Interview w/ Kill Bill

Some of you may remember a review I did for an album called RAMONA a while ago. It was a pretty solid project, so I decided to reach out to the artist for some information about who he is, and what inspired his work.

It’s an honor, sir.

Aye thank you! How’s it going?

I’m alive. When did you start writing?

I mean, I started messing around with writing songs when I was pretty young. Like ten to eleven. I wanted to be in a Rock band. I started writing very bad Rap lyrics when I went through this heavy Lil Jon phase, and discovered Nas through that. That had to have been around 2004? Sometime in that weird era of Crunk music.

Damn. Good answer. Best advice anyone can give: “start.”

Don’t take advice from weirdo rappers on the internet.

You’re not an idiot.

Haha, I mean I’m not the best with advice. I just would say “do what makes you happy in this world.” You only have one life; don’t waste it. That’s some advice I’ve been giving to myself lately, and I think it’s important.

Of course. “Family matters.”

I know that sounds like common sense, but it’s easy to get caught up doing shit that doesn’t matter.

Truth. Your fans gave me a little money.

Oh yeah?

People in general try to help out.

That’s sick. It’s nice when people support shit they believe in. Hey, that’s another advice thing: Support shit you believe in.

Yeah. Try to list every genre you’ve ever been influenced by.

Oh man, that’s gonna be a long list. I’ll try to narrow it down. I’m a huge rap nerd, so besides other Hip Hop artists, I would say video game OSTs are a big influence. A lot of Japanese ones, like Chrono Trigger, Zelda, Mario, etc. Lately a lot of Shoegaze bands and bedroom pop stuff has been inspiring me. This is hard for me because I intake a lot of music from a pretty wide variety of sources and I feel like everything you come in contact with influences you in some way or another.

Haha, who is Padlock Jones? Get me hip.

DJ Phocus & Padlock Jones are characters by a Trinidadian American boy named OG Nick Marsh.

That’s hard.

Padlock Jones portrays all the negative stereotypes of black Americans in the United States. You know the song DNA?

Yeah, of course.


OG Nick Marsh’s grandfather was a civil rights attorney. He comes from a powerful family.

That’s also sick.

“Self aware” is an important characteristic. Tell your story with 100% honesty.

I think it’s hard to tell your story with 100% honesty. Everyone wants to be perceived as something that they aren’t to some extent. I think it’s hard to boil down your “everything” in a few paragraphs, so I’ll just leave it that I’m a somewhat normal guy who likes to write Rap songs so he doesn’t hate everything. I was born in a small town, and I just stayed in my bedroom making music & playing video games through most of my high school years. Haha.

Bruh. You’re not an attention whore. Haven’t you learned anything from 6ix9ine?

I try not to be, but we’re all rappers; it sort of comes with the social media grind. I can think of plenty of reasons to dislike 6ix9ine, but at the end of the day he’s an entertainer, and he’s just doing what he thinks will work to push his brand. He also probably has label execs in his ear pushing him to do dumb stuff on social media to get clicks. It’s kinda sad actually.


Is that an NGE reference? Haha.

I like using powerful words. Not necessarily “buzz words.”

I feel you on that.

Where are you from?

I’m from South Carolina, in a town sort of near Charleston. I always just tell people “Charleston” because it’s easier, haha.

Carolinians are nice. How “tough” is life?

I have my good days & my bad days. Everybody goes through shit sometimes. I think I’m starting to get the swing of adult life a little bit more. Lately, though. I have an awesome girlfriend, and friends who love & support me through thick & thin, so I can’t really complain.

You seem to have confidence, which is what most young people struggle with. Any “trauma?”

Not really. I feel pretty lucky because I never dealt with anything super heavy like that. Most of my stress comes from pretty average places, I feel like.

Do you believe in luck? Are you religious or spiritual?

I very much do believe in luck, and I was raised Christian; I just think that if there is a higher power that it’s probably too complicated for our tiny human brains to understand, and that religion is just our way of processing it.

You think enough. What’s the best song you’ve ever made?

I don’t know; I’ve made a lot of music, and I love some of it & hate some of it. It’s kind of weird to judge your own music, y’know?

Yeah, a lot of people struggle with choosing favorites. What year did you join EXO?

We formed it in 2013. I was good friends online with Rav & Scuare, and that kinda laid the foundation for it.

The internet truly brings people together. Why is Rav wack?

‘Cause one time when I was at work he stole my pizza out my freezer & ate the shit, but I got him back by eating his Ben & Jerry’s chocolate ice cream when he was in Philly doing a show with Rekcahdam.


I had to do it. Revenge was sweet & chocolatey.

EXO is “retarded.” Y’all are talented though. What programs do you use?

I use FL Studio and Adobe Audition. I actually need to get to bed soon; it’s really late over here.

Yeah, my insomnia is killing me. This was my first real interview. I think it went pretty well. Thank you very much.

Hey, thank you! Appreciate it, my G.

Shoutout to the rest of EXOrdium Music, and once again, thank you to Kill Bill.

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