EP Review | Onry Ozzborn – c v p ii d

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This project was released on February 28th this year. I honestly have no idea how this ended up on my schedule. I don’t even really know anything about Onry Ozzborn, aside from the fact that he’s released some music under Rhymesayers Entertainment. Even tho I’m going into this EP completely blind, I really think I’m gonna enjoy this. First of all, the stylization of this project’s title is really cool to me. Second, anyone affiliated with Rhymesayers is more likely than not a very talented MC. There’s no reason for me to not be optimistic about this. I’m pretty sure every single song here is produced by Rain, but I might be wrong. I think I’m right tho lol.

Track 1: Contractions

Woah… This beat is really dope. The mixing of the vocals on the intro is kinda strange. It pans from left to right, and is drowned out by the production. It’s cool tho. The actual verse isn’t like that. His flow is nice. The song just ended. It sounds like he’s rapping from the perspective of someone who’s completely given up on the concept of falling in love, and has dangerously low self esteem. This was a pretty cool intro. This track is dope.

Track 2: They’re There

Oh fuuuuuck. This beat is heavenly. Okay, THIS shit is dope. It sounds like he’s rapping about being in love with this girl, and he’s aware that she might not end up being the right woman for him, but he doesn’t care because everything’s going well at the moment.

This might be exciting / Fantastic, romantic, enlightening / Most likely she wifey, and if not, good tidings / I don’t wanna know what the future holds ’til I’m there / No need for a DeLorean; right now is all that I care about.

This is awesome. The uncredited hook from Alison Baker is great. Damn… This is so fucking good. In the second verse he goes into more detail about a boy and a girl who are really good friends, and they’re falling in love, but they don’t wanna do anything because they feel like it could hurt their friendship. He’s doing a great job of displaying the complicated emotions that come with situations like this. I normally dislike songs about being in love and shit like that, but he did a really great job here. This shit is dope af to me.

Track 3: Two Headed Monster

Okay, this Rain person needs more placements. This beat is phenomenal. Oh boy. Now we’re getting into the complicated shit. I feel dumb listening to this shit. I’m not really sure what this song is about. He started off talking about fuckin’ vegetables and colors and shit.

A lover, a fighter; figure approaching another frontier / Authentic, so I’m thinkin’ ‘why would you ever front here?’ / ‘Cause that’s the only thing I’ve left for you to do / In my marvelous world of wonder where posers become minute.

I probably got some of those lyrics wrong, so if you know the actual words please let me know so I can correct it. Anyway, there are a lot of cool lines like the one I just quoted, and I can enjoy those, but I’m still having a hard time grasping what’s actually being said in this song. I know he’s rapping from the perspective of Cupid. I think I’m starting to get it.

Added all up these arrows, carry my spells / They enter your tender skin, and make you fall for me, and, well… / I’ma say perhaps that I’m flattered / Come now, you’re blushing / Born with a pair of wings, pluckin’ my harp over 8-bit percussion.

This is really fuckin’ cool. This dude is rapping his fucking ass off. I really fuck with this song. The hook could’ve been better, but it wasn’t too bad. I loved the way this song ended. This is really dope.

Track 4: Bed Bugs

Jesus, dude. This beat is fantastic. The hook kinda sucks. His flow was nice on that first verse tho. I just listened to the entire song. It’s good. It’s definitely my least favorite song so far, but it’s still dope. His flow was cool, and I really liked the production too. Lyrically, it’s not that different from the rest of this project so far. Well, I guess he’s rapping about disliking a girl more than loving her. He seems pretty annoyed at whoever he’s talking about. The hook was pretty weak, but aside from that I enjoyed this track. This is dope.

Track 5: Please Don’t Touch

This beat is cool. Now he’s rapping about hearts. I’m not gonna lie; it seemed kinda corny to me at first. I didn’t mind it after a while tho. It just took some getting used to I guess. The first verse was fine. The hook’s alright. I think I like this song even less than the previous one. Oh shit. Never mind. This second verse is awesome. He’s rapping about the birth of Cupid. This is weird as hell, but in a cool way. Damn. That second verse really changed my stance on this song lol. It went from being the most underwhelming track on the album to one of my favorites. I fuck with this. This is really dope.

Track 6: Birfday

This beat is dope as hell. I’m not crazy about the abrupt way this song starts tho. I’m also not really feelin’ his flow on this first verse. I mean, it’s not really bad, but it’s definitely not impressing me. I just listened to the whole song. This is the first song on the project that I don’t really think is that good. It’s not bad, but it’s just kinda underwhelming. Aside from the production, nothing about it really stands out. He tried rapping faster on the second verse, but he didn’t really sound like he was flowing comfortably. It’s clear that he’s not used to rapping like that. The vocals on the hook from Alison Baker didn’t do anything for me. The one thing that almost made this song worth keeping was the outro. The production switches up at the end of the track, and that shit sounds immaculate. But still tho. This song isn’t really doin’ much for me personally. It’s alright.

Track 7: Surgical Mask

Oh fucking shit. This beat is awesome. Woah… This is really cool.

Scalpel, gauze; rinse it out / We need to get rid of his arrogant feelings and clout / For they are flooding his judgment / He think he God of everything at this point ’cause she’s redundant.

Oh. Wow. The song just ended. It’s only a minute and a half long. Well, it was really good while it lasted. Honestly a longer version of this song probably could’ve been my favorite track on the album. This feels too short tho. I think it could’ve used at least one other verse. There’s no hook or anything. It’s just one really dope verse over a fantastic beat. I like this song, but I would’ve loved it if it was longer.

Track 8: When In Rome

This beat is alright. Woah. Okay, this is the most fast paced song on the entire project so far, and his flow sounds much more natural here than it did on Birfday. It’s really hard to understand what he’s saying tho. I honestly can’t make out a single line of what he’s saying. Okay, once he slows it down towards the middle of the track it’s much easier to understand. Lmao. He’s rapping about scoping the church he attends for thiccness. That’s hilarious.

Is it evil to think this way in a building that they call God’s / Or was I just going through puberty, evening up my odds? / Meanwhile priests were having their way behind the alter with the boys / Altering one’s perception on what it means to anoint.

This is really cool lyrically. I’m not crazy about the production, and I wasn’t really feelin’ the vocals from Alison Baker on the outro either. I don’t know how I feel about this one. Well actually, yes I do. I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s bad, but I have too many gripes to pretend I’m ever gonna wanna hear this again. The lyrics—the ones that I could actually understand—were pretty much the only aspect of this song I liked. It’s not enjoyable enough sonically to warrant any repeat listens from me. It’s a decent track, but I won’t be returning to it.

Track 9: He Means Well…

This beat is really dope. Okay, I’m about halfway through this song, and I honestly have no clue what he’s rapping about. The way he’s saying the shit sounds really cool, but I’d be lying if I said I understood what any of it meant. I think he’s rapping about Cupid, and how he makes a lot of mistakes, but has good intentions. It just ended. I enjoyed this song, despite my confusion. I really liked the production—especially that jazzy outro—and it was cool lyrically. Again, I don’t feel like I completely understand what a lot of the lines in this song mean, but it’s not like listening to a foreign language. I can still get enjoyment out of the more technical aspects of his writing. This is dope to me.

Final Thoughts:

I thought this EP was pretty great to be honest. It’s got a lot of flaws, but as a whole, I’m really feelin’ it. First off, I gotta praise Rain’s production. With the exception of one track, I was thoroughly impressed by every beat on this project. This might sound kinda harsh, but to be honest the production almost carried this project. If the beats weren’t so good, I really don’t think this would be a very noteworthy release. Let’s talk about Onry Ozzborn himself. I think the problem is that he’s a very talented writer, but sometimes his actual performances feel a little sloppy & amateurish. I was rarely impressed by his flow, and his delivery was pretty unassuming as well. He just doesn’t sound like a professional artist. It’s like listening to a ghostwriter’s music. The lyrics are cool, but it probably would’ve sounded more polished if they came outta someone else’s mouth. It’s rarely bad enough to ruin a song tho. I liked most of what was on here. Again, this project is very far from perfect, but I personally enjoyed it a lot. This shit is dope.

Favorite Song: They’re There

Least Favorite Song: When In Rome




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One comment

  1. Solid project. However he needs to take time with polishing his flows, production is dope and the backup vocals from Alison Baker were on point.

    I’ll give this an 8.0/10.

    Great job Nick

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