Interview w/ MC Paul Barman

This interview took place on June 24th. This is the third interview I’ve ever done, and I think it’s the best one I’ve done so far. If you haven’t checked out my review of (((echo chamber))), you’re fuckin’ up. Shoutout to Mello Music Group for putting it out.

Hello, good sir. Would you be interested in doing an interview for Focus Hip Hop?


“Excitement.” How many languages have you tried to learn?

Only a few. Wish I knew them all.

The most helpful thing I learned in the hospital was body language. How did you get a citation in the Oxford English Dictionary.

I was recognized for an accomplishment; pretty straightforward. How do you speak body language?

Emotions. “Acting.” When did you overcome nerves?

Does anyone ever?

It appears that way to many? We’re asking too many deep questions.

Which acting gestures did you have to be taught or relearn?

Believe the message. “I know everything.”

Okay, so these things apply to ALL gestures slash communicaziones. Let’s do a collaborative illustration for this interview.

Good idea. I’ll draw my words. What are the most boring compliments you receive?

I can’t complain about compliments, but I will say this.  My old friend Brian Gibson once said, “People will like you for the wrong reasons. That’s something you’ll have to deal with.” No idea what he meant at the time, but mind blowing soon after.

Understandable. Who’s your favorite writer?

Paul Beatty.

What kind of work does he write?

Novels, poetry, and anthologies. Who’s your favorite writer?

Donald Glover.

He writes at top levels in so many formats. It’s incredible.

He’s who I aspire to be.

Okay, I want to add George Carlin to my list. Prophetic.


And Lao Tzu.

Important names are being said.

None more important than you, DJ Phocus.

I appreciate that. Confidence is lacking by most people my age.

Why and how do you know that’s true?

I’m mentally ill.

You’re not alone in that, but are you generalizing that your generation is too?



Funny. You’re smart.

What did you think of (((Age War)))?

Didn’t experience one. What is it?

It’s on my album!

Scarily accurate.

For what it’s worth, I felt that way as a kid before you were born, so there goes the generation gap.

“Thanksgiving.” Do you philosophize?

You mean philosophize about thanksgiving?

In general, what are the hardest questions to which you search for answers?

1. Can we instill values without religion?
2. How do we get rid of money?
3. Can I be a great dad & a great artist at the same time?
4. How do we prepare for climate collapse?
5. How do I bring people closer to oneness?
6. You got any answers for those?
7. Should I follow up Re-Thankskilling?

1. Doubted by most.
2. Be manipulative.
3. Yes.
4. Study Earth.
5. Role models.
6. Everyone has an “answer.”
7. Depends on inspiration.

Thank you!

Just try your best. Any trauma in your life?

Of course.

Elaborate. Never mind, that’s kind of a rude command. Define “horror.” Personally…

“That’s the girl you gave a wedding ring? Me & my niggas nutted on her everything.”

Jeez, that sounds terrible for everyone involved. I stumbled on an article last night about greater mental health problems generally in younger generations. Hard to believe it’s not all pervasive, but I guess I really don’t know. Anyway, I have to wrap up this interview, DJ Phocus. Thanks for reaching out!!!

Of course. Thank you for your participation.

Yo. I would like to apologize for being resistant to the idea that mental illness is only getting worse. I actually know it is, but wanted to pretend otherwise so I could be less scared for my kids.

Don’t worry, man. I understand.

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