Nyck Caution & Aaron Rose | Thrilla (Prod. Latrell James)

So this song just came out about 8 hours ago. I haven’t really kept up with Pro Era‘s music recently since I’ve been wasting my time with college, but now that I’m actually making money I feel more comfortable working as hard as I want. Nyck Caution is definitely a standout member from the group, but that’s coming from someone who isn’t nearly as familiar with them as he should be. I don’t know much about Aaron Rose, other than the fact that his stage name used to be “A La $ole.” Anyway, the production from Latrell James is pretty fuckin’ nice. I’d definitely use this beat if he offered it to me, depending on the price of course. Not that I could afford it right now, but I’m getting there. I don’t know who that is singing the hook, but it sounds good. Maybe that’s Aaron Rose. That must be him on the first verse too.

It’s been a while since I really spoke /Never thinking out loud, but I’m finna go.

His flow is really good. Yeah, that’s definitely Aaron Rose. I don’t think Nyck Caution is the type to go Jake Paul on us and drop an N bomb. It’s not hard to not say the N word. Oh boy…

Sickest with the flows, so you knows it was really snot.

That’s pretty corny. It’s clever tho. You can say corny shit if the delivery is good enough, and he made it sound good. His verse was nice. Nyck slaughtered this shit. Yeah. This shit is dope af. Good job, guys. Shoutout to Nastee for mixing it too.



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