Aesthetic Response | Tech N9ne – Bad Season

I told myself I wasn’t ever gonna listen to another Tech N9ne album when I stopped his Marathon, but shit is real in these streets y’all. I’m poor. I’ll do anything for a price. This review was requested by Control the Artist. If you’d like to request a review, visit my Patreon page. Anyway, this mixtape came out on December 23rd in 2010. It’s presented by XXL Magazine, and hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. Y’all already know my relationship with Tech N9ne. He’s a super talented MC, and a terrible musician. I’m sure there’ll be some decent material here though.

Bad Season (Skit) featuring Jeff Nelson

Oh shit. That scared the dogshit outta me. Shit opens up with a goddamn demon saying “BAD SEASON.” Tech N9ne is a weirdo, man. Okay, it sounds like this mixtape almost didn’t happen because of some shit Whoo Kid said about Tech. This is kinda like if DJ Focus was supposed to host a Tech N9ne mixtape. That nigga tore Tech N9ne’s discography apart. Anyway, this skit is basically just Tech saying that he squashed his beef with Whoo Kid so that his fans could have this mixtape.

Table & Chest Stress

Wikipedia doesn’t have any production credits for this track for whatever reason. Oh shit. This is actually kinda dope. Tech’s just rapping over the sound of someone beating on a table. It reminds me of the Lunchtime Cypher by Hopsin. Goddamn. I be forgetting how dope this nigga’s flow is. He killed this shit. I love the simplistic production. It works really well with Tech’s rhyme patterns. This shit is dope. My nigga rhymed “labia” with “paella.” B+

Sex to the Beat featuring Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun & Bizzy produced by Cookin’ Soul

Oh fucking no. No. NO. He’s ALREADY doing that pornocore shit. Smh… WHY, GOD? This hook from Krizz Kaliko is NOT good. At least Cookin’ Soul put together a dope beat. Tech’s flow is fire as always. Oh my God… No he didn’t… This nigga sampled Antoine Dodson.

You can run and tell THAT, homeboy.

HAHAHA. Nah. Not feelin’ it. This hook is wack. Kutt Calhoun’s verse is disgusting. His flow was cool though. I guess. Bizzy’s flow was dope af. Yeah… Nah… I’m not feelin’ this shit. It’s wack. D-

No More Music by the Suckas featuring Black Vain, Krizz Kaliko & Oobergeek produced by The Haitian Super Heroes

This beat is dope. The first verse from Black Vain was pretty good. Oh God… What the fuck? Krizz Kaliko ruins damn near every song he’s on, man… That hook is atrocious. Oobergeek’s verse was alright. Tech N9ne slaughtered the final verse. Nah… I’m not feelin’ this song. The production was cool, and Tech did a great job, but the features hold it back. This shit is mediocre. D+

Bad Season featuring Krizz Kaliko, Nesto, & Tonesha Sanders produced by The Haitian Super Heroes

Tech starts rapping as soon as this track starts. This beat is dope. The first verse was nice. I’m not really feelin’ the hook from Tonesha Sanders. Krizz Kaliko’s verse was actually pretty fuckin’ good. Nesto sounds like Guldo from Dragon Ball Z.


His verse was fine I guess. This song isn’t really that bad, but I’d never listen to it again. There’s no replay value in it for me. It’s an okay track tho. C-

Something to See featuring Krizz Kaliko & Irv da Phenom produced by The Haitian Super Heroes

I’m not feelin’ the vocals from Krizz Kaliko on the hook at all. The beat is cool tho. Tech killed his verse. Krizz Kaliko’s verse was pretty good too. I’d probably like this song if the hook was better. That could be said about every other Tech N9ne song I’ve ever listened to though. Irv da Phenom did his thing too I guess. This is just another song. Nothing about it really stands out. Tech is so much better than all the features on his songs. It’s actually really frustrating. C-

Ego Trippin’ featuring Krizz Kaliko produced by The Haitian Super Heroes

This beat is dope. Tech N9ne killed the first verse. The hook from Krizz Kaliko is actually not too bad. Alright, this is more like it. I can actually fuck with this shit. The songs with fewer features are relatively dope. However, this track is half the length of a typical song as a result. There’s not much left to discuss. I enjoyed it though. For what it’s worth, this shit isn’t too bad. C+

All Day All Night featuring Krizz Kaliko produced by Cookin’ Soul

This beat’s alright, but I am NOT feelin’ the hook. You know what it is? I feel like Krizz Kaliko just sings like he’s trying to make a super watered down, commercialized version of whatever song he’s on. It sounds fucking awful. The verses from Tech were fine, but nah. Krizz Kaliko ruined yet another Tech N9ne song. This shit is wack. D-

Livin’ Like I’m Dyin’ featuring CES Cru, Krizz Kaliko & Kutt Calhoun produced by The Haitian Super Heroes

This beat is alright. Tech did a decent job with the first verse. The second verse from Kutt Calhoun was cool. Ubiquitous did his thing. Godemis killed it. I’m gonna let y’all guess what the one thing that keeps this song from being tolerable is. Need some help? No? I didn’t think so. He did it again, y’all. Smh… C

Down for the Block featuring Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun & Big Scoob produced by The Haitian Super Heroes

Okay, this is more like it. This is one of those typical Blood anthems that Tech N9ne usually has on his albums. The beat is dope, and the hook is thankfully just a pitch-shifted vocal loop of someone saying “down for the block.” Jay Rock killed it. This shit is hard as fuck. Kutt Calhoun & Scoob both did a good job. Tech had the best verse. This shit is actually dope af. Finally. A

Lick Your Teeth featuring Irv da Phenom, Krizz Kaliko & Tonesha Sanders produced by The Haitian Super Heroes

This mixtape’s taking a lot out of me, y’all. I’ve listened to the first 12 seconds of this song, and I have it paused right now. It’s… It’s torture. For the love of God… What were they thinking? WHAT IN GOD’S NAME WERE THEY THINKING?? I get that it’s supposed to be strange music, but this is too much for me. Smh… This shit is everything I hate about Tech N9ne’s music in one song. I could’ve told y’all I was gonna hate this shit just from the title… LICK YOUR TEETH? ARE YOU FUCKIN’ SHITTING ME??? This HAS to be a joke. There’s no way they put this on the mixtape and actually expected people to take it seriously. I ain’t got time to be reviewing jokes though. This shit is fucking trash. L

Losin’ My Mind produced by The Haitian Super Heroes

At least there’s no more Krizz Kaliko from this point on. Tech’s singing the hook himself, and it’s actually not too bad. The production is decent. These Haitian Super Heroes aren’t too bad. I fuck with Haitians now. I didn’t fuck with Haitians before I heard this shit. Now I do. Tech killed the first verse.

Cut off your arm and fan you with it.

Damn, Tech is wicked. I’m one of those people who says that shit. The song is really only like 2 minutes long. I guess this is technically the last song, and the rest of the tracks are bonuses. That’s cool. This shit isn’t bad, but as an entire track I’m probably not gonna return to it. C+

Curious (What Up Wit Ya Girl) featuring Irv da Phenom & Royce da 5’9″ produced by Mike Dupree

I really fuck with this piano driven beat. I guess this could be considered Pornocore, but it’s more subtle than some of Tech’s other sexual songs. Hmm… I don’t know who that is singing the hook. Maybe it’s Irv da Phenom, or maybe Krizz Kaliko is uncredited. Wait a minute no… That’s Tech N9ne. It sounds good. He sounds so much better than Krizz. The second verse from Irv da Phenom was nice. Royce sounds so young. He did a great job. This shit is dope. B

Speed of Sound

This is another song with Tech beating on his chest, just like the first song. There’s a quick hi-hat going throughout the track, acting as a fast paced metronome. Tech is spittin’ his ass off. It’s a verse originally supposed to be performed with Bone Thugz-n-Harmony. It’s dope af, but it’s not something I’d ever listen to again. I mean, I enjoyed it, but there’s no replay value. C+

Blammers & Burners

This verse was originally supposed to be performed alongside Crooked I. It would’ve been dope to hear him rapping alongside Tech, but it’s not like that didn’t happen before on Sickology 101. This is another fantastic verse. If someone added some instrumental elements to this track that’d be dope af. Just like with the previous track, there’s no replay value. C+

Move (Remix)

Tech explains at the beginning of this track that the producers who originally crafted the beats for these songs with him beating on his chest were anonymous, which is why he threw away the instrumentals and redid the percussion himself. It’s a pretty good reason. You shouldn’t use beats without crediting the producers. This song was supposed to be done with MIMS, the guy who did This Is Why I’m Hot. Not so hot anymore I guess. C+

Final Thoughts

This mixtape is pure mediocrity. When the music isn’t making me uncomfortable, it’s putting me to sleep. That’s not good. I know kink shaming is wrong, but teeth licking? REALLY? That just seems like such an oddly specific thing to make a song about. Maybe he’s really into that. I don’t know, nor do I care. All I know is I wasn’t feelin’ the song, and I don’t like the Krizz Kaliko features. So there ya go. That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about this project. It was decent at best, and personally disturbing at it’s worst.

Favorite song: Down for the Block
Least Favorite Song: Lick Your Teeth



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