Smokepurpp’s XXL Freestyle

XXL finally released their 2018 freshman list earlier this month, and I think it’s one of their least facepalm inducing covers in recent memory. The first freestyle comes from Smokepurpp, who I used to get mixed up with SpaceGhostPurrp. The only song I’ve ever actually heard from the guy is 123, which is wack af. The dude’s flow is trash. I hate how all these new Trap artists barely know how to stay on beat. It’s like they’re listening to a beat different from the one they’re rapping on. Anyway, I’m gonna be honest; I predicted the hell out of this freestyle.

I knew exactly what I was gonna hear before I clicked on the video. It’s generic as hell. Basically, everything you hear from any other mumble rapper is what you’ll hear here. He’s rapping about not lovin’ these hoes. I swear Padlock Jones ghost writes half of these dudes’ verses smh. He says absolutely nothing we haven’t already heard before. I read some of the comments, and he’s receiving a little bit of praise for his flow. It’s not good though. It sounds like he just stole Lil Uzi Vert’s flow. This shit is wack. NEXT.



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