EP Review | Young Thug – Hear No Evil

This EP was released on April 12th this year as a surprise. It’s only three tracks so I figured I’d go ahead and get the review out of the way real quick. I love short projects. That’s why I love doing EP reviews so much. Anyway, the cover is pretty dope. I don’t know who that is tho. Nor do I give a shit. I’m expecting this to be decent. I’ve already heard the lead single, which was pretty good.

Anybody featuring Nicki Minaj produced by Rex Kudo & Charlie Handsome
Up featuring Lil Uzi Vert produced by Southside
Now featuring 21 Savage produced by DJ Spinz

The first song—lead single—was written by Nicki Minaj. The music video is just a sign language interpretation of Young Thug’s lyrics, which is actually pretty smart. The number one complaint against Mumble Rap is the listener’s inability to understand the lyrics. Young Thug uses his voice as an instrument in this song. He’s a singer, not an MC. Nicki Minaj’s verse was nothing special, but it fit in well with the song. The beat from Southside on Up is dope af. Young Thug’s high pitched vocals on the hook are humorous. I could barely understand anything he said on his actual verse. Lil Uzi’s verse was boring as hell. The only good thing about Up is the production. It gets old way too quickly. The beat from DJ Spinz on Now is decent. Young Thug’s flow was cool, and 21 Savage’s voice provided a nice contrast to Young Thug’s high pitched squeals. It’s a decent song, but not one that I’ll be coming back to in the future.

This is an okay project. I really only liked one song, but the other two weren’t terrible. The bar isn’t too high for Young Thug. I prefer his more melodic style. If he’s gonna be rapping over Trap production, I’m gonna need some more entertaining features. Uzi & 21 got boring very quickly. Nicki’s verse wasn’t that great, but it at least kept my attention. This EP is average.

Favorite Song: Anybody
Least Favorite Song: Up



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