EP Review | Mick Jenkins – SIP!

This EP was released on January 7th last year. Well, this isn’t really an official EP. Actually, I guess it is. I’m not sure. It’s only two tracks, and they were released separately, but they both came with this “SIP!” art. As you can see, he described it as “A collection of shit I’ve been working on with THEMpeople.” I never got around to checking these two tracks out, and I don’t really feel like listening to a full album right now, so I figured it’d be easier to just review two songs and get this shit outta the way. Both tracks are produced by THEMpeople.

Track 1: Grenade Theory Feat. theMIND

Okay. Yes. This production is dope af. Yesss. Okay, it’s pretty clear that these aren’t just two throwaway tracks. This shit sounds like it could’ve been on a full project. TheMIND is singin’ his ass off on the intro. I love this guy. Wow. The first verse from Mick was fantastic. “There’s been a flood in the attic / It’s made it’s way from the basement / I waded way too deep in it / I think it filled all the spaces that was empty in me / Seeing it so simply; blesses come in plenty / Do it all for less than pennies, I will.” I don’t know how I keep forgetting how dope this guy is. This hook from theMIND is awesome. The second verse was pretty nice too. Hmm… You know what? I’m gonna stand by what I said about this track not being a throwaway, but at the same time I don’t really have a problem with this not being on The Healing Component. It has a very similar sound to that project, but it’s not really good enough to stand out from the other tracks. It kinda just feels like more of the same. It’s still a really good track tho. This was a great way of teasing what was to come later on his album. I feel like if I reviewed this before hearing the album I’d be giving it much more praise. Whatever. I fuck with this song. I’m just not blown away. It’s dope tho. 4/5

Track 2: $3,000 Advice Feat. theMIND

This hook isn’t bad. OOOOHHHHHHHH. Lmao. Fuck. This beat is dope af. This percussion sounds like water. It sounds slippery. It’s like whoever was playing the drums had wet hands. This is so dope. The first verse was great. Yes. This is definitely the better track. The first one was good, but this one is a lot more impressive in my opinion. It’s a lot more lighthearted. Isaiah Rashad. He would sound great on this shit. I know they get compared a lot. This would’ve been a perfect collaboration tho. TheMIND just did some backup vocals during the hook. This is really good. I definitely fuck with this track. It’s dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

That was fantastic. Obviously there’s not a lot of room for error when you put out a two track EP and he thankfully came correct. Both of these tracks are worth listening to. I wouldn’t say you’re fuckin’ up if you missed out on these tracks since it’s kinda just more of the same shit that we’ve come to expect from him, but if you’re a big fan of him you’re definitely gonna wanna check this shit out. These could’ve been bonus tracks on the album. If you’ve heard The Healing Component you should know what to expect. The hooks are melodic, the production is heavy, and the bars are on point. This shit is dope af.

Favorite Song: $3,000 Advice

Least Favorite Song: Grenade Theory




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