Single Review | Kanye West – Ye Vs. The People (Starring T.I. as The People)

This track was released on April 28th. I’ve listened to it a few times, and I honestly don’t have much to say about it. It just confirmed what I had suspected this whole time. Kanye’s practicing opposite action by using symbols of hate to promote love. It’s just like when he was seen wearing the confederate flag. Except now instead of the flag it’s the Make America Great Again hat. This song is T.I. being like, “what the fuck is wrong with you?” and Kanye responding by saying “chill bruh.” I feel like Kanye’s kinda trolling the world right now. I personally don’t give a fuck what Kanye does anymore; I’m just here for the music. This song in particular isn’t something I’m ever gonna wanna hear again. The production sounded average as hell, and the way they were flowing together sounded kind of sloppy. I do agree with what Kanye says about all blacks being democrats, but that’s more so a problem with the two party system itself. For a lot of people, Democrats Vs. Republicans is equivalent to Blacks vs. Whites. Democrats such as Hillary Clinton are full of shit. Republicans like Ted Cruz are just evil dumbasses. That’s why I be on my hate government shit like Denzel Curry. But nah, I won’t be listening to this shit again. I get why it was made; I’m not mad at it. There’s just not any replay value in it for me. It’s decent. I guess.




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