EP Review | Skeme – First Notice

I think Skeme is a talented artist, but the last project from him that I reviewed was pretty underwhelming. I personally don’t think The Game is doing that great of a job promoting his artists. When was the last time Dubb put out a project? Who else is even signed to Blood Money Entertainment? Oh. I just googled it. Dubb & Skeme are the only artists The Game signed. So, if he only has to promote two artists, why the fuck do I never hear about them? It’s not like they aren’t good… He’s really letting two dope artists go to waste. Anyway, I made sure not to get my hopes up too high for this project, but I didn’t think it’d end up being wack, and I thankfully wasn’t wrong.

Krooked Cannon Don Cannon, G. Koop
10 for 10 Pi’erre Bourne
Existence Bink!
Free the Dawgs Reazy Renegade

Skeme starts goin’ in as soon as the project starts. His flow is really nice. The way the production evolves as Skeme is rapping is really cool too. He doesn’t really say anything super interesting or original, but it’s definitely not a bad verse. His flow is dope, and he goes in for almost 3 minutes straight with no hook. The song has a really simplistic structure, so there’s not really much to discuss. It’s just a good verse over a cool beat. I love Pi’erre Bourne’s production tag. I don’t get the hype around that Magnolia track he did though. That song is fucking awful. Anyway, his beat on 10 for 10 is really fuckin’ dope. The hook is cool too, but the lyrics are kinda incoherent. Skeme’s flow is really fast paced. If you’re not really into Trap music you probably won’t like it, but I enjoyed it personally. It probably could’ve used a feature or two though. The one thing that makes me enjoy the song so much is the high tempo. It’s a really energetic track. I like it even more than the previous track. The beat on track 3 is dope af. I feel like Skeme appeals to the basic ass fake woke crowd on Twitter who use the 👀 emoji. Basically, if you follow fake celebrity accounts like @ImPostMalone or @ChanceFrom79th, you’ll like this. That’s not to say Skeme is ONLY for basic people. Not all Skeme fans are basic, but I feel like all basic people would be Skeme fans. He seems like the kinda person who would tweet basic shit. Anyway, I liked track 3. His vocals on the hook actually sounded really good. He should try singing without autotune more often. The hook on Free the Dawgs is decent, but I kinda wish I knew what it would’ve sounded like without the autotune. He uses autotune on the verses too. His flow was cool, but the lyrics didn’t really stick with me honestly. Not that I was really paying attention to anything he was saying. His bars aren’t wack; they just aren’t very interesting. He’s kinda generic lyrically. I like the production a lot, but nothing else about the song stands out enough to make it worth coming back to in my opinion. It’s definitely not bad though; there’s just not any replay value for me.

This is a solid EP. If you decide to skip it I wouldn’t really say you’re missing out, but I don’t think you’d regret giving it a chance. Skeme follows a lot of mainstream trends. Artistically, he’s honestly really generic. He just happens to do what he does well. If you generally like mainstream Hip Hop sonically, you’ll enjoy this. It’s average as fuck lyrically. It’s entertaining sonically though. That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. It’s like good radio music. If you turn this on you can enjoy it, but there’s not really much to make it stand out. It’s not a very memorable collection of songs. It’s fine though. I mean, I’d say it’s slightly above average. I like it… It’s not that great though…
Favorite Song: Existence
Least Favorite Song: Free the Dawgs



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