Aesthetic Response | DJ Butter Presents: Boldy James – The Art of Rock Climbing

Wassup, y’all. Before I get started, I gotta give a quick shout to DJ Focus; he spoke to the owner and apparently it’s okay for me to do this, so I’ll be taking over the reactions from now on. He’ll just be doin’ full reviews. This is a part time job for me, but none of the rules are that strict, so I should be good. Basically, don’t expect to take my job any time soon. Ain’t possible for me to get fired unless I fuckin’ murder homie’s entire family AND he gets chlamydia.

Live from the Block Introduction

This intro from DJ Butter is kinda cool. Shit is HARD, nigga. I like this lil beat the motherfucker threw on. Shit ain’t bad, cuz. I ain’t never gon’ listen to the shit ever again, but it’s dope. D+

Liquid to a Solid

This shit is wack. I mean, the production is. Oh shit; never mind… THIS shit… is kinda cool. What the fuck? Goddamn. Nigga, the beat is actually the ONLY good thing about this song. Fuck was I talkin’ about? Well, that’s not really true… I kinda like the lyrics from Boldy, but nah. His flow was nothing special. I promise y’all I wouldn’t fuck with this shit if I was sober right now. Actually… Nah. Never mind. This shit is hard. Haha. C+

Married to the Streets featuring Peechie Green & Kool G Rap

This beat is kinda dope… Shit ain’t bad; Boldy’s flow is nice… I just don’t really like the hook. This nigga Peechie Green has a REALLY dope voice. I think. I don’t know. I’m stoned. Lmao. Apparently Kool G Rap is on this song? Where the fuck is THAT nigga at???? I’m SOOO fucking hungry right now. Oh shit, there goes Kool G Rap. YYYEAAAAH. Okay, this is is dope as FUUUCK. I don’t think I’d like it if I was sober tho. Actually, I don’t fuckin’ know. I enjoyed it though. Good looks, cuz. B-

“Good looks, homie”

Heavy in the Game

HA. The ad-libs in this song are dope. G SHIT NIGGA. The beat’s alright I guess. I liked Boldy’s flow too. Especially on that second verse. C-

Skantless featuring Eddie Stubbles, Redi Rock & Tommy Gunz

This nigga flow on the first verse is NICE… Kinda… The beat’s alright. I don’t know WHO the fuck this “Eddie Stubbles” nigga is. The way this track is mixed is kinda strange. I think DJ Butter expects the listener to be under the influence of marijuana. The nigga knows how to do his job. I’m not sure who that is on the final verse. Maybe it’s Tommy Gunz. Idk. A-

Dirt Nap featuring Russel P Conway

Ooooh fuck. This beat is HARD. OH FUCKKKKKKK. This BEAT… is HARD… Y’all… Lmao GotDAMN. This shit is fuckin’


Word is bond, this “Russel” motherfucker got a NASTY ass flow, God. This beaaaat tho… Good. LORDE. Lmao… The hook’s decent. THIS shit is HOT. B+

To Live & Die in Detroit featuring Kokane

This hook is wack. I know Kokane is respected, but nah, b. I ain’t feelin’ it. The production is nothing special. It’s decent tho. I mean, I don’t know. Depends how you wanna look at it, you feel me? Boldy’s flow was kinda cool. Maaaaan… Uhhh… Yeah nah I won’t listen to this again. C-

Final Thoughts

I ain’t gon’ lie, y’all… This shit ain’t that good. Most of the production, flows, and content is tolerable at best for a lot of people. I personally think it’s decent, but I definitely won’t be returning to every single track all the time.

Favorite song: Skantless
Least favorite song: To Live & Die in Detroit

One comment

  1. I have no idea who these guys are, and have no desire to look at their other works.

    This gets a 4.0/10 from.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the hook “To Live And Die…” was pre written and they paid Koka whatever his asking price is.

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