. Nothing really exciting happened in this one. Aside from Miguel’s driving, nothing about this episode is that interesting. I’m actually kinda worried that I won’t be able to make good vlogs without Frostie once I head off to college. That’ll take some getting used to I guess. So yeah. I’m sorry about my lack of enthusiasm for this episode. It’s just not that good. It was cool to get some new faces on the show tho.

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One comment

  1. Best advice I can give you on the whole vlogging thing, is take a look at some of the more popular vloggers on YT and learn from em y’know. A lot of the cats I follow it took time to craft their channels into what they are now.

    (Some recommended listening while in the whip/hanging out)

    Gee-Spot-Geez-Money, Power Women (off The Substitute soundtrack, 1996)
    Lighter Shade Of Brown-Hey DJ (off the Mi Vida Loca soundtrack, 1993)
    Young Soldierz-Eastside, Westside (self-titled Album Mix, 1994)
    Tha Dogg Pound & Mack 10-Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit (off the Rhyme & Reason documentary, 1997)


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