EP Review | Denzel Curry – 13

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This EP was released on June 24th. I should’ve reviewed this when it came out, but my computer was broken, and I was already balls deep in the JAY-Z Marathon. I’m not really sure how the reception for this project was. I don’t remember seeing a lot of people talking about it. I’m optimistic tho. I think I’m gonna like this a lot. I don’t really have anything to say before listening. I’m just gonna shit this review out quickly and then move on.

Track 1: BloodShed (Prod. Eric Dingus)

Oh shit. Alright, here we go. This beat is fucking awesome. Oh man… I’m so fucking happy right now. BRUUUH. Lmao. This shit is SO fucking hard. This bass pattern is so dope. I love the percussion in this song. Denzel’s flow sounds great. The first verse was nice. The hook is pretty dope too. Hmm… This is pretty fuckin’ good, but nothing about it really puts it over the top for me. The production’s really good, his flow was nice, and the hook is pretty cool. It just feels a little too simplistic tho. Nothing about this is blowing me away. I definitely enjoyed it tho. There’s not really anything I dislike about the song. The second verse was pretty good. I don’t have any problems with this track. This is dope.

Track 2: Hate Government (Prod. Finatik N Zac)

What the fuck… This beat is insane. His flow is fucking awesome on this first verse too. He killed that shit. Seriously his flow cut through this beat like a knife through butter. It kinda reminded me of $ki Mask the Slump God’s flow on Psycho. The hook’s nothing special, but it works. Oh. Oh wow. I didn’t even realize the song’s only a minute and a half long. It just ended. There’s only one verse. Fuck. Honestly, this probably would’ve been one of my favorite Denzel Curry songs if it didn’t feel unfinished. The beat is great, and his flow was phenomenal. Hopefully there’ll be a remix or a longer version on his upcoming album. This shit is dope.

Track 3: Equalizer Feat. Ronny J (Prod. Ronny J)

Denzel Curry seems to be painting himself as an anti-hero on this project; almost like a less cartoonish equivalent of MF DOOM. The hook’s cool. I like his flow and delivery on this first verse, but it’s kind of a bullshit verse lyrically…

I am the ugly; I am so ugly / With a face only your mother could love me / Nothing is lovely, only get loneliness / Phoniness only resides on the tongue.

He admitted that this first verse was completely freestyled off the top, so I guess that explains the inconsequential content. It was an okay verse I guess. Ronny J’s verse was fucking awful… This verse pretty much epitomizes everything people hate about the current “Mumble Rap” generation of MCs. Trivial lyrics, overuse of autotune & reverb, repetitive flows, the infamous “YUH” ad-lib after every single line… He said absolutely nothing in 32 bars. Smh… Nah. The song would’ve been tolerable without Ronny J, but he really brought this shit down for me. This shit is wack.

Track 4: Heartless (Prod. Vae Cortez)

…Umm… What the fuck is this shit? I like the beat, but… Uh…

My gun got diarrhea when it poop poop poop poop poop / Y’all niggas with that barking shit; that woo woo woo woo woo.

What the fuck is he doing? This melodic delivery he’s using sounds fucking BAD. Also the way his vocals are mixed sounds really shitty. This is an annoying song… Bruh… Even if his vocals weren’t annoying as hell, this melody isn’t even fucking good. Jesus… This honestly might actually be the worst Denzel Curry song I’ve ever heard. This sounds like fucking SoundCloud rap from my high school classmates. Literally the only decent thing about this track is the production. This shit is wack af.

Track 5: Zeltron 6 Billion Feat. Lil Ugly Mane (Prod. Finatik N Zac)

I’ve heard of Lil Ugly Mane, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually listened to any of his music before. I just always assumed I wouldn’t like his music. I don’t know anything about him, but his name as well as the pen & pixel art style he usually has for his albums always gave me the impression that he was a parody rapper like Lil B. Hopefully I’m wrong. Oh fuck. This beat is awesome. I really like Denzel’s flow on this first verse too. Alright, cool. I actually like this song. I’m glad he bounced back from the previous couple tracks. The first verse was cool, and the hook isn’t bad. This song is a pretty obvious reference to Deltron 3030. Hmmm. Lil Ugly Mane’s verse was actually pretty good. It didn’t blow me away or anything, but it was definitely good. I might have to check out more of his work if it’s actually as good as everyone says it is. Nothing about his verse on this song in particular really jumped out and made him seem like a super unique MC, but I enjoyed it. I’ll have to keep an eye on him. Anyway, I fuck with this song. Again, it’s not the best shit I’ve ever heard, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. This is dope to me.

Final Thoughts:

This EP is okay. He pretty much said that this project was just to hold fans over until he’s finished with his actual album, so you shouldn’t go into it expecting to hear the same level of quality as Imperial. It kinda reminds me of that Bobby Tarantino mixtape Logic shat out last year. He clearly didn’t put as much effort into these songs as he hopefully is with his album. Almost every song has only one verse from Denzel, and most of them are freestyled. It’s actually pretty impressive that this project is as decent as it is considering the lack of effort he put into it. I’m glad I checked this EP out, but it isn’t an essential release unless you’re a super hardcore fan of Denzel Curry. It’s okay.

Favorite Song: Hate Government

Least Favorite Song: Heartless




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  1. This was a rather uninspired EP, that most likely people won’t bother checking for tbh. Which they shouldn’t because it’s not something really pivotal to listen to.

    I just hope the album will be better.

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