Natural Selection Is Actually the Whitest Movie I’ve Ever Seen


This movie is was released on June 1st in the year of our lord 2016. The acting is terrible, the dialogue is unbelievably corny, and the characters are annoying as fuck. It’s basically about some timid, white, blonde 17-year-old whose father killed himself. He’s taking care of his mother because she’s an incompetent alcoholic. He just transferred to a new high school, and the first real friend he makes turns out to be an annoying, pretentious, edgy school shooter. It was really hard to watch. He was basically a white version of XXXTENTACION, but even worse. We’re never even really given an explanation as to why he’s such a prick, or why he even wanted to shoot up the school in the first place. Literally every character in the movie is white. There’s like a 4 second shot of a black guy, and guess what his job is? The DJ. That’s right. The one black person in the movie only appears for a few seconds, has no lines, and is the DJ at the high school dance. Fuck this movie. I mean, the overall plot was kinda interesting to watch, but the acting, dialogue, and characters were all unbearable.



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