Album Review | Jarren Benton – Yuck Fou

This album was released on July 27th this year (2018). I checked out his Mink Coat Killa LP a few months ago thanks to a Patreon request, and I was surprisingly blown away. I wasn’t expecting to love that project as much as I do, especially considering how spotty his debut album was. I’ve heard one single from this project, and I enjoyed it, so I’m hoping this album will be on par with MCKLP. It’s just over half an hour, so it’s a good length. I’m pretty sure the entire album is produced by Kato.

Yuck Fou Skit
Collide featuring Evans Desir
Money Bag featuring Jay Park
Godzilla featuring B.o.B & Oba Rowland
Don’t Need You featuring Hopsin
The Shooter featuring Whatever We Are
Out the Mud
How I Feel featuring Ralph Weah
Just Like You

The opening skit was hilariously stupid. I love it. I mean, I’d never listen to it ever again, but it was so fucking bad in the best way possible. Basically, Jarren Benton goes to the doctor because his middle finger is sticking out and he can’t put it down. The doctor gets offended and kicks Jarren out of his office. Did Jarren come up with that skit? It’s one of the dumbest skits I’ve ever heard. It’s gotta be up there with some of Tech N9ne’s painfully dumb skits. Anyway, the first actual song has some really great production. I didn’t see a lot of promotion for this project, so I didn’t really expect it to sound as polished as it does for whatever reason. I don’t know why I assumed it had a lower budget just because I didn’t see much promotion. The hook from Evans Desir was pretty decent, and the verses from Jarren were cool. It’s a good song, but it’s not the best thing I’ve ever heard from Jarren. Same goes for the following track, Money Bag. I like the bouncy beat from Kato, and the feature from Jay Park was pretty good. The repetitive hook works. I like the song. It’s not that great. It’s cool though. I fuck with it. The hook on Godzilla is literally just Oba Rowland repeating the word “bitch.” It’s super lazy, but it kinda works. I like the beat a lot, and Jarren killed the first verse. B.o.B’s verse was pretty solid. Obviously the song isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. I enjoyed it, but I definitely see its flaws. It’s cool though.

The music video for Don’t Need You is kinda funny. The verse from Hopsin wasn’t that bad. The beat from Kato is pretty average. Jarren killed it. It’s another good song. I like all the music on this album so far, but none of it makes it to the next level of dopeness. It’s just good. Not great. I think each song has been a slight improvement over the last though, so that’s good. The Shooter easily has the best beat on the album up to this point on the project. The dark subject matter about school shootings is really cool too. It’s a well done song. The hook kinda sucks, but other than that it’s a really entertaining song. Chewbacca is pretty generic. Jarren rapped really well on it though. The beat is more of what we’ve all come to expect from Kato at this point. It’s an average Trap instrumental. I kinda like the song, but it’s really just more of the same. It’s underwhelming. It’s good though. I mean, it’s well done. It’s far from bad. It just won’t blow anyone away. The beat on Out the Mud is good. I don’t really know what to say about it. Again, it’s more of the same. I like it, but it’s not doing anything new or groundbreaking. The hook’s decent. I enjoyed it I guess. However, if Jesus Christ came back down to Earth and for whatever reason forbid me from listening to it ever again, I wouldn’t be that upset. It’s cool though. The same could be said about the following song, How I Feel. The only difference is a sung hook from Ralph Weah. It’s not that great. It’s cool though. I guess. I liked Ralph’s verse. Just Like You is pretty good. I think it’s an attempt at humanization. Throughout the entire track he’s rapping about how he’s “just like you.” I like how the production got a little heavier during the outro. It’s the shortest song on the album. It’s dope.

This is a pretty good album. It’s not great though. I think “solid” is the most appropriate label. At no point on this project was I blown away. Jarren’s rapping is still really good, but I’m pretty tired of Kato’s production to be honest. I feel like all of his beats have kind of a similar sound. It honestly sounds like more of a mixtape than an album. There weren’t any songs that I disliked, but there also weren’t really any moments where I was truly captivated. It’s an enjoyable project for what it’s worth though. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: The Shooter
Least Favorite Song: Chewbacca




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