Album Review | Killer Mike – I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind

This album was released on November 21st in the year of our Lord 2006. I usually start off each review with a link to purchase the project in question, but I really couldn’t find this project anywhere. I could barely find a way to pirate it—sorry it was the only way for me to hear it—so I don’t even think he’s still getting money from this album. I honestly don’t think I’m gonna like this project that much. I’m sure there’ll be a decent amount of good music here, but it’s a fucking double album. There are 23 tracks. Why… Why do rappers do this? Stop. For the love of God. Just stop. Please. Anyway, every song on this album is produced by Smiff & Cash, except where noted.

Track 1: The Pledge (Intro)

This is pretty fuckin’ corny so far. The way he’s talking so aggressively just sounds dumb to me. Like, remember the way he was talking on that Logic album? How it sounded like he was preaching? It was borderline cringe-inducing, and this is the same way.


The beat is really fuckin’ dope tho. Okay, I guess Mike’s gonna be introducing us to his Rap crew, Grind Time Rap Gang. That’s cool I guess. I don’t know. I don’t really have much of a problem with this track because it’s just him introducing each member of his crew, but something about it just felt way too overdramatic for me. I’m not gonna judge this shit tho since it isn’t an actual song.

Track 2: Comin’ Home Atlanta

What the fuck is this Backyardigans ass beat? Oh shit… Never mind… Once the sample comes in this shit actually sounds really good. It doesn’t really sound like a typical Southern beat. I guess it kinda is actually. I really like this sample they flipped. It’s definitely got the typical Southern Hip Hop percussion. I love how lighthearted and fun this beat is. The first verse is really dope. He’s just rapping about his hometown. It’s a pretty conventional track lyrically, but I’m really enjoying it. He kinda switched his flow up in the middle of the verse, and it actually reminded me of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony a little bit. Damn… That first verse was fantastic. This is a really good song. There’s only one verse, and the outro is longer than it needed to be, but I still really enjoyed this track. This shit is dope af to me.

Track 3: The Juggernaut

This beat is cool. Killer Mike’s using pretty much the same flow that Ludacris used on Southern Hospitality for this first verse. It’s pretty good. Jesus. This dude’s delivery is absolutely ferocious. I love the way the production evolves during this hook. Man, this is REALLY fuckin’ cool. This is even better than the previous track to be honest. He’s fucking slaughtering this shit. This shit is like a nuclear bomb of energy and aggression going off in my ears. I fucking love this shit. He spazzed on this track. This shit is dope af.

Track 4: Fuck You Pay Me (Prod. Chaotic Beats)

Oh fucking shit. Lmao. These beats are so mid-2000s, but they’re fucking great. This shit is so hard. BRUUUUH.

Nigga, FUCK you; PAY me.


Maaaaaan, this shit is SO FUCKING HARD. Lmao. I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT. This is fucking awesome. This hook is fucking amazing. I’m so happy right now. Dude… Fuck. This is Southern music at its fucking best. He’s rapping his motherfuckin’ ass off on this shit right now. I love it. This should’ve been a hit. Well… I guess the profanity would’ve been a problem for the radio… That sucks. Censorship sucks. Well, that’s not always true. In cases like this it sucks tho. Anyway, I fucking love this track. Killer Mike murdered this beat.

Put these hoes on notice; Killer don’t trick / I’m a millionaire, baby, get this priceless dick / Big titties, fat ass, but that don’t tempt me / You a broke fine bitch, you ain’t Oprah Winfrey.

Fun fact: Oprah’s real name is Orpah Winfrey. People just always get her name wrong, so she stuck with Oprah. I would’ve been mad as hell if I was her. I wouldn’t have let that shit slide. That probably would’ve gotten in the way of the money tho… But yeah, I definitely fuck with this track. I could’ve done without that rape line, but aside from that this is dope af.

Track 5: The Next Bitch

This beat is alright. Mike’s goin’ in about breaking up with his girlfriend and replacing her with “white girl.” So it’s a song about ending relationships in order to sell drugs. Nice. Okay, I guess he’s just rapping about ways to get money in general, and personifying them as women. So he just broke up with drugs, and now he’s messing with Rap. Wow. Now he just gave up Rap to fuck with “Corporate.” Yeah. Killer Mike of all people is literally rapping about selling his soul to corporations in order to get rich. That’s actually pretty shocking to be honest. He’s one of the last people I’d ever expect to say some shit like this. I honestly don’t really give a shit tho. The song just isn’t that good to me in the first place. The concept was kinda cool, but that’s pretty much the only positive thing I can say. It’s not bad, but I’m never gonna listen to this shit ever again.

Track 6: H.N.I.C. Feat. Rock D The Legend, SL Jones & Gangsta Pill

This beat is really dope. I’m not sure who this is on the first verse. I’m just gonna assume it’s Rock D The Legend since his name comes first in the list of features. It was alright I guess. He has one of the most monotone, anonymous voices I’ve ever heard. This repetitive hook is kinda annoying. Woow. Who the fuck just said that dumbass shit? Was that SL Jones?

I’m just sayin’ tho… If I let YOU give ME some head, then what you gonna do for me?

Who the fuck says shit like that? Jesus. Lmao. That’s next level douchebaggery. Okay, yeah this is SL Jones on the second verse. This song really isn’t doing much for me so far. It’s not really bad, but it’s not my cup of tea. The beat was cool. The hook was annoying. The subject matter’s not for me. Gangsta Pill’s about to go in now.

Listen here, bitch; I AIN’T that nigga. I WILL dick you down… But you cannot get no cheese from me!

LMAOOO. His verse was really short. It sounded like it was less than 16 bars. This song isn’t good. I don’t know why all their deliveries sound so monotone. The dumb shit they say before each verse sounds fine, but as soon as they start rapping they lose all their energy. Killer Mike’s the only one who sounds like he has any life in him. His delivery was great as always, but aside from that this entire song is just not for me. This shit is super misogynistic. It’s not really that bad, but I’m not fuckin’ with it. It’s mediocre.

Track 7: One More Gram Feat. Chemiere

This beat is cool. Oh God. I’m not feelin’ Chemiere’s vocals on this shit AT ALL. You know those shitty thug rapper + female R&B singer collaborations that used to happen a lot from the late 90s to mid-2000s? That’s pretty much what this sounds like. This album is going downhill fast. Well, Killer Mike actually sounds really good on this song. I really like his flow. The beat isn’t bad either. Honestly, the only thing that really ruins this track for me is the feature. I cannot fuck with this Chemiere chick. Woooah… The beat just switched up after the hook… Fuck, man… I really want to like this song, but Chemiere just killed this shit for me, and not in a good way. I mean, she’s really not absolutely terrible. It’s just not something I’m ever gonna wanna hear again. Killer Mike fuckin’ killed this shit tho. This is an okay song. I definitely like it more than the previous couple of tracks. It’s not good enough to warrant repeat listens from me tho.

Track 8: I’ma Shine Feat. SL Jones & Da Bill Collector (Prod. Chaotic Beats)

I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about this beat at first, but it grew on me a lot. It sounded kinda shitty to me at first, but it’s really fuckin’ dope. It sounds like something that could be played in a stadium. I also liked SL Jones’ verse at the beginning. Da Bill Collector isn’t really that good of a singer, but he did a decent job with the hook. It was passable. Killer Mike did his thing on the second verse. Da Bill Collector’s verse kinda sucked, but it wasn’t too bad. This song is far from perfect, but I enjoyed it. This is dope to me.

Track 9: Hot 107.9 Interview

Jesus. Okay, this is a long ass phone interview that Killer Mike did, and the sound quality is fucking horrific. I’m not sure what that’s all about. I’m not gonna lie; I wasn’t actually listening to anything he said. I don’t feel like wasting my time listening to Killer Mike say generic rapper things for almost 4 minutes, especially when this was over a decade ago. There’s no reason for this track to be discussed.

Track 10: Promise I Will Not Lose

This beat isn’t bad. Killer Mike murdered that first verse. The hook is pretty good too. So far there isn’t really anything I dislike about this track. It’s got a really simplistic structure. It’s good tho. Killer Mike’s a really good rapper. Even when he’s rapping over uninteresting production he sounds great. I don’t have much to say about this track. It’s just a good song. I fuck with this. This is dope to me. Oh shit… He’s dissing Big Boi. Huh. I didn’t know they were beefing at one point. This was after he left Purple Ribbon Records. I guess it’s one of those situations where he felt like his label didn’t support and respect him. That sucks. This shit is hard tho lol. I’m glad they squashed it, but it’s dope that we got this track out of it.

Track 11: Gat Totin’ Feat. SL Jones & Narrio (Prod. Chaotic Beats)

Oh shit… Uh oh… GodDAMN. Lmao. Bruuuh… This shit is SO fuckin’ hard. This beat is fucking awesome. The hook is dope af too. SL Jones is on the first verse. He did his thing. This is definitely one of the more entertaining songs sonically. Mike murdered that second verse. Okay, this shit is fuckin’ great. Some of those ratchet ass sound effects in the background make this sound like a song off a cheap mixtape tho. Narrio’s verse was dope. Yeah… This song is great. I fuck with this shit. This is dope af to me.

Track 12: G.T.R.G. (Performed by Grind Time Rap Gang) [Prod. Drum Majors]

Okay, I’m pretty sure the Grind Time Rap Gang is comprised of Killer Mike, SL Jones, Narrio, Gangsta Pill, Da Bill Collector & Bigg Slimm. I might be missing some people. I don’t know. I’m not feelin’ this hook. It’s really fuckin’ repetitive. The beat is nothing special. SL Jones is on the first verse. It was alright I guess. This is boring. Gangsta Pill’s flow was cool. He just bragged about smacking his “bitch.” This song is really underwhelming so far. It’s not really bad, but I’m never gonna wanna hear this again. I’m not sure who this is on the third verse. I don’t wanna listen to the rest of this song. Oh this is Narrio on the third verse. It was fine I guess. Killer Mike came in right behind him. His verse was dope. Okay, I’m done with this shit. This was boring as hell.

Track 13: That’s Life

This beat’s alright. The first verse was fine. Nothing about this song is really standing out to me so far. I’m about a third of the way in. There’s no hook. It sounds like he’s basically just rapping about being a positive figure in the black community. It doesn’t sound corny or anything tho. Ehhh… I’m not really feelin’ this. It’s definitely not bad, but, as I said before, nothing about this song stands out. It’s a lackluster track. It feels like filler. It’s decent tho.

Track 14: Deuces Wild

This beat is pretty nice. Okay, this is fucking dope. Damn… He’s telling a story about getting robbed by two guys. Oh shit. They’re about to stuff his ass in the trunk of his own car. Lmao. Oh my God. Hahaha. No fucking way. He sampled that song from Recess. You know the one…

Twoooo can be as bad as one / It’s the loneliest number since the number one.

This is really fuckin’ dope. Holy fuck. This is so fucking awesome lmao. On the second verse he was like “OH HELL NAH Y’ALL AIN’T ABOUT TO PUT ME IN THAT TRUNK.”

That second little nigga must ain’t like what I said / ‘Cause that f****t little fucker hit my fat ass in the head.

He definitely loses points for the F bomb, but everything else about that line is fantastic. This may end up being my favorite song on the album. This is really cool. Daamn. He ended up killing them. This shit is hard. Lmao. Okay, this is great. I definitely fuck with this song. This is dope af.

Track 15: What da Bizness Is Feat. Bigg Slimm, Da Bill Collector & Gangsta Pill (Prod. Chaotic Beats)

This beat is nice. The first verse from Bigg Slimm is decent. I think that’s Da Bill Collector on the hook. I’m not sure tho. His verse was cool. Gangsta Pill’s flow on the third verse was great. The song’s about to end. I don’t think Killer Mike’s on this one. Yeah. It’s over. Mike is nowhere to be found on this track. That sucks. I kinda enjoyed this song, but not really. I mean, it’s decent. I’m not gonna listen to this shit again tho. It’s an underwhelming song. It’s not really bad tho. It’s just not good.

Track 16: Sags N’ Flags Feat. SL Jones (Prod. Chaotic Beats)

This beat is decent. SL Jones is on the first verse. He has a good voice. He sounds good on this beat. The first verse was alright. The hook’s nothing special. I hope this isn’t a solo track from him. Oh no… Is this second disk just gonna be a bunch of shit from Killer Mike’s Grind Time Rap Gang? Fuuuck. SL Jones is going in again on the second verse. God damnit. This isn’t even a bad song. I just don’t wanna listen to it again. There’s no replay value. Yup. I just listened to the whole song. It’s a solo track. Well, you can probably already tell how I feel about it. I have the same opinion of this song as I did the previous track. It’s average.

Track 17: I.C. Yah Feat. Da Bill Collector (Prod. Chaotic Beats)

This is probably gonna be a solo track from Da Bill Collector. Oh. Never mind. Mike’s goin’ now. The beat’s nothing special. Ugh… I’m not feelin’ this first verse from Mike so far. It’s decent I guess. I like the hook from Da Bill Collector. Uuh… This is kinda boring. I’m not really enjoying this. Nothing they’re saying is very interesting. They have some decent flows, but aside from that this is nothing special. It’s okay I guess.

Track 18: Shoot ‘Em Up Feat. Narrio

This beat is fine I guess. This intro from Mike is annoying as hell. Oh God… I think this is gonna be another solo track. Fuuuck. The first verse from Narrio was fine I guess. Oh Jesus… This hook from Mike is fucking terrible. It’s mostly because of the sample tho. It just doesn’t fit at all. This is definitely the worst song on the second disc so far. The subject matter is really grim. This is like Drill Music. Killer Mike’s verse was insane. It really makes me wish the production and hook were better. Like, the way he’s rapping about murdering people literally made me uncomfortable. It’s really believable. He killed this shit. I really want to like this song, but… It’s just not good enough. The verse from Killer Mike was pretty much the only thing I liked about it. The final verse was amazing too. Fuuuck. Goddamnit. This is so frustrating. This shit is so fucking gangsta, but I just can’t get past that hook. Damnit. Uuuugh. I’m so upset right now. Lmao. It’s a decent song. This’d probably be one of my favorite tracks if the hook was better.

Track 19: Killers (Prod. B-Don)

This beat is dope as hell. The female vocals that say “KILLEEEEEERR” sound pretty fuckin’ terrible, but everything else about it is great. Mike definitely loses points for the offensive comments about Jews, but he regained them by dissing George Bush, Bill Clinton, and the police.

Hope they get cancer in they dick and it spread to they butt / Let ’em lie in they own shit and can’t bust a nut.

Jesus fuck. Lmao. Hmm… The song just ended. Oh shit. Never mind. The beat just switched up. Oh… Uuuh… This is just an outro. I definitely could’ve done without this shit. It definitely hurts the replay value of the song. I’m gonna have to edit that shit out in GarageBand. However, the actual song itself was dope. I fuck with this shit.

Track 20: Paystyle (Performed by Grind Time Rap Gang)

Oh fuck. This beat is actually dope as fuck. I haven’t memorized all of their voices, so I’m not sure who this is on the first verse, but his flow is really nice. This shit is hard as fuck. Whoever this is on the second verse is killin’ this shit too. That’s Gangsta Pill on the third verse. Wow. Okay, this is actually dope. I love the way it’s structured, and they’re all spittin’ their asses off. The beat is hard as hell. There’s really nothing I don’t like about this track. Killer Mike slaughtered it. SL Jones’ verse was nice too. I’m glad he switched up the flow. This is actually dope af. I definitely fuck with this one.

Track 21: Gorilla Pimpin’ Feat. 8Ball & MJG (Prod. Mellow)

I know 8Ball & MJG are legends from the South, but I don’t think I’ve actually ever heard any of their music, so this is pretty much my introduction to them. It’s starting now. I don’t know who that is singing the hook. He sounds good tho. The first verse from MJG was really good. The beat’s nothing special. Killer Mike’s verse was dope. I really like this hook. 8Ball’s verse was great. The song just ended. This is really fuckin’ good. The production kinda left something to be desired, but aside from that this is great. I fuck with this track. It’s dope.

Track 22: You Don’t Want This Life

This beat is alright. This first verse is doing nothing for me. The hook’s nothing special. Hmm… This is surprisingly boring. I guess it might have something to do with this song’s slower pace? I don’t know. When I think of Killer Mike, I think of over the top aggression, so this downtempo, more laid-back production doesn’t really fit his style that well in my opinion. This isn’t a bad song at all. The second verse was cool. I just won’t be coming back to this. There’s no replay value for me. It’s an alright song tho.

Track 23: The Pledge (Outro)

Oh shit. This beat is hard as FUCK. Uhh… Okay, I’m over a minute and a half into this track, and he still hasn’t started rapping yet. He’s just talking. Wow. Is this just…? Smh. God fucking damn it. He didn’t spit over this beat. He’s just fucking talking. Uuugh… Fuck it. Whatever. This album is too fucking long anyway.

Final Thoughts:

This is actually a good album. I was not expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it ended up being. The most obvious problem with this album is it’s length. It’s over an hour and a half. That’s too fucking long. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a double album that didn’t feel like it was too long tho. The features were also not that great. I’m not really crazy about any of these Grind Time Rap Gang members. They were great on that Paystyle song, but for the most part they were just tolerable at best. Killer Mike is still on fire tho. He still sounded like a Monster all over this project. I think this album is definitely worth skimming. It’s length can be daunting, so I wouldn’t recommend listening to it all in one sitting. If you like Killer Mike, don’t sleep on this album. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Fuck You Pay Me

Least Favorite Song: H.N.I.C.






  1. Is the RTJ trilogy gonna be included in this Killer Mike marathon? If so, I’m hyped as SHIT. 3 of the best projects of this decade so far.

  2. I remember seeing an ad for this in XXL once, never bothered to check it out until 2-3 years back.

    Was an unimpressive sophomore showing, I could go into a long-winded rant about how this album needed trimming of the fat or the fact it’s a tedious listen. But I’d just be repeating your sentiments above, so I’ll say this, this album should have been at least 18 tracks at the maximum and while I certainly wouldn’t listen to this album unless I had nothing else to listen through, it’d be better than whatever the fuck we got going on right now.

    I give this project 7.5/10.

    Great Job!!

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