Album Review | Future – HNDRXX

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This album was released on February 24th this year. The first album Future dropped this year was pretty rough, but I’ve actually heard really great things about this album, so I’m expecting this to be dope. Apparently it has a very different sound and is much more interesting. That’s really good news. I wouldn’t have been able to take 17 more tracks of that lazy, lifeless mumble rap sound. I don’t really have anything interesting to say about this one before listening to it. I just wanna get this shit over with.

Track 1: My Collection (Prod. Metro Boomin’ & CuBeatz)

Oh God… Lmao. Woooow. Okay. Yeah… Nah… I’m sorry y’all. I’m not gonna like this. Hahahahaha. That’s so tragic. I thought I was gonna like this shit. Lmao. Wow. Okay, let’s do this. The production is actually pretty goddamn awesome. Once again, Metro Boomin’ put together an impressive beat for Future. It sounds like he’s trying to make a love song here tho. Well, I don’t even know if I can call it that. He’s talking about this woman, and I guess it’s supposed to be romantic? “She told me she was an angel / She fucked two rappers and three singers / She got a few athletes on speed dial / I’m tryna get the case dismissed before I see trial.” Maybe not. That’s not even my main problem with this shit tho. He has kind of a melodic flow, and… Well… I mean, it’s Future. He sounds fucking awful. His flow is nothing special. Jesus fuck. What the hell is wrong with this guy’s voice? Why the hell did y’all think I would like this more than his self titled album? Did I not mention how I fucking despise his voice in that review? What made y’all think I would rather hear him singing? Smh. This is worse than Future. I mean, it’s cool that he’s trying to do something different, but it’s not for the better. The production is great. That’s the only good thing I can say about this. The hook is awful. “Won’t get a response from me, ain’t no confessions / Before I tell a lie, won’t tell you nothin’ / Any time I got you, girl you my possession / Even if I hit you once, you part of my collection.” Am I the only person who realizes how fucked up that is? What the fuck is this shit? Jesus Christ. Lmao. Why the fuck do people like this? Yeah, it’s different from Future. It’s not fuckin’ good tho. The only good thing about this song is the production. Nah. I’m sorry. I can’t fuck with this shit. This is wack. 2/5

Track 2: Comin’ Out Strong Feat. The Weeknd (Prod. High Klassified & Detail)

Well at least there are some features on this shit. The Weeknd killed that first verse. This beat is great too. This hook is dope. Future keeps rhyming the words “fake” and “make” with each other on this second verse. WOAH WOAH WOAH. HOLD THE FUCK UP. “The only time I feel alive when I taste dick.” BRUH WHAT??? LMAO. NO FUCKING WAY. Damn. I didn’t know the title of this song was literal. HAHAHAHA. Wow. I was not expecting that. Okay, okay, I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually say that. I don’t know what the fuck else he could be saying tho. It really sounded like he said dick. Whatever. It’s not that big of a deal. Lmao. I really hope he said dick. That’d be amazing. God he sounds fucking terrible. What the fuck is that accent he has when he says “Must be out of your mind, do you know who I am? / Used to hit it from behind, do you know who I am?” Man The Weeknd really saved this shit. He sounds amazing on this hook, especially in contrast to Future’s shitty, bizarre, warbled, barf-inducing vocals. “You must not know who I am; I pour champagne on the ground.” Lmao. This is so bad. It’s definitely more tolerable than the previous track, but that’s really only because of The Weeknd’s feature here. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 3: Lookin’ Exotic (Prod. Southside, Jake One & K-Major)

Oh shit. Gotdamn. This beat is dope af. I’m not feelin’ this hook. Jesus. His voice is just so awful. “Sometimes when you speak from your soul it sound like you singing.” I seriously hope nobody listens to anything Future says about singing because he clearly has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about. His flow all over this whole album seems kinda shaky so far too. I’ve never been a fan of his flow, but I don’t remember it ever sounding this loose. This song is about how he “wanna take you out to Paris and buy you better clothes.” I just can’t do this. This isn’t good. It’s definitely still not as bad as the first track. I feel like this is somewhere in between the first two songs in terms of my enjoyment. I’ll go easy on him and say this is decent. I won’t ever be playing this shit again tho. 3/5

Track 4: Damage (Prod. DJ Mustard, Detail & Twice As Nice)

There are some uncredited vocals from Detail on the hook. I’m not feelin’ it. I mean, Detail’s vocals are definitely a huge step up from Future’s singing, but I’m not even feelin’ this melody. The writing is very simplistic. “Girl I’ve been there for yoooooouuuuuuuuu / And you know that it’s truuuuuuuuueeeeeeeee.” This is probably the wackest song on the whole album so far. My God… I just don’t get it. This is melodic mumble rap. This beat isn’t even very good. No. This is fucking terrible. The only thing I can understand is “fuck my life up.” He keeps repeating that. Oh shit. Never mind. Lmao. I understood this line: “I ain’t had sex in a whole week / Just so you can get to know me / Gushy, gushy, so soaky / I put it in, go so deep.” Wow… So, uh… Is there anyone out there who can tell me what the motherfuck was going through this man’s head when he decided to say “gushy gushy, so soaky?” HAHAHAHA. I’m so glad he said that. Not because it’s good. It’s just so fucking dumb that it’s funny. I’m not laughing with him tho. I wanna make it clear that I’m laughing AT his terrible lyrics. This song is a fucking trainwreck. Hell nah. Lmao. This shit is wack af. 1/5

Track 5: Use Me (Prod. Detail, The Track Burnaz & Sydney Swift)

Oh my fucking God. No. NO. NOOO. BRUUUUUHHHH. LMAO. OH MY GOD. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NOOOOOO. NO HE DIDN’T. HAHAHAHAHA. YOOOO. THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS. HAHAHAHA. THIS IS SO BAD. YO LISTEN TO THIS SHIT HAHAHAHA. He’s trying so hard to sing on this shit. Lmao. This hook is fucking God awful. My God. I don’t know why I thought this shit wasn’t gonna get worse than the previous track. Hahaha. This isn’t even pissing me off tho. It’s just hilariously bad. It’s only funny ’cause it sounds like he was trying so hard. For real, how can y’all take this shit seriously? Just listen to this hook. What the fuck was he doing? This motherfucker really thinks he can sing lmao. “I was trappin’ at Grandma’s house when I came out / I said ‘Fuck the streets‘ and made my own lane now / When you get high enough you can dodge raindrops / And tell your momma and your daddy you in a gang now.” What the fuck am I listening to? Why the motherfuck would anyone ever wanna hear this shit? What could you possibly find enjoyable about this shit? I know y’all motherfuckers ain’t listening to this bullshit ’cause you think he sounds good. He sounds like he’s getting a vasectomy underwater with no anesthesia. That’s what it sounds like when he sings. This song is fucking dogshit. 0/5


Track 6: Incredible (Prod. Dre Moon)

LMAOOOO. WHAT IS THIS BEAT????? OH MY FUCKING GODDDD HAHAHAH NOOOOOOO. NO FUCKING WAY. IS HE REALLY ABOUT TO SING OVER THIS SHIT??? HAHAHAHAHA. Jesus fucking Christ. Is this some kind of a joke? I can’t fucking believe this. Lmao. Woow. You know what this shit reminds me of? This whole album feels like Future’s version of Views. This reminds me of that shitty beat from Feel No Ways. It’s not quite that bad, but it’s just as hard to take seriously. This is like if Mystikal tried to cover a PARTYNEXTDOOR song. I’m sorry y’all. Wait, no I’m not. The only person who should be sorry is Future. I can’t fucking believe this song exists. This shit is fucking terrible. 1/5

Track 7: Testify (Prod. Southside)

I’m not feelin’ this beat. It’s definitely better than that of the previous track tho. The hook is tolerable I guess. I just don’t get why anyone would ever wanna hear Future sing like this. There’s not a single sane person on this planet who can say with a straight face that Future has a good singing voice. Maybe you like the way his voice sounds for Trap music. He can’t fucking sing tho. He just can’t. The melody he’s singing is so repetitive. I… People have been telling me that this is Future’s best album. I just… I don’t get it. How? HOW? How the fuck would you rather listen to this than the album he dropped last week? Yeah, I get that it’s refreshing to hear him do something different, but it’s not fucking good at all. This is fucking awful. Seriously, what the fuck is this shit? Now I’m actually starting to get pissed off. This isn’t funny anymore. This beat is wack as hell, and the melody is way too repetitive. This shit is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 8: Fresh Air (Prod. Major Seven, Detail, Mantra & King BNJMN)

Uh oh… Oh shit. Okay, this song would be a hit if a capable singer was given this beat. The beat is fantastic. Future sounds fucking awful tho. He ruined this shit. The melody’s not even bad. Future just sounds so bad. I can’t believe this shit. Future really tried to go full R&B with this shit. What in fuck’s name was he thinking? Who the fuck told him he could do this? I mean, Kanye West made an R&B album, but he could get away with it because he doesn’t have the voice of a baby ogre. I’m absolutely bewildered. I just can’t fucking believe what I’m hearing right now. This is bad. It’s definitely better than the previous handful of tracks because the production is good and the melody is at least kinda catchy, but the actual vocals are just so fucking bad. I can’t stand this shit. This is wack. 2/5

Track 9: Neva Missa Lost (Prod. Major Seven, Detail & Xeryus G)

This beat is pretty cool. I’m not really feelin’ this hook. It’s tolerable I guess. What the fuck? Jesus Christ. Why the hell is he screeching like a goddamn pterodactyl on this first verse? It’s like somebody snuck up and shot him in the back of the balls with a BB gun while he was trying to sing. At least the verses don’t last very long. Nah. I’m not fuckin’ with this song. I mean, the melody of the hook wasn’t bad, but again… His fucking vocals are just unbearable. This shit is wack to me. 2/5

Track 10: Keep Quiet (Prod. DJ Spinz & K-Major)

This beat is dope. This hook is wack. Future. Good God. I don’t even know what to say at this point. His voice is absolutely torturous. “Go to Paris, do the dashboard / See the wheel on the right side / Got her driving on the wrong side / Thought we was driving on the wrong side.” There’s nothing good to say about this shit. I mean, the production is cool. That’s it tho. I can’t defend his lyrics. His voice is awful. The flows are nothing special. I guess the actual melodies aren’t bad. It’s hard to tell if I like them when they sound like they’re being delivered by a pitch shifted version of Scooby Doo. This hook is fuckin’ terrible. He’s actually rapping on the verses, but uh… I mean, they aren’t good… I guess it’s better than hearing him try to sing tho. Alright it’s over. Jesus Christ. I can’t believe I have 7 more tracks of this shit to get through. 2/5

Track 11: Hallucinating (Prod. Dre Moon)

This beat is really cool. The hook is bad. This is the second song on this album where he’s used the word “chinchilla.” The first verse was wack. The second verse is literally only 4 bars. That’s probably for the best. Yeah… Okay, I’m done with this song. I know I didn’t really say much about this one, but there’s not really much to discuss. It’s just a long winded hook and two very short verses. None of it is good. The beat’s dope tho. That’s the only good thing about this song. It’s wack. 2/5

Track 12: I Thank U (Prod. Wheezy)

Uuuugh. No… NO… This beat is fine. I don’t know how much more of this shit I can take. This hook is wack. His flow on this first verse actually isn’t bad. Thank God he’s not singing. I never thought I’d be so happy to hear Future rap. Oh shit. It ended. This is a short song. Thank God. Lmao. Nah. I’m not gonna be listening to this shit. It’s definitely one of the best tracks on the album tho. Well, it doesn’t feel right for me to say that… I’ll just say it’s one of the least terrible songs. That’s more accurate. 3/5

Track 13: New Illuminati (Prod. DY & Cicero)

Oh no. Lmao. No. What the hell… Hahaha. Naaahhhh. This beat is wack. Gotdamn. This hook is fucking horrendous. What the fuck is this shit? Oh my fucking God… Nooo. Jesus fucking Christ. This is absolutely terrible. Good lord. I thought he was about to come back with some decent music after that previous track, but this is easily one of the wackest songs on the album. NOTHING about this song is good. Not the production. Not the melody. Obviously not his embarrassing vocals. Not the lyrics. This sounds like a parody. This literally sounds like something the motherfucker who lives down the street from me would make and throw on SoundCloud. Even the production sounds like some generic, low-budget garbage you would find on SoundCloud. This is struggle music. It’s gonna be hard to pick a least favorite song. This track is absolute shite. 0/5


Track 14: Turn On Me (Prod. Nash B.)

This beat is fucking awesome. This hook is fucking terrible. I can’t fucking believe how many beats this motherfucker has ruined lmao. This is really pathetic. Lmao. What the fuck is this fool doing? Jesus Christ. This is just embarrassing. I wish he was at least saying something interesting. “Cartier frames on me, know I got them things on me / Panamera brain on me, you know I’m switchin’ lanes in it / After I give you this game, you should never let a lame hit it.” Why the fuck am I listening to this shit? Why do I do this to myself? What the hell is he doing on this shit? Jesus Christ. Why the hell would anyone wanna hear this shit? The beat is hot, but Future… The dude just can’t… He can’t do it. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 15: Selfish Feat. Rihanna (Prod. Detail, Major Seven & Mantra)

Wow I never thought I’d be so happy to see a Rihanna feature. Oh God… The song just started. Noo. No fucking way. Are they really about to do this right now? Good fucking lord. Nooo. NOOO. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. I can’t fucking believe my ears right now. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Okay. I’m fucking done. Fuck this shit. I don’t fucking believe this. What the fuck am I listening to right now? That’s it. I’m done. I can’t do this. I’m not tryna hear Future harmonize with Rihanna. I’m sorry. You can say I’m being unfair if you want, but I’m not fucking listening to this shit. I’ve heard enough. This shit is fucking awful. 0/5


Track 16: Solo (Prod. Dre Moon)

Oh shit. Okay, here we go. This actually isn’t that bad. This beat is dope. This first verse is tolerable. It sounds more like something that could’ve been on the previous album. It’s definitely not good, but it’s a huge step up from most of the other shit on this project. The hook is wack. I’m about halfway through the song. Yeah, this is definitely one of the best songs on the album. I mean, the verses aren’t really good at all. “20 oz steaks, can’t fit it on the plate / Jumbo shrimp, straight out of the lake / Sleeping on the boat / Wake up, take dope.” I’d much rather hear this shit than most of the other songs on this project tho. This is alright. 3/5

Track 17: Sorry (Prod. Metro Boomin’ & CuBeatz)

Yes. I deserve an apology. Especially after being told that this album was some of Future’s best work. My ASS. Bull fucking shit. This is one of the worst albums I’ve heard in a very long time. Anyway, this song is starting now. “I ain’t really mean to hurt you.” Well you did, Future. You really did. This album was fucking painful. God. Dude. Fucking stop. Stop fucking singing. For the love of God just stop. You sound awful. This hook. Fucking Christ. Stop. My God. This is so bad. At least the beat is alright. I’m fucking done with this album. Do y’all really give a shit about what I have to say at this point? This song isn’t fucking good. 2/5

Final Thoughts:

Fuck you. This album is absolutely fuckin’ terrible. I’m so confused right now. How the fuck could anyone possibly think this is Future’s best work? What the fuck is wrong with y’all? I mean, it’s fine if you like this shit. I clearly just don’t understand. I get that people are tired of his generic Trap shit, but that doesn’t make this shit good. Who the hell would wanna listen to this guy sing? Why would you choose this over literally any other R&B album? What is the appeal? I was confused enough when people were listening to his other generic shit, but this is so much worse. He can’t fucking sing. He can’t write good verses. He can occasionally come up with good melodies, but it doesn’t fucking matter because his voice is atrocious. The production was kinda hit or miss. A lot of it was dope, but some of it was pretty terrible. I just don’t get it. I’ve never been a fan of Future tho. I think I just need to accept that I’m never gonna like him as an artist. I’m sure he means well. Lmao. This shit is fucking awful to me tho.

Favorite Song: Comin’ Out Strong

Least Favorite Song: Selfish




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  1. I’m a big fan of Future, but besides Coming Out Strong, I can’t really fuck with this album.

    Speaking of CMS, I’m fairly certain he said “The only time I feel alive is when I take this”. I can see where the confusion comes from though.

  2. That first joint is aimed at Ciara. Because I guess he’s still obsessed with her…..

    There’s no redeeming qualities I can honestly think of besides The Weeknd’s contribution on this project. Either way I’m just going to pretend this shit doesn’t exist and blast some G-Funk lol

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