Album Review | BROCKHAMPTON – Saturation II

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This album was released on August 25th. So, I really loved the first Saturation album, but I was pretty skeptical when I heard that they’d be dropping a sequel to it just two months later. Usually when an artist drops two albums in the same year, the second one is an uninspired mess. Case in point: I Am… & Nastradamus. However, I’ve seen a LOT of people saying that this is even better than the original one. People are saying it’s the best album of the year. I’ll be shocked if I end up liking it more than Flower Boy, but stranger things have happened. Also, they actually announced Saturation III already. That’s right. Before this album even came out they announced that they’d be dropping a THIRD album this year. That’s supposed to be the last Saturation album tho. One thing that I’m looking forward to is actually figuring out what all the weird ass Spanish skits were about on the previous album. I think I read somewhere that it’d make more sense after hearing this album. I guess it won’t really be clear until the entire trilogy is out. Anyway, based on the reception I’ve seen, I think I’m gonna love this album. Every song is produced by Romil Hemnani, except where noted.

Track 1: Gummy (Performed by Kevin Abstract) Feat. Merlyn Wood, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon, Matt Champion & JOBA [Co-Prod. Q3 & JOBA]


Oh my fuck. This beat is fuckin’ HARD. The first verse from Kevin was really dope. The hook is cool too. He was apparently trying to sound like M.I.A. He used a voice synthesizer and it really sounds like a little girl is performing it. Not in a bad way tho. It sounds good. This bridge from Merlyn Wood sounds really fuckin’ good too. Ameer Vann’s verse was cool, but Dom McLennon fuckin’ killed that third verse. They’re all using very similar flows, but Dom’s was the most unique so far. It just sounded like a smoother, more filled out version of the flow Kevin & Ameer were using. The final refrain from Matt Champion was cool, and I love the outro with JOBA. The way the instrumentation kinda evolved sounded really good too. This is a really fuckin’ good song. It’s not really any different from anything that was on the original Saturation album, but it’s just really well done. This is dope af to me.

Track 2: Queer (Performed by Matt Champion) Feat. Merlyn Wood, Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon & Ameer Vann [Co-Prod. Jabari Manwarring]

This beat is dope af. Matt Champion’s verse was nice. He sounded really good over this beat. I loved Merlyn’s verse too. His verse leads me to believe that he’s from Ghana. I think. I noticed that he had an accent on certain songs from the first album, but I didn’t know if it was legitimate or if he was doing that fake accent shit that Drake does all the time. It really helps him stand out from the group. I love his energetic delivery. Also, the first part of the hook is fucking awesome. I’m not crazy about the vocals that come in during the second part of the hook tho. It’s not bad, but I think it could’ve been better. I really love the way the production switches back and forth from a really hard hitting traditional sounding Hip Hop beat, to a softer more melodic sound. Dom McLennon’s verse was great. I definitely think he’s one of the best members of the group lyrically. This production is insane. I actually like this track even more than the previous one. The singing on the hook was a little off-putting at first, but it grew on me, and even if it didn’t, the rest of the song makes up for it. This shit is dope af to me.

Track 3: Jello (Performed by Kevin Abstract) Feat. Matt Champion, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon & JOBA (Co-Prod. bearface.)

Man, the production on this album is really great. The hook’s cool. Oh fucking shit. Kevin’s flow on this first verse is fantastic. He’s using a voice synthesizer again. It’s impressive how they can raise the pitch of their voices and actually make it sound good. Shit like that is usually annoying as fuck to me. Kevin’s verse was great, and Matt Champion sounded really good too. Hmm… One thing that I’ve noticed is that Ameer Vann uses almost the exact same flow on every verse. Hopefully that changes soon. Dom McLennon did his thing. This is definitely my least favorite song so far, but I really enjoyed it. The production is really good, and almost everyone on this track had a really catchy flow. The hook could’ve been better, and Ameer’s verse was a little underwhelming, but aside from that I fuck with this. It’s dope.

Track 4: Teeth (Performed by Ameer Vann)

Holy fuuuuckk. This beat is fucking awesome, and the way Ameer is rapping over it without any percussion is so fucking dope. He’s thankfully not using the same flow he’s been using up to this point. Damn… This track is pretty much just an interlude; it’s just a minute and 20 seconds long. There’s only one verse. He fucking killed this shit tho. He sounded hungry as fuck. I love how his delivery got more and more aggressive as the song progressed. This is definitely a highlight on this album for me so far. I love it. It’s dope af.

Track 5: Swamp (Performed by Ameer Vann) Feat. Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, JOBA, Kevin Abstract & Matt Champion [Prod. Jabari Manwa]


Oh man… This beat is amazing. Fuck. This is probably my favorite beat on the whole album so far. I feel like the production just keeps getting better and better. The hook from Kevin Abstract & Matt Champion is pretty catchy. Ameer’s rapping on the first verse. Guess what? THE SAME FUCKING FLOW. It’s the exact same one. You could combine almost all of his verses, and you’d probably just hear like half an hour of the exact same cadence. I mean, it sounds pretty good over this beat… It just feels repetitive. It’s a shame too because aside from that one gripe I have, I feel like he’s one of the more well-rounded MCs in the group. I liked his verse as a whole tho. I love Merlyn Wood. He’s not really that skilled as an MC technically, but his delivery and charisma make him one of the most interesting members of the group. Almost like a more tolerable ODB. His verse was great.

Always planned to be a rapper when I failed at life / Luckily professor failed me at the proper time.

Dom McLennon definitely seems to be the best rapper in the group tho. His flow was great on this track. He killed it. The final verse from JOBA was nice too. This is another great song. Aside from my issue with Ameer’s redundant flow, I have no complaints. This is dope af.

Track 6: Scene 1 (Performed by Robert Ontenient)

Okay, I’ve finally reached the next part of the weird ass skits that were on the first album. I’m excited. The skits on the first one were super weird and creepy. This one’s starting now. Hmm… Okay, um… Just like with the previous album… I’m even more confused now than I was before… What the fuck is this dude talking about? He talked about feeling like he was drowning in a big ass bowl of milk, and then he was like “I miss you. I love you. Piece of shit.” Just based on everything this guy’s said in all the interludes, I can definitely relate to him. I just can’t wait to figure out how all of it connects.

Track 7: Tokyo (Performed by JOBA) Feat. Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon & Kevin Abstract [Co-Prod. Jabari Manwa]

Wooah… JOBA’s verse right at the beginning of this song is so fucking cool. He’s singing in a higher register, and it sounds kinda weird, but it works really well; the way he layered his vocals sounds great. This hook is weird as fuck… I kinda like it, but the vocal effects along with the strange melody isn’t gonna be for everyone. It takes some getting used to, but I like it. Also, this beat is fantastic. Ameer Vann’s verse was cool. Yes, he used the same flow. Dom McLennon fucking killed his verse. He’s probably my second favorite member behind Kevin. The song just ended. It feels kinda short, but not really in a bad way. It doesn’t overstay its welcome. Just like with Swamp, the only gripe I have is the recycled flow from Ameer. This is dope af.

Track 8: Jesus (Performed by Kevin Abstract) Feat. bearface.

This track is the exact same length as Teeth, and it has a very similar structure as well. Kevin’s rapping over a laid back piano driven instrumental with no percussion. The first few lines give me the impression that he’s rapping about what happened in the Empty music video.

I felt awesome when you walked in / You caught me doin’ something that I should’ve never been caught with.

His verse was pretty cool. It’s not gonna blow anyone away, but I enjoyed it. bearface.’s vocals’ on the outro were fantastic. He was singin’ like a motherfucker. He has really great control over his voice. I definitely didn’t enjoy this song as much as Teeth, but I still think it’s really good. This is dope to me.

Track 9: Chick (Performed by Matt Champion) Feat. Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon & Kevin Abstract

This beat is pretty good. I really like this first verse from Matt Champion. The way he kinda fucked up after the first few bars sounded really cool. Ameer’s flow thankfully wasn’t too similar to that of his other verses. He killed that second verse honestly. Dom easily had the best verse tho.

I wanna build up the culture / They wanna dream in the trap / I took the zoom off my lens, and I saw the world in my lap.

The outro from Kevin was cool. The voice synthesizer gimmick is starting to get kind of old tho. I like this song, but, just like with the previous track, it didn’t really amaze me. I just think it’s an enjoyable song. This is dope.

Track 10: Junky (Performed by Kevin Abstract) Feat. Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood, JOBA, Matt Champion & Dom McLennon [Co-Prod. Q3 & JOBA]


Holy fuck. Lmao. Kevin fucking slaughtered that first verse. The best way to describe in a nutshell is “unapologetic homosexuality.”

Where I come from niggas get called f██t and killed, so I’ma get head from a nigga right here / And they can come and cut my hand off and, and my legs off and… / And I’ma still be a boss ’til my head go.

This beat is fucking insane too. This is definitely the most abstract beat I’ve ever heard any of them perform over. It’s fucking amazing. They’re all pretty much just rapping about the most difficult challenges in their lives. Kevin’s was obviously the way he’s treated & perceived due to his sexuality, and Ameer’s seems to be about the combination of his paranoia and drug addiction. His verse was pretty good. His flow is still pretty basic, but it’s not bad. Merlyn’s verse was great. I love his delivery. He went in about his relationships with his family members, particularly his parents. Bruuuh. That intro to Matt Champion’s verse where JOBA came in to spit a few bars was fucking awesome. Matt Champion fucking killed it. It’s definitely between him and Kevin for the best verse. He snapped. Dom just spit a real quick 8 bar verse, and his flow was fucking fantastic. This is definitely one of the best songs on the album so far, if not THE best. It’s dope af.

Track 11: Scene 2 (Performed by Robert Ontenient)

This is kind of a boring skit. The production was really cool, but the actual words weren’t that interesting to me. It was basically just a long winded prayer in which Robert asks God to protect his family. When he says family, he’s most likely referring to BROCKHAMPTON as a whole. This was fine, but it’s definitely not as interesting as any of the skits from the first album.

Track 12: Fight (Performed by Ameer Vann) Feat. Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood & Kevin Abstract [Co-Prod. Kevin Abstract]

This beat is really fuckin’ cool. It maintains the same vibe that the previous track just had. Ameer’s flow is actually pretty fuckin’ nice on this first verse. He’s going in about experiencing racism at a young age.

My teachers would say, “little black boys have a place in the world” / Like hanging from trees / Or dead in the street like I seen on TV / All them boys they killed; they looked just like me / Not like Brandon or Chandler, but Malik and Kareem.

He spit his entire verse without any percussion. Dom’s goin’ in now as well, and the beat still hasn’t dropped. His flow was great. Lyrically, his verse was just a more vague reiteration of the final sentiment in Ameer’s verse. He’s just gonna keep being himself and not existing within the box that he’s placed by closed-minded people who take stereotypes too seriously. The percussion doesn’t finally come in until the middle of the hook, performed by Merlyn. I love the electronic elements that come in during the hook. This production is awesome. The outro from Kevin was nice too. I like this track. It gets off to kind of a slow start instrumentally, but the two verses were great, and I really liked the hook too. I just kinda wish the song was structured differently. There’s only two verses right at the beginning of the track, and then one performance of the hook, followed by a quick outro. I would’ve preferred if the hook was used to divide the two verses. I’d be fine with the first verse not having any percussion, but I think it would’ve sounded better if it at least came in before the second one. Anyway, aside from the loose structure, I think this is a really cool track. It’s dope.

Track 13: Sweet (Performed by Matt Champion) Feat. Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood, Ameer Vann & JOBA [Co-Prod. Q3]


This beat is pretty cool. The first verse from Matt was fine. The hook from Kevin isn’t bad. Dom’s verse was fucking great. He’s easily the most engaging MC in the group. That Master P & No Limit line was awesome. I feel like Merlyn’s verse was pretty wack objectively, but the way he delivers each bar just makes it sound really good to me. He has the most animated demeanor in the group. He’s not that great of a rapper tho. He’s like the ODB of the group. I think I already made that comparison in this review. I probably said that at some point in my review of the first Saturation album too. Whatever. Ameer’s verse was cool, but JOBA’s verse was so fucking dope. He has the smoothest, most awesome delivery in the group. He just gives off this really smooth, funky R&B vibe. The way he plays with his vocal tone kinda reminds me of Andre 3000. He’s using that same melodic delivery that Andre’s been utilizing a lot recently. He had my favorite verse. That shit was smooth as fuck. This is a good song. I’m kinda on the fence as to whether it’s dope af or just dope. The hook and production aren’t really that interesting to me. If Dom & JOBA weren’t on this song, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much as I did. They really put this over the top for me tho. This is dope af.

Track 14: Gamba (Performed by Dom McLennon) Feat. Kevin Abstract & bearface. [Co-Prod. Jabari Manwa & Kevin Abstract]

Hmm… This first verse from Dom is kinda disappointing to be honest. I mean, it’s not really bad at all, but it’s not what I want from Dom McLennon. He’s pretty much emulating an 808s & Heartbreak era Kanye verse, or a Man on the Moon Kid Cudi verse. It wasn’t bad tho. I love this hook from Kevin. Jesus. There are some SUPER THICC vocal effects on Kevin’s verse. He sounds like a robot. He sounds like someone who’s already a robot, but still thought he needed autotune. It sounds good to me. It might be a turnoff for some people tho. This is definitely one of my least favorite tracks so far, but I’m still really enjoying it. This is really Kanye-ish. bearface. fucking sang his ass off on that third verse. That dude is such an amazing vocalist. Honestly, I could see him taking The Weeknd’s spot as the default male R&B feature. I’d have him on my shit. Anyway, this is still one of my least favorite songs on the album, but I definitely enjoyed it. It’s dope.

Track 15: Sunny (Performed by Merlyn Wood) Feat. Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, JOBA & bearface. [Co-Prod. bearface.]

Lmao. These ad-libs from Merlyn are fucking crazy. He sounds like a dog yelling. Not barking. Yelling. His verse right at the beginning was nothing special. It was cool tho. This beat is fantastic. I really like this hook. The bridge from Kevin is fine. Ameer’s verse wasn’t bad. Huh… I just listened to the whole song. I liked it, but it feels like it has kind of a minimalistic structure. There are only two verses, and they’re both 8 bars. The hook is really simplistic. I really liked the outro from JOBA & bearface. tho. That was great. So yeah, just like with the previous track I think this is an entertaining song, but I’m not super impressed by it.

Track 16: Summer (Performed by bearface.) [Prod. bearface.]

Okay, this should be really good. The outro from bearface. is one of my favorite songs from the first Saturation album. Man… This dude has such an amazing singing voice. He needs more features. He sounds incredible. Oooooh fucking shit. This production is fantastic. God. I need a solo project from bearface. He might actually be my favorite member of the group. Dom McLennon is my favorite rapper in the group, but bearface. is my favorite overall artist, followed by Kevin Abstract. I think this song is perfect. It’s dope af.

Final Thoughts:

This album is really fucking great. I feel like it’s almost exactly equal to the first Saturation album in terms of quality. I definitely don’t think it’s better tho. If I had to choose one over the other I’d go with the original just because there were more tracks on that album that really blew me away. I think this one’s a little more consistent tho; there’s not a single track on this album that I didn’t like. I’m not really sure why people seem to think this album is miles ahead of the first one. There’s barely any difference. They both follow the exact same formula. If you liked the first album, there’s no way you won’t like this one, and if you hated it, there should be no reason for you to enjoy this one. It was nice that bearface. had a slightly larger presence on this album than on the first one, but I still think Ameer & Kevin contributed significantly more than any other member. It’d be nice to have more songs without them. Not that I don’t like them; I just wanna hear more from the other members. But yeah, there’s not really anything I can say about this album that I didn’t already say about the previous one. It’s almost the exact same project. It’s exactly what you think it is. It’s really dope tho.

Favorite Song: Summer

Least Favorite Song: Gamba




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  1. this was a great review, but I gotta ask you something… please explain to me how you thought there’s ‘barely any difference’ between sat 1 & 2, bc i really don’t get that at all. I wasn’t really into sat 1 at all but i loved this one, musically they’re incredibly distinct in my opinion, the only track on sat 2 that I think would fit comfortably on 1 is GAMBA. I get that structurally they’re both very similar but the first seemed like more of a mood music album to me, it was slower and more psychedelic imo & the use of autotune was overdone to death on damn near every track on sat 1, but it’s barely used on sat 2, this album is more of a straight up rap record to me as it has more of a focus on well written, aggressive, lyrical verses and detailed banger beats, sat 1 barely had any memorable lines or dope verses to me. I just want to get more of a grasp on how you came to the conclusion that there’s essentially no difference between them, bc I really just don’t understand that I thought they were completely different.

  2. This was quite the surprise tbh.

    Normally I’m not a fan of when artists do back to back releases in a relatively short span, but this was quite the cohesive effort and is equally good as Saturation I, though while listening I feel like each guy has room to improve in certain aspects. (Especially if Kev and Ameer ease back and let other dudes shine.)

    I fux with this project I’ll give it 8.5/10.

    Great Job Nick!

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