Outside the Window

Hey guys. I’m depressed like Earl Sweatshirt, which is why there haven’t been any new reviews lately. I haven’t had any motivation to get out of bed for the past week and a half, and I don’t know how long it’ll be before I start feeling better. My psychiatrist just increased the dosage of my medication recently, so hopefully that’ll kick in soon. I’ve been lacking inspiration, so I’m just gonna write about random bullshit that nobody cares about. I actually wanna feel like I’m in school again. That’s how lonely I am. Anyway, it’s hotter than the girl who broke my heart outside my window today. I went outside this morning to sit on the deck in my backyard, and my entire left arm is covered in mosquito bites now. That’s part of why I don’t go outside. I’m from Durham, North Carolina, and when the summers are at their worst, it’s usually between 90 and 110 degrees. I’m privileged though; I have air conditioning. Thank God for air conditioning. I tried playing Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U yesterday. I had fun for about 10 minutes before feeling empty inside again. That was the most exciting part of my day too. I would’ve been even more miserable if Johnny didn’t call to check on me. I miss the city because it’s lonely as fuck in the south, but I guess I like how quiet it is here. There’s just nothing going on. I know Durham is supposed to be one of the more exciting cities in North Carolina. I don’t go out much though. I should probably explore more, but nah. I don’t like shit, and I don’t go outside. So yeah. That’s how I feel today. Sorry for the lack of content lately. Just don’t write me off. I’ll be back eventually.


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  1. Honestly man, speaking from experience, the worst thing you can do is isolate yourself. As much as you don’t want to, you should really try to just move around. I understand it’s really hard when you barely have the motivation to breath, and you just feel emotionless and empty, but you need to be interacting with people. At least text a friend or something. Hope you feel a little better soon man.

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