Album Review | Rav – Beneath the Toxic Jungle

This album was released on December 19th in the year of our lord 2015. It was executively produced by Rav & Kill Bill. I’d never heard any of Rav’s music before listening to this project. I can’t remember who it was that requested this review on Patreon. I’m really behind on the requests, so I can’t really remember who asked for what. You’ll have to forgive me for that.

1000 Years in the Sea produced by Ljones
Solanine produced by dream Entact.
Save Face As… featuring Kill Bill produced by Yuni Wa
Devil Fruit Smoothies featuring Jinzo the Trap Lord produced by MAITRO & Plaid
Addlerall featuring Scuare produced by Birocratic
A Better Place featuring Rekcahdam & Ashido Brown produced by Edo Lee
Lavender featuring Kill Bill produced by Moar & datfootdive
Get Mine II featuring Scuare & suddlenuance. produced by Tantu
1000 Years in the Mountains produced by Pacific Yew

The intro seems to sample the audio of an ambiguous anime show—possibly Sailor Moon? The first full song, Solanine, goes in depth about Rav’s living situation. His parents were on his ass for being a lazy ingrate. That’s all old people complain about. So his family didn’t believe in him I guess. That sucks. I know how that can be. It’s the same struggle QuESt had on Searching Sylvan. I’m working through the same problems right now. Nobody knows where they wanna be. You gotta kinda just enjoy the ride until you can pull yourself out of whatever rut you’re in. Just make sure you’re actually working towards something. Anyway, the production throughout this project is smooth as fuck, especially on the next track, Save Face As… Kill Bill’s got a great voice for the laid back instrumentation.

I need your opinion like barf in my face.

That was a pretty nasty line. In a cool way tho. Devil Fruit Smoothies has a much more upbeat instrumental, but it’s still pretty jazzy. I love the way the tempo adjusts throughout the song. Maitro & Plaid fucked that beat. The way the production transitions into that darker, more lo-fi sound for the Trap Lord’s low pitched verse was really nice too. I like the melodic background vocals from Scuare on Addlerall, but they make his words a little hard to understand. Rav’s verse was great.

She was my bank of insecurities / I was a bag of immaturity / She was the vicodin curing / Oh, what I mean? This shit sound like a eulogy.

Drug use n’ whatnot. Rav definitely doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents. He’s painting himself as a privileged child who struggles with mental illness and uses his father’s money to fuel his drug use. I’m sure a large portion of my generation can relate. A Better Place is kind of a sad song.

Still ain’t sleepin’ at night / What am I gon’ do? / I bet that if I could sleep though, I’d prolly dream ’bout you.

Some of the lyrics are kinda corny, but his flow is really nice and the production is still very smooth. I wasn’t really impressed by Rekcahdam’s verse. That line about having my girl squirtin’ was very unnecessary. The sample is very repetitive too. I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to. The way it ended was cool tho. Lavender’s beat is dope af. The way it swtiches up for Kill Bill’s verse is awesome. He snapped too.

Y’all stuck on minesweeper / We on PS4.

I never listened to the first Get Mine song, but the one on this album is pretty nice. That line about being a functioning member of society is real as fuck.

You are not a failure if you fail to meet their confidence.

Scuare’s flow is dope af. suddlenuance. did his thing as well.

If Hip Hop was a food I’d be a condiment, and I want my shit to have a certain flavor / Hold up… If Hip Hop was Russia, I’d be a communist.

The outro has one of the best beats on the album. The vocal effects make Rav’s lyrics virtually unintelligible on the verses. The hook is nothing special. So yeah. That’s the album.

This album is pretty good. The production is generally very laid back and smooth, and Rav is a decent rapper. Nothing really amazed me about this project, but there weren’t any moments that stood out as being particularly bad. I’d say it’s slightly above average.

Favorite Song: Get Mine II

Least Favorite Song: A Better Place


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