Album Review | SΔMMUS – Pieces in Space

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This review was requested by my boy Buffalo Staple. Y’all should check out his YouTube channel; he’s got some pretty entertaining content. Anyway, I’ve heard of Sammus, but I’ve never actually checked out any of her work. She had a verse on an Open Mike Eagle song called Hymnal, and she fucking slaughtered that shit, so I’m expecting this to be a really dope project. Every song is self produced.

100 Percent featuring Latasha Alcindor
Comments Disabled
Cubicle featuring Alex Attard
Perfect, Dark
Weirdo featuring Homeboy Sandman
Song About Sex
Nighttime featuring Izzy True
1080p featuring Jean Grae
Qualified featuring Open Mike Eagle & Arch Thompson

The production on the first track is average, but holy shit Sammus can rap. Her rhyme schemes and aggressive demeanor remind me of Eminem’s first album, Infinite. I don’t think she has the best voice for Rap. I prefer female MCs with strong voices like Sa-Roc. It’s not a deal breaker though. She’s still listenable. I love her hostile attitude towards wack rappers. I wasn’t really feelin’ Latasha’s verse to be honest. It wasn’t terrible though. It wasn’t even bad. I just wasn’t really feelin’ her laidback delivery and flow. Overall, it’s a really dope intro. Comments Disabled has a really cool, celestial sounding beat. That reference to Johnny Cage was really dope.

I do a split then I’ll break your dick

The track is a diss towards trolls. I hate trolls. I mean, I guess I’m trolling when I post shit like this, but it’s pretty harmless when you compare it to some of the shit posted by the alt-right. She killed that second verse. The hook’s nothing special, but the song is dope af. Childhood is another standout track. It reminds me of Nostalgia by Chance the Rapper. I love the sunny production, and the chorus is really catchy as well. It’s a pretty relatable track for me personally. I loved the Aqua Teen Hunger Force reference. Ironically, Adult Swim was my shit when I was younger.

She slaughtered that second verse on Cubicle. I loved her flow. The hook was pretty good too, and the beat was nice. The saxophone solo from Alex Attard was great. I think the saxophone is my favorite instrument. Perfect, Dark is about the lack of representation of blackness in cartoons for children. I don’t think I ever really paid attention to characters’ races when I was little. I remember wishing I was white, but it didn’t have anything to do with cartoons. She went off on that second verse.

I love the game but I’m the realest kind of “perfect dark”

It’s a dope song. Definitely not one of my favorites on the album, but I don’t really have any gripes with it. Weirdo is my shit. It’s the most relatable track on the album for me. Homeboy Sandman killed it, and the hook is catchy as hell. Sammus murdered the final verse too. Song About Sex was cool, but not something I’d return to. I just didn’t really like the hook. It was nice hearing a track about sex that wasn’t super vulgar for once though. The verses are extremely well written. Speaking of well written verses, y’all should’ve seen my face when I heard Headliner. That first verse had my jaw on the floor. That shit was FIRE lmao. Nighttime should have been a single. It’s got an electronic beat, and the Pop-ish hook from Izzy True along with Sammus’ simplistic flow make it the most accessible track on the album. It’s a good song, but not for me.

The beat on 1080p is dope af, and Jean Grae killed her feature. It was cool hearing about the progression between the first and second verses from Sammus too. I love Genius. Mainly because I feel like I can relate to it. I feel like Sammus is the rapper I would wanna be. She says a lot of the shit I be thinking sometimes. I’M A GENIUS. I loved her defense of Kanye West, despite the dumbass shit he’s been saying about Donald Trump lately.

The production on Qualified is really interesting. I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s kind of jazzy and lowkey. Sammus killed it, and Open Mike’s verse was great. The flute solo from Arch Thompson was cool too. It’s a great closer to the album.

This album is pretty amazing. Sammus is a monster on the mic, and she’s a pretty skilled producer too. She probably could outrap Sa-Roc if they both got on a track together. I don’t know. That would be awesome though. I kinda hope it happens now. Shoutout to Buffalo Staple for the recommendation because I love this shit. It’s dope af.

Favorite Song: Headliner
Least Favorite Song: Song About Sex




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