Padlock Jones Presents: The Progressive Era

Since them motherfuckers been droppin’ a bunch of loose singles I figured I’d go ahead and finesse ’em by puttin’ them shits in a playlist and calling myself a DJ for that. Enjoy, y’all. Follow ya boi on Twitter. Shoutout to Whip for drawing the cover art.

Always with Me Feat. Denzel Curry Ronny J
Take That Kirk Knight
Savior BMP$
Thrilla Feat. Nyck Caution Latrell James
Too Lit Statik Selektah
King to a God Feat. Dessy Hinds NasteeLuvzYou
500 Benz Statik Selektah
Love Is Only a Feeling Statik Selektah
All About You Latrell James
Gazzliona Feat. Kirk Knight Kirk Knight


The first song is fucking awesome. The beat from Ronny J is hard as FUCK, and Aaron’s flow was perfect for it. That’s definitely one of his strengths. He sounds good over any beat just because his flow is so nice. Denzel’s deeper inflection provides a nice contrast too. He has a really great flow as well. I even liked the sung bridge from Denzel Curry. I think the first track is dope af. I like track two just as much. Kirk Knight’s vocals sounded rough at first, but the production is literally so good that it makes his vocals sound fine. I love it. Kirk Knight’s a really great producer.


Savior is a good song, but I wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as I was the others. Nothing about it really helps it standout that much. Dessy Hinds is what I think it would sound like if D. Respect became a rapper and was like 40 years younger.

Read DJ Focus’ review of track 4!

Too Lit

Track 5 was one of three loose singles Joey Bada$$ released onto SoundCloud days after the release of his sophomore commercial album, ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$. It’s definitely the wackest track out of the three, but it’s still pretty good tho, ya feel me? Word is bond, I’m not in love with the hook, but the production is mad nice.

King to a God

King to a God, boyyyy… THAT shit, was FIRE! Lmaoooo. That nigga was spittin’ so aggressive and the beat was hard as FUCK! That NasteeLuvzYou guy put his ASS in that beat. My favorite track Joey dropped after AABA was 500 Benz.

500 Benz

The beat is fucking incredible. It’s irresistibly smooth. You can’t hear it and not feel relaxed as fuck. The smoothness is magical, dawg. Love Is Only a Feeling is REALLY fuckin’ incredible too.

Love Is Only a Feeling.png

For real that shit reminded me of Pride by Kendrick Lamar sonically. The production was a perfect fit for the content. I usually don’t like songs like this, but it’s so well done that I can’t help but love it. Joey fuckin’ knocked it outta the park with this one. Shit is wild, b.

All About You

All About You definitely isn’t one of my favorites. It’s fine though. It just sounds like a mainstream radio hit. It’s not really the kind of song I get excited about. It’s well made though.


This song was recorded in 2013. I haven’t heard much of Joey’s pre-Summer Knights material. Why did his voice used to sound so raspy? Word Is Bond, that motherfucker sounded like Mad Lion. The shit is dope af though. I really like the song.

So yeah these is all the motherfuckin’ songs that I like that’ve been dropped by Pro Era recently. They don’t seem to be on any particular project, so I put that shit in my own hands, you feel me? Anyway, I like it. Not every song is super incredible, but I enjoyed every track to an adequate extent. This shit is dope.

Favorite Song: 500 Benz
Least Favorite Song: Too Lit




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