Half-Assed Mixtape Review | K-Dot – Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year

This mixtape dropped in 2013. I remember skimming it, but I didn’t really pay it any attention since it’s not all originally produced; it’s just a series of freestyles over classic Hip Hop beats. I can’t remember who requested this review on Patreon. I think it was… Uh… I don’t know. I can’t remember.

Intro produced by K-Rob
What the Deal produced by Scram Jones
Compton Life produced by DJ Dave
Go DJ featuring DJ Dave produced by Mannie Fresh
Put That on Something produced by DJ Dave
Ride Up featuring Ice City & Joe Budden produced by 100 Milez
How We Do produced by Dr. Dre & Mike Elizondo
Drop It Like It’s Hot produced by The Neptunes
Industry Niggas (Skit)

The intro is a remix of “Hova Song” by Jay-Z, and it’s not very good. Kendrick’s flow is very basic & the lyrics are pretty generic. It’s clear right away that this was Kendrick’s first attempt at a full project. It’s not trash though. It’s just not very good. The next track is a slight improvement. It’s a remix of “Work Magic” by Lloyd Banks. It’s inferior to the original song, but it’s actually my favorite track on the project. The JAY-Z influence is painfully apparent throughout this entire mixtape, but it’s not too bad here. Compton Life actually seems to be a completely original song. I might be wrong about that though. If anyone knows the origins of the instrumental let me know. It’s pretty much the blueprint to “The Recipe.” It’s also probably the most blatant display of Jay’s influence on this tape. The Go DJ remix was kinda hard to endure. It’s sufficient proof that Kendrick is capable of copying Lil Wayne’s style, kinda like Logic does with other rappers. Some of the bars are dangerously average.

I don’t give a shit if I hit, long as she blow
Just as much as a ref does a whistle
I got dimes, just multiply two nickels
From Lisa’s to Keisha’s down to Nicole’s
Got they mind fucked up, they’d sell me their soul
Y’all niggas should already know; I got hoes, boy

Kendrick’s math seems kinda off, but I guess it’s clear what he was trying to say. Multiplying two nickels would give you a quarter right? Am I trippin’? Whatever it doesn’t matter. Put That on Something has an instrumental reminiscent of a “Bastard” era Ace the Creator beat. It pretty much just sounds like a “In My Lifetime, Vol. 1” throwaway. The production from 100 Milez is really nice on Ride Up. It’s originally performed by a group called Ice City. The hook is really shitty though. Everything else on the tape follows the same exact formula. It really just isn’t worth listening to unless you’re a curious Kendrick stan. It was kinda cool to hear the different influences from people like Jay & Wayne, but aside from that this feels like a time waster. I’m not feelin’ it.

Favorite Song: What the Deal
Least Favorite Song: Compton Life




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