Album Review | Jarren Benton – The Mink Coat Killa LP

This album was released on 23 June 2017. I think I’m gonna love it. I’ve been listening to more of Jarren’s shit—specifically, the #BlackOctober series he had—and that motherfucker can rap his ass off. Hopsin really took an L when he let Funk Volume fall apart because Jarren is a super talented artist. I forget which patron requested this review, but yeah. Thanks for the suggestion, whoever you are. I unfortunately don’t have production credits for every single song, so you’ll have to forgive me for that.

The God Intro produced by Spittzwell
C.R.E.A.M. ’17 featuring Nick Grant produced by Spittzwell & Jarren Benton
Designer Belts featuring Coach & Elz Jenkins
Again featuring Aleon Craft produced by Spittzwell
$30K Mink produced by 8Track
The One featuring Demrick
Tears featuring Big Cheeko produced by Jarren Benton & Spittzwell
Black Jesus Interlude
Ill Nigga
The Break Up featuring Bingx
Passenger Side featuring Aleon Craft produced by The Coalition
Fuck Everybody produced by The Coalition
Mental Issues featuring Sareena Dominguez produced by 8Track
Bonus: Gun Shot featuring Termanology, Chris Rivers & Chucc Daily
Bonus: The Stylist produced by 8Track

The intro samples the opening beat from Clan in da Front by the Wu-Tang Clan. When I heard this, I knew there was gonna be a strong Wu-Tang influence throughout the project, especially considering the title of the following track.

Cream 17

The production on this track is absolutely phenomenal. The scratches from Spittzwell on the hook are great, and Nick Grant killed his verse.

The modern Jigga; the Nas mixed with the album Thriller.

I couldn’t have asked for a better successor to one of the greatest Hip Hop songs of all time. Designer Belts has a super smooth beat. The production on this album is crazy.

Black lives never mattered as long as I’m eatin’ rappers.

Elz Jenkins had a really great verse as well. That shit he said about Donald Trump votes being hate crimes was awesome. That Tech N9ne line was cool too. Again has one of the best beats on the entire project. I love the creepy, childlike female vocals on the hook. I’m not familiar with that Aleon Craft guy, but he did his thing on the second verse. 8Track put his ass in that $30K Mink beat. Again, the production on this album is fantastic.

Do something with yourself, you funky dog-faced bitch.

The beat on The One is dope af. The hook from Demrick is really nice too. By the time I finished track 6 I knew I was gonna have difficulty choosing a favorite song. Track 7 is a successor to Tearz by Wu-Tang. The album itself seems to be dedicated to the Wu-Tang Clan. The feature from Big Cheeko was pretty nice. The Black Jesus interlude is a dope verse over a sample-based beat. The production on Ill Nigga is smoother than fuck. Whoever produced that track did a great job, and the same goes for Jarren on the verses.

Shout out to Asian niggas that don’t like to use chopsticks.

It’s a really laid back track. The Break Up is a great story about a break up. Bingx sang his ass off on that hook.

I know I made mistakes
I’m beggin’ you to stay, girl
But you don’t give a fuck about that

I can’t praise the production on this album enough. The Coalition did a fantastic job with Passenger Side.

Real heavy into Wu shit
Rest in peace, Dirty, this that Brooklyn Zoo shit

Aleon Craft did a nice job with the hook too. Fuck Everybody is a very relatable song unfortunately. It’s probably the realest track on the album. The Coalition is a really good production team. Mental Issues seems like it was made specifically about me lmao. I love the dark beat, as well as the haunting vocals from Sareena Dominguez on the hook.

These fuckin’ doctors trippin’
They give you cliché advice to offer you prescriptions
I try to hide the hurt like they can’t see a fuckin’ difference
Avoid all of my friends so they can’t see a nigga slippin’

That was my life in March. The first bonus track opens up with a Charles Manson sample. It’s hard as FUCK. I love the beat, and Jarren went in about cutting off nuns’ heads. I think that’s Chucc Daily on the hook. I’m not familiar with him. Termanology & Chris Rivers slaughtered their verses. The Stylist was a great way to close this album. The hook is dope af, and I love the sample based beat.

This album is dope af. There’s honestly not a single consistent flaw that I can find. Wu-Tang fans will love it, and it’s accessible enough for newer Hip Hop listeners to enjoy as well. The production is top notch & Jarren rapped his ass off throughout the entire project. It’s incredible.

Favorite Song: Again
Least Favorite Song: Black Jesus


Watch the video below for more thoughts on this album



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