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Ali Tomineek is an independent rapper, writer, and producer from Arizona. He actually appeared alongside Cozz, J.I.D, and Kodie Shane in a cypher at the BET Hip Hop Awards last year. He definitely had the second best verse, only being outshined by J.I.D. Cozz’s verse was cool, but nothing about it really stood out. It was kinda generic. Kodie Shane was terrible, not gonna lie. Anyway, a patron of mine suggested that I check this single out, so this was my introduction to him. The production is pretty standard as far as Trap instrumentals go. Ali’s flow is obviously his selling point. He was able to capture my attention the moment he started rapping. None of the lyrics are super unique or original, but the manner in which he floats through the production makes anything he says sound good. I’m really glad he had that Incredibles reference in there even if it wasn’t that creative.

fEELiN LiKe dAsh; hELLa InCreDiBLe

The way his flow takes off right before the second recital of the hook was really impressive. The second verse is even better. Again, it doesn’t take a Genius editor to decode the lyrics; he keeps it accessible. In fact, accessibility is something he’s really good at because he doesn’t even use any fuckin’ profanity in his music. He’s definitely a talented guy, especially when you consider the fact that he handles all of the production by himself. Not that the instrumental for this song is super impressive, but it’s more than most people can do. I enjoyed this track. Shoutout to Control the Artist for the recommendation.



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