Album Review | KIDS SEE GHOSTS

This album was released on June 8th this year (2018). I’m actually REALLY looking forward to this. The Kids See Ghosts track on Ye was my favorite song on the album, and this project features a sequel to it. I think this shit is about to be dope af. For those of you who are somehow unaware, Kids See Ghosts is the name of a Hip Hop duo consisting of Kanye West & Kid Cudi.

Feel the Love featuring Pusha T produced by Kanye West, Benny Blanco, Plain Pat, E*vax, Justin Vernon, Francis & the Lights, Cashmere Cat & Noah Goldstein
Fire produced by KIDS SEE GHOSTS, BoogzDaBeast, Andre 3000 & E*vax
4th Dimension featuring Louis Prima produced by Kanye West, Noah Goldstein & Mike Dean
Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2) featuring Ty$ produced by KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker, BoogzDaBeast, Andrew Dawson, Andy C & Russell Crews
Reborn produced by Kid Cudi, Dot da Genius, Plain Pat, Benny Blanco & E*vax
Kids See Ghosts featuring Yasiin Bey produced by KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Plain Pat, Andrew Dawson, Justin Vernon & Noah Goldstein
Cudi Montage featuring Mr. Hudson produced by Kid Cudi, Dot da Genius & Mike Dean

The vocals from Kid Cudi on the first song are really great, and the introductory verse from Pusha T is fantastic too. The electronic production is really cool, and I like the way Kanye yells onomatopoeias along with the percussion. It sounded kind of silly to me at first, but once I got past the initial shock of hearing such a bizarre vocalization from Kanye, I started enjoying it. I imagined Kanye as an insane orchestrator in front of a live band. Pusha T did his thing on the verse. It’s a good intro. Fire has a really nice instrumental. It kinda reminded me of Malibu by Anderson .Paak for some reason. The way Kanye’s verse begins is really nice. The song has one of the best beats on the album. Cudi’s verse was really great too. It’s cool to hear him actually rapping. I feel like I haven’t heard him spit an actual verse in a really long time. I didn’t check out that Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ album that he dropped in 2016 though. His singing sounds great over the dusty sounding beat. The slowed down outro of the song is kind of a weird ending, but it’s honestly my favorite part of the song. Louis Prima isn’t actually featured on 4th Dimension. Kanye just sampled an old Christmas song of his. It’s honestly one of the coolest, most interesting beats I’ve heard from Kanye in a long time. His verse was pretty entertaining. The way he ended it was awesome. The way the song is structured isn’t that interesting to me. It’s just two verses laid one after the other. It’s very simplistic. The verses are good though, and I like the beat. Nothing about the song pushes it to the next level though. It’s just a dope song. Not great. The sequel to Ghost Town is the first glimpse of true genius on this album in my opinion. It features my favorite beat on the whole album, and the layered vocals from Kanye & Ty$ sound heavenly. The lyrics about invincibility didn’t really do much for me. I’ve got a lot of mental health issues, but I’ve never felt indestructible. The main appeal of the song for me is the energetic & grandiose sonic atmosphere. It’s dope af. Reborn is a pretty good song. It just lasts way too long in my opinion. The hook gets old pretty quickly, but the way Cudi’s vocals are layered sounds really great. Kanye’s verse was cool, and I loved Cudi’s softer delivery on his verse. The instrumental variation during the outro sounded really good too. It’s a good song. I like the title track, but I wasn’t blown away by it. The more lowkey production was really cool though. I just wasn’t really crazy about the hook from Yasiin Bey. His little bridge towards the end was cool though. Kanye’s verse was great. His more energetic delivery provides a nice contrast to the quiet production. Cudi did his thing too. Cudi Montage is dope af. I love the Kurt Cobain sample, and the layered vocals from Mr. Hudson & Kid Cudi on the hook sound phenomenal. The song also features one of Kanye’s best verses in a while. It’s a really powerful track. I don’t have any problems with it.

This album is great. I wasn’t as amazed as I wanted to be by the entire project as a whole, but there are moments on this project that are undoubtedly brilliant. It features some of Kanye’s most creative production to date, and Kid Cudi hasn’t sounded this good in years. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Cudi Montage
Least Favorite Song: Reborn


Watch the video below for more thoughts on this album



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