Album Review | Kill Bill – RAMONA

This album was released on September 23rd in 2014. I’m pretty sure it’s based on Ramona Flowers of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I’m not too familiar with Kill Bill. I know he’s a South Carolinian rapper & producer, and I enjoyed his work on Beneath the Toxic Jungle, but aside from that he’s a completely new artist to me. I’m expecting this to be dope. The EXO collective seems to be a pretty creative group of rapping ass weebs.

Backwoods produced by Schadillac
Hola produced by dot & Josh Pan
FVCK produced by mndsgn.
Chinatown featuring Rav produced by EOM
Dream Eater featuring Rav & Rekcahdam produced by Yung Bae
Black Coffee produced by Ξdo Lee
Then There’s Me produced by MURA MASA
Conversations with Gravity produced by Equilibrium
水 水 水 featuring Jinzo the Trap Lord produced by Jinzo the Trap Lord
Abandoned 2 featuring Rav produced by Ξdo Lee
Pork featuring Rav produced by SEALAB 2012
Good Luck Chuck produced by Clams Casino
4:37 PM EST (Subspace) produced by Kill Bill & Anamanaguchi
SLOW JAM MOOGY (16-Bit Adventures) produced by Boonie Mayfield
About Last Night… produced by Kill Bill
Summertime (The Overflow) produced by Evil Needle

The first song has a nice, jazzy instrumental. Kill Bill’s voice reminds me of Aesop Rock a little bit. The horns that come in during the hook sound really nice. The first verse of Hola is fantastic. His flow was really dope. The hook is nothing special, but the beat is nice and smooth. I love the slo-mo production on FVCK. mndsgn. did a phenomenal job. Kill Bill’s flow was really nice too. I love the production on the following track, Chinatown. Rav did a great job with the hook.

I met this girl, when I was out
She was so reserved, with the brightest smile
Her hair was dark, and her eyes were brown
I fell in love in Chinatown

Kill Bill’s voice provides a nice contrast to that of Rav. I liked Rekcahdam’s verse on Dream Eater a lot. Rav had a pretty decent verse. The beat on Black Coffee is dope af. I love the muffled saxophone. It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks. I love the Peggy Lee sample Ξdo Lee flipped for the hook. The production on Then There’s Me is really smooth. It’s filled with video game references.

Growing up with no brothers I had the PS2
Dreamcast had broke, but my dreams casted hope

Conversations with Gravity is decent. The production doesn’t really stand out to me much, but he was rapping pretty well. By the time I reached 水水水 I was beginning to get tired of Kill Bill’s monotone delivery. Jinzo’s screwed delivery doesn’t really appeal to me. I think Jinzo is just Kill Bill with a pitch shifted performance. It’s kind of a boring song. Abandoned 2 is the sequel to a song called Abandoned from Rav’s “Hyperkenesis” EP. It’s a step up from the previous track, but there’s not much replay value in it for me. Pork samples the theme song from Sealab 2020. The production is really nice, but the hook is kinda corny to me. Good Luck Chuck is a morbid story about a stripper who gets murdered by a creep named Chuck. The beat was really nice. Subspace is just a 45 second interlude with different dark video game sound effects. At this point, I’d completely checked out to be honest. My attention was briefly recaptured for the second to last track, and the final song was decent as well.

This album is pretty good. It’s a little bit too long for my taste, and it can get boring after a while, but aside from monotone flows and weak hooks, there’s not much to complain about. This album is dope.

Favorite Song: Chinatown
Least Favorite Song: 水水水




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