EP Review | Paul White & Danny Brown – Accelerator

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This EP was released this year on February 10th. I’ve been aware of it for some time, and I honestly have no idea why I’m just now getting to it. Usually if I get to something really late it’s because it’s a longer project that I don’t feel like listening to, but this review is literally just gonna be two tracks. There are only two full songs on this project. There are technically four tracks, but two of them are just instrumental versions of the other two. I think I’m gonna love this. Paul White handled most of the production on Atrocity Exhibition, which was one of my favorite albums last year.

Track 1: Accelerator

Woah… Okay, this is a REALLY abrasive beat. This might actually be more inaccessible than anything that was on Atrocity Exhibition to be honest. The drums are really hard-hitting, and there’s what sounds like a really sharp, distorted electric guitar in the background as well. I actually really like it. I love the percussion. Danny’s using his signature loudmouth delivery. It’s kinda hard to understand what he’s saying. The first verse was cool. The hook’s alright. Ooooooh… I don’t really know how to describe it, but whatever that light Electronic sound that just came in was sounded really nice. The second verse was dope.

You can hate, you can hate / You get stitches from this brick up in your face / Every morning, every night, and every day / I think of shit to make you feel some type of way / My homie caught a murder case, and I ain’t seen him since / Just had a daughter, baby mama need rent.

Man, this hook is REALLY fucking annoying. Ehh… I don’t know. I like the beat, and the verses were cool, but the hook was just really irritating. I usually don’t have a problem with Danny’s delivery, but it seemed extra obnoxious on this track. I’m not really feelin’ this one. I mean, I kinda am, but not really. It’s okay I guess… The music video was fuckin’ awesome tho.

Track 2: Lion’s Den

Oooh fuuuuuck… This beat is fucking awesome. Damn… Okay, I can already tell I’m gonna love this song. This first verse is dope af.

Take a journey with me to the city of the motor / Where no order, got a struggle if you wanna make a quarter / See the pain in my eyes from the torture and the horror / Make me realize that insanity, they force you.

The way he strains his voice on that last line made it sound so fuckin’ hard, and then once the drums finally come in it sounds so good. The hook is fantastic too. Man, this is so fucking dope. He starts goin’ in about his drug addiction again on the second verse. I fucking love this guy so much.

Need a intervention, but it won’t help / Maybe get a therapist, but I talk to myself / That voice in my head said ‘have another round’ / Couple lines of coke got me feeling right now.

There’s nothing I don’t like about this track. The beat kinda reminds me of Wonderbread; it has that same pretty, dreamy vibe. And I’m always gonna love the way Danny raps about drug addiction. I love this track. This is dope af to me.

Final Thoughts:

This is a good project. Both of these songs sound like they could’ve been bonus tracks for Atrocity Exhibition. The first song is a really challenging listen due to the abrasive instrumental and aggravating delivery from Danny, but it was cool lyrically. It’s just really not something I could enjoy sonically. It was honestly more inaccessible than anything that was actually on Danny’s last album in my opinion. The second track was fantastic tho. That didn’t sound like a bonus track; it sounded like it should’ve actually made it onto the project. If you slide it right between White Lines & Pneumonia it fits perfectly. If you aren’t a fan of Danny Brown, you should steer clear of this project. This is strictly for his fans. He’s doing everything his haters shit on him for, so unless you’re extremely curious for whatever reason, there’s no need to give this project any attention. I personally enjoyed it tho.

Favorite Song: Lion’s Den

Least Favorite Song: Accelerator





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