EP Review | Ugly God – just a lil something before the album…

       This EP was released on June 1st in 2018. I’ve never checked out an Ugly God project, and the reason follows… I honestly thought he was a parody rapper for a long time. Everything about him just seems like a joke. There’s nothing wrong with artists who don’t take themselves too seriously, but I didn’t expect him to blow up like he did. His single Water has over forty fucking million views. The dude’s on top of the world right now. I don’t think I’m gonna like this EP, but I doubt it’ll be complete trash.

Leave a Tip featuring Splash Drexter produced by Nikko Bunkin
BITCH WHERE MY HUG AT produced by Shoki
Tropics produced by Nikko Bunkin

       The first song is wack. Ugly God’s delivery is fine, but he needs help with his flow. I wasn’t feelin’ the feature from Splash Drexter. The content is what you’d expect from a young Trap artist. It’s very juvenile.

She blow my dick just like a bagpipe

       The song that follows is kinda funny. It’s not something I’d ever listen to again though. It’s pretty generic. I know Ugly God’s gimmick is self deprecation, which is cool. It doesn’t excuse his amateurish song making abilities though.

I was that same young nigga that was tryna get a hug

       The production on Tropics is really nice. Ugly God’s flow is so bad though. There are some quotable lines, but that shit he said about spiking my drink left me scratching my head. Padlock heard the song too, and he was like “IS THIS NIGGA REALLY BRAGGIN’ ABOUT DATE RAPE?” The track isn’t great, but it’s one of the better songs on the EP.

Knick knack paddywhack, suck a nigga dick

       WEWANTALLTHESMOKE is less than 2 minutes long. It sounds like it was made in about 15 minutes. It’s a really generic Trap song. The aggressive subject matter was kinda cool, but aside from that nothing about the song stands out to me in any significant way. It’s mediocre.

This EP is pure mediocrity. This shit sounds like it was written by Padlock Jones. Ugly God is goofy as hell, and his flow is trash. It’s far from the worst project I’ve ever heard, but it’s not good at all. This shit is… It’s just really not good.

Favorite Song: Tropics
Least Favorite Song: Leave a Tip




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