Kanye West Madness Bracket

This bracket has been floating around the internet for a minute now, and I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t done it yet, so I’m gonna post my results here now. Here’s the blank version…


…and here’s my completed bracket…


It ended up coming down between Flashing Lights & Gorgeous. If I had to pick one over the other, I’d probably go with Gorgeous. It has three of my favorite Kanye verses all in one song. Flashing Lights is my favorite song from Graduation though. I reviewed all of Kanye’s albums already, so these results shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Let me know what your favorite Kanye songs are in the comments below.


One comment

  1. It’s been a minute since I went through Kanye’s discography, so I’ll just do my top 4.

    Heard Em Say
    Lost In The World
    Love Lockdown

    Good stuff Nick!

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