EP Review | King Los – I Am Not a Industry Plant

King Los is a fucking incredible MC. His 2015 album God, Money, War wasn’t as good as it should’ve been, but it had some really fantastic songs. Los referred to this EP as “the prelude before the storm.” The storm he was alluding to must’ve been the two mixtapes he dropped at the end of 2017, which in turn are supposed to be the prelude for a full album he’s gonna be releasing soon, so he’s definitely been working hard. Anyway, he’s a really talented rapper, and since this project was just three songs there wasn’t a lot of room for error, so I was pretty excited to hear it.

Safe Place produced by Buttah-N-Bizkit
Time produced by  Tubb Young & Rodney Jones
R.A.S. produced by 
Tubb Young & Rodney Jones

The production on the first song is immaculate. He sings the hook, and it sounds surprisingly decent. I enjoyed the song, but it wasn’t really what I expected. There’s only one verse, and he uses a melodic delivery. It sounds pretty good, but none of the lyrics were super impressive, and his flow was nothing special. It’s a really good song sonically tho. He really doesn’t have a bad singing voice, and the production is fantastic. The beat on Time is really good too. I was worried when I first started listening to it because Los is singing on it. It’s not bad when he goes for that more accessible, mainstream sound, but I come to Los for dope rhyme schemes and flows, and I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t get that. Once he eventually starts going in he fucking snaps tho. Dude’s breath control is remarkable.

I got no time for the liars, those getting by being biased / I’m non-compliant, its obvious; I’m on some out of body shit / I just shift paradigms, and I body shit / The earth spins, but I got a twist to put on it; you know what time it is.

His flow and delivery are fucking awesome. He slaughtered the first verse.

Fuck throwing up the peace sign / With a petition for peace that say “please sign” / I pray for inner peace that we can each find / Some mystical breeze somewhere beach side.

I ended up liking it even more than the first track. I don’t have a single gripe. I love the somber piano-driven production, and Los rapped his ass off. The beat on R.A.S. is dope, and the hook’s not bad. His flow isn’t as impressive as it was on the preceding track, but his delivery is much more lively. He rhymed his ass off too.

It’s vivid, my essence exquisite / No pressure, precious exhibits / Eclectic, prolific; my sonic aesthetic is different / Your prior work is fireworks / When you ain’t shining the thrill is gone; that’s how it works / Everybody lookin’ up at the sky for God to work / Well, I was made in the image of God; it gotta work

There’s only one verse, but it’s really good. I think the previous two tracks had better hooks & production, but it’s still a really enjoyable song for me.

I’ve heard some tracks from the two tapes he dropped at the end of 2017, and he wasn’t spitting like that on this EP, but he still put together three fantastic songs here. The production is great, and Los really doesn’t fuck up anywhere on this project. Honestly, the only way it could’ve been any better would be if he had more verses on each song. There’s really not much to say about it, mostly because there’s not really anything wrong with it. Everything about it, from the production, to the flows, to the rhyme schemes, to the lyrics is really good. This shit is dope af.
Favorite Song: Time
Least Favorite Song: R.A.S.




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