EP Review | Wiki & Your Old Droog – What Happened to Fire?

This EP was released on February 1st in the year of our Lord 2017. I’ve heard a few verses from Wiki here and there, but I’m much more familiar with Your Old Droog. However, The Nicest is still the only project I’ve ever heard from YOD. I didn’t really see anyone talking about this project when it came out, and I honestly didn’t even know it existed until a few minutes ago. Just like with the Wiz Khalifa EP I just did, this project is really short, so I figured I’d get it outta the way quickly. I think I’m gonna like it a lot.

Track 1: We Like Ourselves (Prod. Black Milk)

This beat is dope af. Hmm… Something about this sounds off. I think it’s the mixing? It sounds like it was recorded in a garage or something. It just sounds super dusty. The first verse from Wiki was kinda bad… I mean… It was fine I guess. It just wasn’t good. It sounded like a freestyle.

Me & Droog, you can’t see us / You can’t read us / You believe us? / You might as well believe in Jesus.

Oh shit. Okay, I can already tell this entire project is just gonna be YOD outshining the fuck outta Wiki. The second verse from Droog was great. Everything about his verse was better. His flow was smoother, and he actually had something interesting to say.

I don’t know what she sees in me / Never was cute or had a reason to be / My beauty is enhanced by money like Russell Simmons / I’m a gremlin; only handsome to ugly women.

Ehhh… Wiki’s second verse was better than the first one, but I’m still having trouble getting into it. His flow just doesn’t sound very good, and it wasn’t that engaging lyrically. Droog is rapping his ass off tho.

Went from WIC checks to getting me and Wik’ checks for this song / Royalties, mechanical ones for my mechanics / It’s all semantics / You losers getting on with some antics.

The hook’s alright. Meh. I didn’t like this song as much as I wanted to. The production was nice, and Droog did his thing. I just wasn’t really feelin’ Wiki’s contributions to this song.

Track 2: What Happened to Fire? (Prod. Your Old Droog & EL RTNC)

Oh shit. This beat is great. It kinda reminds me of the beat to Nana by Chance. It’s probably the same sample. Yeah, something about the sound quality of Wiki’s vocals just doesn’t sound right. It sounds like it was recorded in a giant ass cathedral. It’s like there’s too much reverb. The way the sound quality abruptly improves as soon as Droog starts rapping is pretty jarring. He killed it tho. It’s just an onslaught of dope lines.

Think I do this as a hobby? Nah, B / But if I wasn’t getting paid to rock I’d still be writing probably / Or stealing on somebody in a robbery / Crack jaws like Bobby.

He killed it. Okay, here we go. This verse from Wiki is actually pretty nice. I don’t know why he didn’t spit like this on the previous track. His flow is a lot better, and it doesn’t sound like he’s just saying random bullshit.

Type shit bending like a prism when the light hit / Might just hit ’em with the right, hit the light switch / Type of cats over-righteous, don’t know what life is / I’m the type of cat see fly shit and wanna buy it.

He was rhymin’ his ass off. This is more like it. I fuck with this track. It’s dope af.

Track 3: Vigilantes (Prod. Statik Selektah)

OOOOOOOOOH FUCK. This beat is incredible. Oh fucking shit. They’re actually rapping like they’re vigilantes. This is so fucking awesome. They’re doing what Blueprint did on Vigilante Genesis. They’re both killin’ this shit. I love the way they’re trading verses back and forth. The way they’re playing off of each other kinda gives it a more fluid, refreshing feeling than the average Hip Hop song.

Got us on the A late night holding a chrome / Not going home till we pop one in his dome / Type of disrespect, can’t go to police / Besides that, it would violate the code of the streets.

Daaamn… Wiki dropped his gun and accidentally shot Droog in the leg. Lmao. This is awesome. Oh shit. The way the story ends is pretty fuckin’ graphic. I’m not gonna spoil it, but let’s just say the guy they were hunting was in over his head. That was the worst attempt at a pun I’ve ever committed. Anyway, this is definitely my favorite track so far. It’s dope af.

Track 4: Parlay (Prod. AraabMUZIK & !llmind)

Oh God… What the fuck… What? Wow… This beat isn’t good. What the FUCK? This hook is fucking God awful. Droog is trying to sing, and it sounds absolutely horrible. Jesus Christ. What the fuck is happening? This is such a drastic downgrade. Droog’s vocals are unbearable, and even if he was a good singer the sound quality makes it sound like it was recorded by a suburban white high schooler on his MacBook Pro. I can tell you already, this is the worst Your Old Droog song I’ve ever heard. It’s sad too because the first verse is actually really nice.

I’m far from a scrub / That’s why you hardly see me in a bar or a pub / Picture Droog spending racks in some corn club / Rather go to XVideos or PornHub.

This is really disappointing. I love AraabMUZIK & !llmind, but this beat really isn’t good to me. This is a solo track from Droog. Man… I think it’s pretty clear how I feel about this song by now. This shit is wack af.

Track 5: Facts 3 (Prod. Tony Seltzer)

I’m assuming this is the third entry in a series of songs called Facts. I don’t know if it’s created by Wiki or Droog. The beat’s alright. Eh… The first verse from Wiki is fine. I’m not feelin’ the hook. He has kind of a melodic delivery that doesn’t sound very good, and his flow is too sluggish for me. His flow on the second verse is nice tho. Droog comes in at the end for the final verse. It was dope.

All I hear is facsimiles / Spitting mediocre ass metaphors and wack similes / Getting sick of these copycats / Heard me say “copy” and they copy that.

The verses on this track aren’t bad, but the sonic aspects of this song just aren’t really doin’ it for me. I’m not feelin’ the production, and I didn’t like the hook either. It’s not that bad, but I’m not fuckin’ with this shit.

Final Thoughts:

This is nowhere near as good as I thought it’d be. As I predicted from the first track, Your Old Droog stole the show on every song, but not as easily as I thought he would. Wiki isn’t wack. He’s just not as good as Droog. I personally wouldn’t use the word “good” to describe this project, but I don’t think it’s really bad. It’s definitely worth listening to unless you already know for a fact that Your Old Droog and/or Wiki aren’t for you. I don’t think anyone’s gonna like every track here, but there’s some really good shit on here too. It’s an okay project. I’m kind of indifferent towards it. It’s not that it was a boring listen; it’s just really inconsistent.

Favorite Song: Vigilantes

Least Favorite Song: Parlay




Watch the video below for more thoughts on this project


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