Album Review | Tyler The Creator – Goblin

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This album was released on May 10th in 2011. Okay, where do I begin with this project… Well, following the success of Bastard, there was an absurd level of anticipation leading up to the release of this LP. Odd Future fans are… Well… I think this picture speaks for itself…


Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, a fairly sizable portion of the Hip Hop community seemed to be disappointed with this project. I was just getting into Hip Hop around this time, so I didn’t really know enough about the genre to understand why people were underwhelmed. I’ve never listened to it in it’s entirety, but I remember liking what I heard. I’m definitely expecting to like this project more than Bastard. I already know it contains some of my favorite songs from Tyler. Hopefully the concept is a little more focused on this one. Every song is self produced, except where noted.

Track 1: Goblin

So, this track pretty much picks up right where Inglorious left off. He implied that he wanted to kill himself at the end of Bastard, so this track starts off with Dr. TC saying “You wouldn’t do that Tyler… Kill yourself, or anyone. You don’t even have the balls to begin with. What you need is me, someone to talk to. Uh, it’s been a while since our last session, so tell me what’s been going on.” Okay, I know this is a nitpick, but I just wanna point out a tiny gripe I had with this intro. He says “it’s been a while since our last session,” but in Bastard he said the three sessions would take place over three consecutive days. This album is supposed to be the second session, but this intro made it seem like it’d been a lot longer than one day. Again, it’s just a nitpick, but it kinda bothered me a little bit. Not that much tho… Anyway, I fucking love this song. It was pretty much the perfect way to start this album. It was the perfect way to follow up Inglorious. It has the same dark, slow, open type of production that was on the intro to Bastard. I love when Tyler makes music like this. These are his best tracks in my opinion. It’s almost like when Drake does those AM/PM songs. I just love when Tyler goes back and forth with Dr. TC over dark beats like this. It really feels like he’s in therapy opening up to his doctor and being super honest about everything. Just listening to Tyler get more and more frustrated while Dr. TC tries to calm him down is really entertaining. The first verse was fantastic. “Yonkers dropped and left them craniums mindfucked / Now competition missing like that nigga my mom fucked.” I also really like the part when he’s like “Okay, you guys caught me. I’m not a fuckin’ rapist, or a serial killer… I lied.” I don’t even know why the fuck he said that in the song. It just sounds good to me tho. Tyler covers a lot of shit he’d been dealing with ever since OF blew up in this song. He mentions not wanting to be associated with backpackers like me, or, as some people might call them, hipster nerd virgins. He also responded to the backlash he got over his content. “They claim the shit I say is just wrong / Like nobody has those really dark thoughts when alone / I’m just a teenager, who admits he’s suicide prone / My life is doing pretty good, so that date is postponed for now.” The production isn’t too flashy, but I really like it. It’s not something I would listen to if it was just an instrumental, but, just like with the Bastard intro, it serves as the perfect sonic backdrop for the content of the lyrics. “All you fucking lames don’t have to like me / The devil doesn’t wear Prada, I’m clearly in a fucking white tee.” I don’t have any problems with this song. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 2: Yonkers


I’m pretty sure this is still Tyler’s biggest song to this day. This was the first song I ever heard from him. It blew up because of the music video. You know, I think the music video is kinda cool, but uh… Nah… Lmao. I mean, I like it, but WHY the fuck do people think it’s so amazing? I will admit that this shot is really cool…

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 1.43.04 AM.png

and the black contacts look cool too. However, nothing interesting really happens… He sits there and raps the song. Then he eats a cockroach—although it’s easy to see that he doesn’t actually put it in his mouth—and then hangs himself. I think they could’ve done a little more. I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong; this is definitely more interesting than most Hip Hop music videos, but, again, that’s not saying much at all. Most Hip Hop music videos are boring as fuck. This one was dope tho. If I rated music videos I’d give it a 4 outta 5. Let’s get to the actual music tho. First of all, that weird ass sound effect that he looped is fucking awesome. I’d say this beat is pretty minimal. There’s not really a lot going on, and I kinda like that. The drum pattern is simplistic. The bass is heavy. Also, I know this is a really small detail, but I really like how the snare is panned all the way to the left. It makes it sound more pungent in my opinion. I’m not crazy about the synths that come in during the hook. The hook doesn’t really do much for me. It’s just a pitch-shifted voice saying “ODD. WOLF. HALEY.” Speaking of Wolf Haley, let’s get into the content. At the end of the previous track, Dr. TC asked Tyler about his recent trip to New York. This song itself doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with the city Yonkers. He doesn’t even talk about New York. My only explanation for this is that the lyrics are what he was thinking while he was in New York. That’s just an assumption on my part tho. I’m really just pullin’ that straight outta my ass. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. So, this character, Wolf Haley, is one of Tyler’s many alter egos. So now we have Tyler, Dr. TC, and Wolf Haley. Wolf Haley is described as Tyler’s “evil, white, swagged-out” alter ego. Every line in this song contradicts the preceding bar. Basically, this song is supposed to be Tyler fighting Wolf for control over his body. The first verse is dope. “Swallow the cinnamon; Ima scribble this sin and shit / While Syd is tellin’ me that she’s been gettin’ intimate with men.” None of the lines are super fucked up or graphic in the first verse. He just paints himself as a braggadocios sociopath. The second verse is my favorite part of this song tho. He killed that shit. “Jesus called; he said he’s sick of the disses / I told him to quit bitchin’ / This isn’t a fuckin’ hotline for a fuckin’ shrink / Sheesh, I already got mine / And he’s not fuckin’ workin’ / I think I’m wastin’ my damn time.” Dr. TC actually comes in during the second verse to ask some bizarre and completely irrelevant questions. Well, he only asks two questions, and the first one is pretty innocuous. “What’d you do?” He just asked him about his day. I guess this is what he did in Yonkers? “I slipped myself some pink Xannies / And danced around the house in all-over print panties / My mom’s gone; that fuckin’ broad will never understand me / I’m not gay, I just wanna boogie to some Marvin.” The next question is really random tho. “What you think of Hayley Williams?” That’s right. For seemingly no reason at all, Dr. TC asks Tyler The Creator for his opinion on the lead singer of the Pop Rock band, Paramore. This question kinda makes Tyler lose it. “FUCK her; Wolf Haley robbin’ ’em / I’ll crash that fuckin’ airplane that that faggot nigga B.o.B is in / And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus / And won’t stop until the cops come in.” This diss seems really strange and out of place, but it’s still really fuckin’ dope to me. Tyler later explained that he strongly dislikes the trendy, Pop Rap sound that B.o.B is famous for. I’m with him on that. I think B.o.B is a capable enough MC, but his music is fucking awful. I love the way the instrumental kinda cuts off and then restarts after the diss too. The flow on the following line is so fuckin’ smooth to me. “I’m an overachiever, so how about I start a team of leaders / And pick up Stevie Wonder to be the wide receiver?” The second verse is dope af. Shit gets even darker for the third verse, which wasn’t in the music video. “They say success is the best revenge, so I beat DeShay up with the stack of magazines I’m in / Oh, not again; another critic writing report / I’m stabbin’ any bloggin’ faggot hipster with a Pitchfork.” I love how he doesn’t hesitate to give his opinion on fuck ass websites like Pitchfork. Also, that shot at brandUn DeShay was dope. Whatever happened to that dude? Does he still make music? For those of you who don’t know him, he was a member of Odd Future, but he had a falling out with Tyler after the first Odd Future Tape was released. I also really like how he went in to more detail about his different alter egos in the final verse. “I’m Wolf, Tyler put this fuckin’ knife in my hand / I’m Wolf, Ace gon’ put that fuckin’ hole in my head / And I’m Wolf, that was me who shoved a cock in your bitch.” So, Wolf says that Tyler is the one who made him stab Bruno Mars, then he says that Ace is the part of him that’s suicidal, and then he brags about fuckin’ Dr. TC’s bitch. Remember tho, Dr. TC IS Tyler. So I guess whenever Tyler’s being successful or doin’ something worth bragging about, he feels like it’s because of Wolf. Tyler wasn’t in control of himself when he had sex with his girl, Wolf was. Just FYI, I may be completely wrong about this. This is just my interpretation of the story. Oh, also, you may be confused about this Ace character. We don’t really know too much about him yet. I know that Tyler used to use “Ace The Creator” as his production pseudonym. I’m not exactly sure what role he plays in this story tho. There’s so much more I could say about this third verse, but I’m a lazy fuck, so I’m not gonna do that. All you need to know is that I really fuckin’ love this song. I love the beat—it’s perfect for cyphers btw—and there are a shit ton of interesting lines all over this track. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track 3: Radicals


This track starts with a “Random Disclaimer.” Basically, Tyler’s just telling his listeners that his music is entertainment and that it shouldn’t inspire them to do anything fucked up. “If anything happens, don’t fuckin’ blame me, White America.” He definitely earns a little respeck from me for saying “fuck Bill O’Reilly” right after that. Tyler then counts down to the start of the actual song, which is very explosive. It’s the loudest track on the album so far. The loud, dark, lo-fi beat isn’t something you’d ever hear on a beat tape, but, again, I think it works well with the lyrical content. Tyler’s delivery is really explosive on this track. This was definitely his most aggressive performance at this point in his career, at least when it comes to his solo output. “What the fuck I look like, saying I’m sorry / To a bunch of fucking fags that can’t potentially harm me?” I like how aggressive and cold blooded he comes off on this song. The hook is so over the top. It’s people screaming “KILL PEOPLE, BURN SHIT, FUCK SCHOOL.” I’m not crazy about it. It’s really obnoxious. The jazzy synths that come in for the interlude after the hook sound really nice tho. The second verse just ended… Yeah… This isn’t a good song lol. The first two verses seem like they were written by an angsty 13 year old Eminem stan. Basically, if you think this song is cool lyrically, you probably have a lot in common with Buzz.


Fuck cops, I’m a fucking rock star / Rebel and defiance makes my motherfuckin’ cock hard / Fuck pigs, fuck guards, all some fucking retards / Fuck school; I’m a fuck up? Fuck Harvard.” The way he stretched that “retard/Harvard” rhyme made me throw up in my mouth. This song actually kinda reminds me of the title track from Cherry Bomb. It almost seems like this track was made specifically for performances. The reverb on the percussion and Tyler’s voice sounds pretty terrible. The message that Tyler says he’s trying to convey during the final interlude is actually pretty cool, but I think he could’ve done a better way of translating it through his music. It’s pretty much the same message from Find Your Wings. Do whatever you wanna do in life to make yourself happy, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. The way the track ends with that jazzy outro is actually really nice. At the end of the track Dr. TC tells Tyler that he needs to grow up, and Tyler unsurprisingly responds by saying “fuck you.” I can’t fuck with this song. I definitely like the jazzier parts of the instrumental, and the message Tyler was going for was cool, but aside from that this is pretty fuckin’ bad. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 4: She Feat. Frank Ocean

She 1

This was the second song I ever heard from Tyler The Creator. It doesn’t seem to have any direct connection to the overall concept. I mean, it’s not an essential part of the narrative. It does a good job of displaying Tyler’s insanity, but it doesn’t progress the dialogue between him and Dr. TC. It’s still a great song by itself tho. It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks from Tyler. The beat is nice, and the first verse from Frank is great. He plays the smooth guy who’s actually good with women. He ends up finessing some pussy from the girl who Tyler just so happens to be lusting after. “New girl moved on the block / She been plottin’ on my brown cock.” I don’t think enough people realize how good of a rapper Frank Ocean is. He’s obviously known for his singing, but he’s such a talented lyricist that I’d be content with a full project of him just rapping, even if he doesn’t have the flashiest flow. He did a fantastic job telling the story of his dangerous encounter with Tyler’s creepy ass. As he was layin’ the smackdown on this girl, Tyler broke into the house and CUT HIM. That’s right. This motherfucker Ninja Gaidened his ass. “A real ninja with the blade and the mask / Got them gold ninja stars and red Supreme nunchuks / Now she tryna patch me up, but… / Girl… I was just tryna get a nut bust…” I love his hook too. He’s basically just trying to tell the girl that she’s being stalked. “Ain’t no man allowed in your bedroom / You’re sleeping alone in bed / …But check your window / He’s at your window…” The way he says “but check your window” is creepy in such a dope way. Tyler’s depiction of this creepy ass stalker who doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong because he’s “in love” is terrifyingly convincing too. “Night light hits off turnin’ kisses to bites / I’m a down to Earth nigga with intentions that’s right / You’ll be down in Earth quicker if you diss me tonight / But I’ll be the happiest if you decide to kick it tonight.” I’m not really crazy about the long winded bridge. I think this would’ve been a far better song if he just spit a second verse. “Baby, you’re gorgeous / I just wanna drag your lifeless body to the forest / And fornicate with it, but that’s because I’m in love with you.” Lyrically, the bridge serves it’s purpose of painting Tyler as an insane, pathetic, entitled necrophiliac, but the repetition gets old after a while. “I just wanna talk, and conversate / ‘Cause I usually just stalk you and masturbate / And I finally got the courage to ask you on a date / So just say yes, and let the future fall into place.” Aside from that, this song is really fuckin’ good to me. Hell, even WITH that repetitive ass bridge this is still one of my favorite tracks from him. Also, the music video for this song is far more interesting than the music video for Yonkers in my opinion. This track is dope af. 5/5

Track 5: Transylvania (Prod. Left Brain)

This beat is really dope. The content of this track is just more creepy, sexual violence against women. “Goddamn I love women / Daydream about penis being in ’em / Meet them with a big grin with a Mac-10 / Rope, katana, and then I skin ’em.” Before this track Tyler’s work was already pretty fucked up, but this was definitely his most visceral, gruesome track at this point. I mean, for fuck’s sake, he’s talking about using the skin of his victims to make a suit and turn himself into a white woman. He just said that him and his friends look like the Holocaust with Supreme hats. That corny ass line where he said “bitch don’t mind me / Shake your hienie” made me wanna light myself on fire. Not to mention that Ms. Piggy line… Smh… This is really over the top, even for Tyler. He’s claiming to be Dracula. I’m pretty sure this is actually the first instance of cannibalism in Tyler’s lyrics. Actually, I think there was a line about literally eating the girl whom he was in love with’s heart on Bastard. I’m not exactly sure which alter-ego these past two tracks are supposed to be coming from. Maybe Ace? Tron Cat hasn’t been introduced yet, so I don’t know if it’s him… I’m not really feelin’ this song… The beat was cool, but the content is just a little too ridiculous for me. I think Tyler’s good at making Horrorcore, but I don’t wanna hear about fucking Dracula. I wanna hear about his own characters. He fuckin’ dissed Buffy The Vampire Slayer on this track. He wasted 4 whole bars talking about how much he hates her. That’s so fucking lame. This shit is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 6: Nightmare

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite song that Tyler has ever made. Again, almost all my favorite songs from him are the ones in which he’s venting to Dr. TC. This is easily the most depressing one. There are just so many goddamn lines in this song that I love. “I’m surprised I ain’t popped off my top off / Life is a bitch, and my cock’s soft; the Glock’s cocked / My hands trembled, my finger slipped, the wall’s red / Her life is fucked, she’s sad now, her son is dead.” This song contains some of Tyler’s most poetic lyrics about depression and suicidality. “I told her I’m her worst nightmare / This is hell, you don’t ever gotta fight fair / My spirit floats around in the night air / Or in your day dreams; that’s how death seems.” There are so many quotable lines in this song for me. “My father called me to tell me he loved me / I’d have a better chance of getting Taylor Swift to fuck me / Annoying and I’m ugly; most niggas wanna punch me / I’m surprised the fucking doctor even touched me.” His flow and delivery are so fucking smooth in such a depressing way. The beat is fucking gorgeous and desolate at the same time as well. The twinkling keys and bouncy percussion hits are fucking amazing. “Ignorant as fuck; offend people for the hell of it / Because I am the devil, fucker, get on my level.” The way he tears himself apart all over this track is so heartbreaking, but so relatable at the same time. The third verse is fucking incredible. When Dr. TC brings up Earl, Tyler just fuckin’ loses it. “Feel like I missed my little brother growing up / Feel like my little brother missed his brother growing up / But this is Golf Wang, like he missed his family growing up / I got a little taller since the last time you seen me, bruh.” Literally every fucking line in this song has me makin’ this face.


My nigga Jasper said if I drink and get drunk enough / I won’t feel the feelings I be feeling when I’m sobered up.” I fucking live for this shit. And when Dr. TC tells Tyler to calm down, maaaan… That’s my favorite moment in the whole song. “Tyler, calm dow-‘ DON’T LOOK AT ME / I’m 6’5″, about to fucking cry / About another guy, but this is Golf Wang; do or die.” Also, the part where he says he doesn’t know how to tell his mom about his feelings made me wanna shed a couple thug tearz. No homo tho. I was just kidding about that. I don’t actually have emotions. That’d be gay. The next few lines about his mom are awesome. “All I want is her support, but, no; it’s fights at home / Where mommy cusses out cousin, so knives get shown / Now she’s really fuckin’ pissed, so the knives get thrown / And hit her in her fucking neck, now her throat’s all gone / Looking like a fucking monster from the Twilight Zone.” This song is fucking perfect to me. I wish every song by Tyler was like this. I could never get tired of this shit. “Ain’t kill myself yet, and I already want my life back.” This seriously has to be one of the most relatable songs I’ve ever heard. I fucking love this shit. I love the way it transitions into the next track too. Here Tyler tells Dr. TC that he has a voice in his head telling him to do a bunch of fucked up shit. Dr. TC is like, “What’s his name?” and Tyler tells him. The next song is him rapping from the perspective of that voice in his head, Tron Cat. Anyway, if you can’t already tell, this is literally one of my favorite songs ever. I’m not exaggerating. I fucking love this track. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track 7: Tron Cat

Tron Cat

I haven’t heard every single song by Tyler The Creator, but as far as I can tell this is his most fucked up track lyrically. The production is really dark and distorted just like with Radicals, but this beat definitely had more effort put into it. This beat’s actually listenable, mostly due to the nice bell melody that comes in after a few bars. “You niggas rap about fucking bitches and getting head / Instead I rap about fucking bitches and getting heads / While you niggas stacking bread, I can stack a couple dead bodies / Making red look less of a color, more of a hobby.” Tyler was really just trying to think of the most fucked up shit he could. It doesn’t come off as juvenile or in bad taste tho. I mean, by Horrorcore standards… “Victim, victim, honey, you’re my fifth one / Honey on that topping when I stuff you in my system / Rape a pregnant bitch, and tell my friends I had a threesome / You got a fucking death wish? I’m a genie, it’ll get done.” Okay, maybe Transylvania WAS coming from the voice of Tron Cat. I don’t know. That would make sense I guess. The vocals were pitch shifted on that song tho, which gives me the impression that it was someone else because his vocals aren’t pitch shifted on this track. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter. There are definitely some questionable lines in this song. It’s never as terrible as what was on Transylvania, but it’s still pretty bad at times… “I’m the Pooh like Tigger dick.” I’m also not crazy about the way it ends. The instrumental kinda just fizzles out. Then we hear Dr. TC being like “Jesus, dude.” After his initial reaction, he tries to change the subject from Tron Cat to the girl who broke Tyler’s heart. I like this song, but it’s definitely not one of my favorites. It’s cool tho. 4/5

Track 8: Her

This is another great, depressing song. It’s kinda relatable, but not really. If it didn’t have the weird sexual obsession it’d be more relatable for me. This is pretty much the first song from Tyler in which he shows his desire to actually spend time with a girl he likes instead of just raping her or fornicating with her carcass. The beat’s alright, but I would’ve preferred if there wasn’t any percussion. I mean, right at the beginning of the track he says he doesn’t need a metronome, but it unfortunately never goes away. I love the way he repeats “it’s this girl…” in the background after ever few bars. “I know that she’s the key to love / She is who I’m thinking of when I am beating Richard up.” This line kinda bothers me for some reason. I don’t know… I guess… For some reason any time an artist mentions any sexual activity it erases all romance from the song for me. When I think about being in love, sex is the last thing on my mind. Maybe that’s just me. He describes his feelings for this girl for the majority of the song. Later on in the track he gets a little more optimistic because she breaks up with her boyfriend. “Next day metro’s taking me home / I see her in a cut at Wendy’s, but she’s not alone / Who’s that guy? Wait, why the fuck he ’bout to kiss her? / Come to find out she got back with her nigga.” Fuuuck. That sucks. I wish this shit wasn’t so relatable lol.


My nigga asked, ‘Ace, what happened to such and such?‘ / I could slander her name, and then tell him I probably fucked / Or I could tell him the truth, and just say she ain’t like me much / But instead I lie and say she moved to Nebraska.” This shit cuts deep. I love this song. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 9: Sandwitches Feat. Hodgy


This was another one of the big singles from this album. First of all, this beat is HARD. I forgot just how dope this shit is. That bass is really fuckin’ hard. I’m not really sure how I feel about the placement of this song. I think it would’ve made more sense to put it right after Radicals. Right at the beginning of the track, Tyler’s like “Nigga had the fucking nerve to call me immature. Fuck you think I made Odd Future for? To wear fucking suits and make good decisions? Fuck that, nigga.” I know he was talking about brandUn DeShay, but it could’ve also added to the overall narrative since Radicals ends with Dr. TC telling Tyler he needs to grow up. It doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the album as a whole that much. I just think it’s a missed opportunity. Anyway, I really like Tyler’s energetic performance on the first verse. Lyrically, this is pretty much the perfect introduction to Odd Future. “The Golf Wang hooligans is fucking up the school again / And showing you and yours that breaking rules is fucking cool again.” Again, the subject matter is very similar to that of Radicals. “I’m going harder than a midget jumping over me / Chronic youth; I’m shoving blunt wraps in bitches ovaries / Punches to the stomach where that bastard kid supposed to be / Fuck a mask, I want that ho to know it’s me.” I don’t have an issue with this hook in particular, but I’ve noticed that a lot of Tyler’s hooks are pretty much just him saying “Wolf Gang, bitch.” He does it on this song, Yonkers, Domo23, WHOA, and probably some other shit that I’m forgetting. I liked it on this song, but I got tired of hearing the same kinda hook over and over again by the time Domo23 came out. He thankfully doesn’t do it anymore as far as I know. Hodgy’s verse on this song is awesome. I’m not really that big of a fan of Hodgy, but I think he usually does a great job on features. He killed this song. “FUCK Church; they singing and the shit ain’t even worth it / In the choir, whores and liars, scumbags and the dirt, bitch / You told me God was the answer / When I ask him for shit, I get no answer, so God is the cancer.” I love how bitter he sounds about feeling betrayed by God for not answering his prayers. The way his verse ends kinda sucks tho. It’s like there’s room for one more bar, but instead of saying anything he does this painfully forced fake laugh. I’m also not really in love with the final verse. It kinda feels like the song just runs out of steam and fizzles out. Also, the outro where Tyler says “We don’t fucking make Horrorcore, you fucking idiots / Listen deeper to the music before you put it in a box.” Horse shit. Just because there’s a concept and narrative in the music doesn’t mean it’s not Horrorcore. I like the song, but it’s definitely not perfect. It’s dope tho. I fuck with this. 4/5

Track 10: Fish

This is one of the few songs from this album that I’ve never heard before. Okay, his flow on this first verse is pretty nice. He’s rapping about Bill Cosbying women. “Slip it in her drink and in the blink / Of an eye I can make a white girl look chink / Don’t know what to think ’cause last time / I attempted this shit the judge ordered me to see a shrink.” I love this beat. There’s no percussion yet. I hope it stays that way. Ooooh shit… Never mind. The way the beat drops after that first verse is awesome. This shit is REALLY smooth. The background vocals from Syd Tha Kyd sound really fuckin’ good. Okay… It seems like Tyler has a crush on Taylor Swift. Ew… He talks about having sex with her in greater detail than I would’ve preferred. Taylor Swift is gross. The second verse was pretty bad to be honest. I wasn’t feelin’ his lazy flow. The whole verse just seemed lazy. It was disturbing and gross, but not in an interesting or creative way. There are some uncredited vocals from Frank Ocean on the bridge. He sang his ass off. The final verse was cool. There’s a hidden song called Boppin’ Bitch. It’s terrible. It’s another one of them parody songs. It’s not good. “Four more Dora-looking sluts let me explore / ‘Til my cock got sore and started growing cold sores.” Nah. This shit is fucking God awful. Fish was an alright track, but this hidden song Boppin’ Bitch is fucking intolerable. This is wack. 2/5

Track 11: Analog Feat. Hodgy

This beat is dope af. This is an actual love song. There’s no rape, no necrophilia, no creepiness. It’s a legitimately pleasant love song. I usually don’t like love songs, but this one is dope to me. I love the hook, where he says “meet me by the lake.” It’s romantic to me. I wanna meet someone by a lake. That sounds fun. I don’t know. The idea of saying “meet me at this miscellaneous location” is just really romantic for some reason. Like in Aquemini when Andre said “let’s walk to the bridge now meet me halfway.” I know that wasn’t a love song, but it still sounded romantic to me for whatever reason. I also really liked Hodgy’s delivery on the first verse. The way he kinda stretches out his words sounds really good to me. “I’ll give it to her; she wants that summer time / I’ll give it like no other ’cause she knows I’m hers / Damn, right she’s mine, we both know it / So when we separate everything fine, her phone ringin’ in her purse.” His verse was dope. Tyler doesn’t really have a verse. Well, he kinda does I guess. He only spits 4 bars, and then the bridge starts. I kinda wish he rapped more on the track. There are some uncredited background vocals from Syd Tha Kid. I like this song, but it REALLY could’ve used another verse. The repetitive bridge didn’t really do much for me. I still enjoyed this track tho. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 12: Bitch Suck Dick Feat. Jasper Dolphin & Taco

Bitch Suck Dick

This is one of the few parody Rap songs from Tyler that I actually really fuck with. Jasper is amazing at this shit. I thought Tina was funny lyrically, but from a musical aspect it was damn near unlistenable. This shit tho? This shit is HARD. First of all, THAT FUCKIN’ BEAT. YO. This beat is so fuckin’ dope. I honestly didn’t even realize how fuckin’ good the production was until I listened to the instrumental version. Tyler, Jasper & Taco are just being stereotypical rappers on this song. This is what Nancy Grace thinks all Rap is. Nothing about the verses really stands out that much. The lyrics are about having a shit ton of jewelry and disrespecting women. Tyler’s verse is actually really fuckin’ dope. His flow is awesome. Taco’s verse was nothing special, but it serves it’s purpose I guess. The final verse from Jasper was nice. “I’m loud as fuck, I’m ignorant / Punch a bitch in her mouth just for talkin’ shit / You lurkin’ bitch? Well, I see that shit / Once again I gotta punch a bitch in her shit.” It ends with all three of them chanting “SWAG. SWAG. PUNCH A BITCH.” That along with the hook is pretty annoying. “My bitch suck dick like she suck dick.” As you can see, that hook makes no sense. The only explanation I can give for this is that they’re saying she does it like she does it for a living. She sucks dick like she has experience. I will admit, the hook and outro are annoying as fuck. It’s just really obnoxious. Right at the end of the track, Tyler shoots Jasper & Taco for no apparent reason. I’m pretty sure he just did that as an excuse to not have them on the next track. Anyway, I fuck with this song. It’s not the kinda thing I’d listen to very often when I’m just chillin’ at home, but if I’m with my friends it’s goin’ down. This is dope. 4/5

Track 13: Window Feat. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy & Mike G


This song is pretty much an intervention with all of Tyler’s friends. I’m not really sure exactly what the intervention is supposed to accomplish. He’s not on any drugs, and he doesn’t drink so… Maybe they’re just supposed to be showing him that there are people who care about him. “Tyler we uh… I know it’s short notice but I brought all your friends here. For some reason I couldn’t get a hold of Taco and Jasper, but, I just brought all your friends to talk to you because they’re really worried about you. I thought it would be better if they could talk to you.” The first verse from Domo Genesis is BORING. This song would work a lot better if they were actually speaking directly to Tyler, but they’re not. They’re all just saying the same shit they always say. I mean, I don’t actually think Domo’s verse was bad. It just isn’t that good. When you put a boring weed rapper like Domo over such a slow, coma-inducing beat, it’s impossible for my attention to be retained. I mean, I don’t even think the beat is that bad. It just doesn’t really work for Domo. If someone’s rapping over a beat like this, it needs to be super introspective and emotional, just like on the title track. Frank’s verse was actually really fuckin’ dope. He rapped about how he met Tyler. “Five minutes from suicide, I biked it to the park / I walked onto the block, met a guy, burgundy ‘Preme snap-back / Hurling himself at cars, and flirting with blonde Cadillacs.” His flow was really cool too. He sounded good over this beat. I think it has something to do with his heavier voice. That’s also why Tyler sounds better over this type of production. Hodgy’s verse did absolutely nothing for me. I honestly liked Domo’s verse even more than Hodgy’s. Mike G’s verse also did nothing for me. Aside from Frank & Earl, none of the other Odd Future members are interesting in any way, so the features on this song really make this track a chore to get through. Tyler’s goin’ in now. Tyler’s verse was cool, but it wasn’t worth sitting through the boring first half of the song. At the end of the track Tyler shoots everyone who’s featured on the song, and then you hear him crying and being like “WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO?” Dr. TC is like, “calm down bro it’s okay. I’m here to help.” Then the song ends. I think the concept behind this song is cool, but the execution was WAY off. First of all, this beat just doesn’t work. If you’re gonna have this many different MCs on one track, you need a beat that they can all flow comfortably over. This production was way too sluggish and boring. It’s like if somebody just downloaded some ambient music that’s supposed to help you sleep, and then put some weak ass percussion in it. The next biggest problem was the features. Frank did his thing, but the other motherfuckers seemed like they didn’t know what they were supposed to be doing. I wanted to hear them rap about their relationship with Tyler and how hard it is to see him depressed, but most of them just said a lot of nothing. I can’t get behind this song. You’d think that a posse cut like this would be one of the most exciting tracks on the album, but this is somehow one of the most boring songs I’ve ever heard from Tyler. It’s wack to me. 2/5

Track 14: AU79

This track is just an instrumental interlude. I won’t be rating it since it’s not a full song. I like it tho. The bouncy drum pattern is dope, and the jazzy synths and bells that eventually come in actually sound really fucking good. This is honestly some of the best production on the album. I guess that was the intention since he’s not rapping on it. This is dope.

Track 15: Golden

Tyler, you obviously have some fucking problems, and… This is the end of this session. Let’s… Anything else you’ve gotta say?” So the rest of this song is just Tyler fuckin’ losing it. The production is really dark & chaotic too. “I’m putting myself at a distance / For instance, my best friend is now my fucking assistant / Niggas saying ‘Free Earl‘ without even knowin’ him / See, they’re missing the new album, I’m missing my only friend.” I love how his delivery & lyrics get darker and more aggressive with each verse. “Why didn’t she get that abortion? / Probably ’cause that motherfuckin’ embryo was morphing / Into a Grammy winning schizophrenic fucking orphan.” The third verse is fucking awesome tho. Right after the second verse Tyler gets REALLY fuckin’ upset and Dr. TC calls security. “IMA GRAB THA NINA / AND FIND A NICE ARENA / ‘CAUSE I CAN’T EVEN CHOOSE BETWEEN ORTEGA OR SABRINA / AND I’M NOT EVEN HUMAN / I’M A BODY SHAPED DEMON.” This is one of Tyler’s best verses in my opinion. The metaphor he used for suicide was so poetic. The way the song ends is really fuckin’ dramatic too. I’m not gonna say everything that happened. Long story short: Dr. TC reveals to Tyler that he IS Tyler, along with Wolf Haley, Ace & Tron Cat. So yeah. That’s the finale. I’m sorry for my apathetic tone. I was actually really blown away the first time I heard this song. I love this track. It’s not my favorite song, but I think it’s some of Tyler’s best work. This is dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

This album is dope. I’m honestly not sure why people were so disappointed with this, especially after hearing Bastard. This album is better then Bastard in almost every way in my opinion. I’m glad the concept was more focused. The mixing was way better. Even the production is a big step up in my opinion. This album isn’t great, but it’s definitely an improvement from Bastard. I don’t see how anyone could think this is worse. I really love the concept. There are some songs which seemed unnecessary. I would’ve preferred if every single song was created in order to progress the narrative. He did a better job here than on Bastard, but it’s still not perfect. As I said earlier, songs like Goblin, Nightmare, and Golden, where he’s just venting to Dr. TC about how much he hates himself are what he does best. This is a good album. It could be better, but I’m satisfied with it. It’s dope to me.

Favorite Song: Nightmare

Least Favorite Song: Transylvania




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  1. Old heads and a majority of bloggers don’t like this project due to the subject matter and the lack of tact coming from Tyler. Personally after listening to this, I felt slightly uneasy, but understood where he’s coming from (even if he could have been a bit more tactful about what he was saying.)

    That being said I don’t dislike this project, but I’d need to be in a certain mindstate to listen to this.

    I agree with your comment about Tyler saying he and OF wasn’t​ Horrorcore, clearly they are, even if they aren’t like the Gravediggaz, Flatlinerz, NATAS, Insane Poetry, House Of Krazees/Twiztid etc. But their content is of that same ilk.

    I give this project 7.5/10

    Good Job Nick

  2. Waiting patiently for the WOLF review…

    And yeah, after reading this, I’m gonna need to relisten to GOBLIN. All I remember from it is the title track, Yonkers, She, BSD, and Golden.

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