Mixtape Review | Payroll Giovanni – 4-1P

       This album was released on June 1st this year (2018). Payroll is a popular MC from Detroit, Michigan. I first heard of him when I was getting into Doughboyz Cashout’s We Run the City, Vol. 4 mixtape. I haven’t heard any material from him in forever, so I’m really looking forward to this project.

Excuses featuring Bonus
Nothing Nothing
Cartier Wishes featuring Bonus
Boss You Up featuring YBS Skola & HBK
House on the Hill II featuring Eastside Jody & B-Mo Maine
Bo Man featuring Sweet Lou
Hypnotized featuring Big Quis & Clay Baby
Tax Bracket featuring Chaz Bling & Hoggy D
D Too Hot featuring Dre Armani

       The first song took me back to the 2000s. I really like the fast paced production, and Payroll’s flow has always been pretty solid. The song is gangsta as fuck. It’s a really good way to start the album. It honestly doesn’t really have any replay value for me, but it’s far from a bad song. I feel pretty much the same about the song that follows. It’s more of the same; just typical street music. The production didn’t really impress me, and I wasn’t feelin’ the hook. His flow is nice though. The beat on Excuses is nice. It kinda sounds like something DJ Mustard would produce. It’s more fleshed out than the average Mustard beat though. I’m not really feelin’ Bonus’ vocals on the hook. It’s pretty bad. I feel like the song itself is good, but I know I’m never gonna have the desire to return to it. It’s decent. Nothing Nothing is yet another generic Gangsta Rap song. Nothing about the track stood out enough to make me wanna listen to it again. I have a bad feeling about the rest of this album. It’s slowly going downhill. I REALLY don’t like Bonus’ vocals on Cartier Wishes. The production isn’t that great either. Boss You Up is wack as fuck. I can’t stand the vocals on the hook & in the background, and none of the verses stood out to me in any significant way. The production on House on the Hill 2 is pretty hard. I wasn’t really feelin’ the hook, and none of the features impressed me. Sweet Lou’s feature on Bo Man was horrific. He’s not a bad vocalist, but the melody sounds fucking God awful. His voice is just way too whiny for me. Hypnotized is stupid as hell.

She hypnotized by the Rollie

       I can’t stand the hook, and the content has me rolling my eyes. Tax Bracket has one of the better beats on the project. The hook is fucking hilarious. Whoever that is sounds stupid as fuck. I don’t think there’s a single feature on this album that I actually like. This is the kinda shit Padlock Jones listens to. It’s not for me. D Too Hot is more of the same. It just sounds generic as hell. Interview is one of the best songs on the album. It actually gives the listener a glimpse of Payroll’s emotional status. It was nice of him to end the project with a tribute to one of the members of Doughboyz Cashout who unfortunately passed away. It’s a standout track, but I still won’t ever listen to it again.

This shit is wack to me. My number one issue with this project is the fact that damn near every song sounds the same. The production sounds really cheap, and Payroll tends to rap about the same shit on almost every track. He rarely experiments with his vocal tone, and each feature sounds like an anonymous Doughboyz Cashout member. I’m not feelin’ it.

Favorite Song: 4-1P
Least Favorite Song: Bo Man




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