Horseshoe G.A.N.G. | Ain’t No Excuses

This song was recommended to me by Cris Sayago. If you’d like to request a song review, it’s only one dollar per song, or 5 dollars for an indie song review.

This beat isn’t bad. The bass is a little too strong, but that’s a minor nitpick. Okay, this shit is nice. Demetrius starts off dissing Mumble Rap as an entire subgenre, utilizing Tupac’s flow from Hit ‘Em Up. He’s tearing this shit apart. It’s dope that good rappers aren’t afraid to shit on wack music—not that I think all Mumble Rap is wack. That line at the end of his verse about Valentine’s day was pretty corny, but aside from that he slaughtered this shit. Julius Luciano is on the second verse. His pronunciation could use some work, but his flow is nice.

Dumb rappers need to go to Rap school first /First assignment: Google search “Kool Herc” /I don’t want to rhyme like you; I don’t want to talk like you /That goes for the frauds like you /I’m hoping that God smite you.

These niggas sound old as fuck lmao. His verse was cool tho. It definitely wasn’t as good as Demetrius’ verse, and I could’ve done without the F bomb, but I enjoyed it. It’s cool how they start each verse off with a line from a diss song. That’s kinda dope. Kenny’s on the third verse. He always stands out due to his relatively unique voice. His verse on Same Day was awesome. I kinda underrated that track. That shit is dope af. Wooow. That “harmonize like glaucoma” line was corny lmao. His flow is great tho.

To bash me you better be better than Sean Don.

…Sean Don? Does he mean fucking Big Sean? That’s really not saying much… Maybe I misheard him. The hook lasts a little too long. They should’ve just put all the verses between two recitals of the hook. These niggas are rhymin’ their asses off, but some of the lyrics are a little corny.

Niggas on my block got hatchets and ratchets: that’s H&R Block

That line is such a reach. Dice’s voice is perfect for rap. I’ve never heard him not sound angry as fuck. It kinda also sounds like he could be takin’ the meanest shit in history, but that’s neither here nor there. Dice’s flow was phenomenal. This shit is dope. Again, the production and lyrical content could be better, but I definitely enjoyed this. The editing effects in the music video were kinda cool, but aside from that it’s nothing special. Shoutout to Cris Sayago for the recommendation.


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