Song Review | Control the Artist – Abstract (Prod. Kato)

Control the Artist is a AUSTRALIAN rapper. I ain’t NEVER heard a Australian motherfucker rap before listenin’ to this shit, so it was weirder than fuck for me, son. It’s already weird when British people rap, so this shit was WILD, dawg.

Okay, so I ain’t gonna lie… When I first heard this motherfucker rap I busted out laughing SOOO fuckin’ hard, god. Word is bond son, I deadass thought I was hearin’ the fuckin’ crocodile hunter angrily spit bars at me. The nigga was goin’ in tho. That’s the thing, cuz. The motherfucker can rap. This fool’s flow was fuckin’ wild, b. Word is bond, CRAZY shit was comin’ from this fool, son. The beat from Kato was hard as fuck TOO, dawg. Shit was like hearing Eminem rap with Tech N9ne’s flow in a Australian accent, god. If you into that kinda shit that’s what you gon’ get, so there y’all go. As far as my own taste go, I ain’t finna be comin’ back to this shit. It’s one of them situations where the talent is undeniable, but me, I just can’t get over that accent, homie. I ain’t gon’ front and pretend I’m gon’ be playin’ this shit again. Shit ain’t me, cuz. I can’t take it seriously with that accent. Especially with lyrics like “knick-knack, paddy wagon, give the dog a bone.” BUT, as I said before, the talent is definitely there. Word is bond; y’all know I keep it real.


I just gotta get used to that accent before I can fuck with something like this. But for now, I’m good b. Keep that shit up tho, son. Good looks.




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