EP Review | Desiigner – L.O.D.

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This project, Life of Desiigner, was released on May 4th this year. It was originally announced back in November of last year. That New English mixtape he dropped was absolutely terrible, so I’m not really expecting this to be much better. Maybe he’s improved a little bit tho. I don’t know. It’s only 20 minutes long, so at least it won’t be too much trash if I end up hating it.

Priice Tag produced by Ronny J
Tonka produced by DJ Relly Rell, 16yrold & Mike Dean
After Party produced by JSDG
Pop iiT produced by Redda & Mike Dean
Destiination produced by Sean Garrett, Andre Atkinson & Mike Dean
LA to NY produced by Kidkeva
Hood produced by JSDG, Willie P & Mike Dean

The first thing I noticed was how much he sounds like himself rather than Future. He must’ve learned from everyone calling him a biter. Future’s still a very obvious influence, but he doesn’t sound like a carbon copy anymore. The first song is pretty decent. The beat’s not bad, and his flow is cool. The music video was average.

Tonka is actually pretty goddamn hard. That beat is dope af. Mike Dean is a legend as far as I’m concerned. The subject matter is the average shit you’d expect from a generic Trap artist.

I’m not getting married again

What? Since when was Desiigner married? What the fuck is he talking about? Tonka transitions really nicely into After Party. The beat’s nice, but goddamn that hook is annoying. This motherfucker said “After Party” 50 times in one song. I counted. Pop iiT is actually not bad. I mean, I couldn’t understand a thing he said, but the beat was dope af. Destiination is a slow paced autotune croonfest. The production is nice, but Desiigner’s voice sounds pretty terrible. He can’t sing, and the autotune doesn’t really help him. Shit is wack. LA to NY is one of the better songs on the project. His flow was a bit repetitive, but the beat was nice.

The beat on Hood is fucking awesome. The hook was kinda catchy too.

Niggas gettin’ bodied in their own hood.

It’s another decent track, but not one that I’ll be returning to in the future.

This EP is pretty mediocre. It’s surprisingly not complete trash, so I guess that’s nice. I’d definitely say this is a slight improvement from New English, so it’s good that he’s actually learning from his mistakes and putting more effort into his music. If you’re generally into Trap music, I’d say this is worth streaming.

Favorite Song: LA to NY
Least Favorite Song: Destiination


Watch the video below for more thoughts on Priice Tag



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  1. I refuse that this man made outlet and didn’t put it on a project. That song is hard af

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