Album Review | Aminé – ONEPOINTFIVE

This album was released on August 15th this year. It’s the follow up to Aminé’s 2017 album, Good For You. I didn’t get a chance to check that album out, but I heard pretty good things about it. In the promotional video, he referred to this album as an EPLPMIXTAPEALBUM. I guess this isn’t supposed to be looked at as “album #2” hence the title. From what I’ve heard the dude is a pretty solid artist, so I’m expecting this to be dope.

1. Dr. Whoever produced by Aminé, Pasqué & Charlie Brown

Wait a minute… Charlie Brown produced this? As in the Charlie Brown from Leaders of the New School? There’s no way it’s the same guy. Although that’d be pretty fuckin’ cool. The song starts off with a YouTuber from my home state of North Carolina named Rickey Thompson asking how Aminé can be sad on his birthday. The production is pretty light. The first verse is very emotional. Aminé’s goin’ in about his suicidality & family issues. There’s barely any percussion on this track so far. There’s just a light hi-hat loop. It drops after the first recital of the hook. The second verse is less introspective. The percussion disappears for the final verse. This is actually a really good way to start the album. I don’t have any gripes with it. I think this track is dope af.

2. HICCUP featuring Gunna produced by Tee-Watt, Tedd Boyd & Aminé

I really like the light, airy, Trap influenced beat on this track. I don’t really like the hook that much though. This is a pretty generic Trap song. If you like trendy music you’ll enjoy this. Gunna’s verse is terrible. Aminé didn’t really impress me either. Man… This is a big step down from the previous track. I don’t like this shit at all. This shit is wack to me. The production was the only aspect of the song I could get behind. I’m not feelin’ it.

3. REEL IT IN produced by Tee-Watt & LDG Beats

This beat is really dope. It sounds like it incorporates a harp. I’m definitely enjoying this track more than the previous one. It’s not really that dense. It’s a pretty fun, accessible Hip Hop song. Kinda like a well done Drake song. He’s the first person I thought of when I listened to this. The only difference is Aminé actually seems like he’s putting effort into this song. It’s a pretty okay track. I don’t think I’ll be returning to it, but it was cool.

4. BLACKJACK produced by Pasqué, Davon Jamison & Aminé

This is a pretty good song. It has a standard structure. This sounds like something I’d hear on an Injury Reserve project. I like his flow on the two verses, and the hook isn’t bad. The content is pretty generic. It’s a braggadocios Rap song. He doesn’t really say anything that out of the ordinary. I think he delivered his lines in an entertaining manner though. The production was simplistic, but enjoyable. I don’t think this is bad at all. It’s actually pretty good. I fuck with this track. It’s dope.

5. WHY? produced by Tee-Watt & Pasqué

This beat is really dope, but I’m not feelin’ the hook. It’s not bad enough to ruin the song though. His flow on the first verse is cool. Again, nothing he’s saying is really that ear-catching, but he delivers his lines well. This is a solid seven out of ten song. I think it’s far from perfect, but it’s still good enough for me to wanna hear it more than once. He’s just rapping about being successful. Good for him I guess. I don’t really care, but this song is pretty listenable. I fuck with it. It’s dope.

6. SHINE produced by Pasqué

I feel the same way about this track that I did about the previous one. It sounds like more trendy mainstream Hip Hop. It’s not bad at all though. The hook is kinda catchy. Pasqué is a pretty good producer. None of the beats on this project have blown me away, but they’re solid. The verses are pretty decent too. This is an enjoyable enough track. It’s far from great, but pretty good. This is dope to me.

7. CHINGY produced by Ckwnce & Tee-Watt

This production isn’t bad. It’s an average Trap beat. The hook is basic as hell. His flow on the first verse is really great. The second verse was less impressive, but it wasn’t really bad. This is a cool track on the first listen, but I don’t know if I’d ever come back to this. It’s one of those songs that I wouldn’t be in a rush to turn off if it came on the radio, but I won’t be going out of my way to hear this shit again. It’s decent though.

8. DAPPERDAN featuring G Herbo produced by Pasqué & LDG Beats

This beat is kinda cool. The hook from Aminé is decent. I’m not sure how I’m gonna feel about this one. I used to like Lil Herb, but I haven’t really enjoyed him as G Herbo. I never checked out that Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe project though. The first verse from Aminé is nothing special. Jesus fucking Christ. G Herbo’s verse is terrible. It’s like he never learned how to flow over a beat properly. He didn’t used to rap like that. His flow has really deteriorated over the years. He ruined this track for me. I’m not feelin’ this song. None of the verses impressed me. The feature was terrible. The beat gets really old after a while. This shit is wack to me.

9. CANTU produced by Aminé & Pasqué

This track is actually pretty interesting. He’s rapping about his hair. I like the hook, and the beat isn’t bad. The first verse is cool. He went in about some white girl tryna touch his hair. The second verse wasn’t bad. This is another good song that’s far from greatness in my opinion. It’s not doing anything original or out of the ordinary. It’s very normal. It’s not bad though. I actually like it. This is dope to me.

10. SUGARPARENTS featuring Rico Nasty produced by Aminé & Pasqué

This beat is really cool, and I like the hook too. Aminé’s flow on the first verse is nice. This is the only track on the entire project that has a good feature. I’m not super familiar with Rico Nasty, but she had a really good verse on this track. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable songs on the album. I don’t really have any gripes with it. I’m glad they kept it short and sweet. It’s exactly two minutes long. A lot of the songs on this project are around that length though. This shit is dope though. I fuck with this.

11. STFU2 produced by Aminé & Pasqué

This is a sequel to a song from Good For You, which I never listened to. The bass-heavy production is kinda cool. There’s only one verse, which is pretty decent. The hook’s nothing special. This song is kind of underwhelming. It’s only about a minute and forty five seconds long. It doesn’t feel like a complete waste of time. It’s kind of enjoyable. I just don’t think it’s good enough to warrant any repeat listens. It’s decent though.

12. RATCHET SATURN GIRL produced by Aminé & Pasqué

This is a song in which Aminé professes his love for ratchet hoes. The beat’s cool, and I like the hook. The first verse isn’t bad. The beat switches up about halfway through the song, and he starts singing. It actually sounds really fuckin’ good. This is definitely the best song so far honestly. It just has a lot of different sounds. It’s the most creative in terms of production. This shit is dope af.

13. TOGETHER produced by Pasqué

He’s singing on this song instead of rapping. The production is softer than a lot of the other tracks on this album. I like the sample they flipped for the hook a lot. I just listened to the entire song. I feel like this is a good track, but I won’t be returning to it. It just lacks… I don’t know. It just feels like something’s missing. It could’ve used a bit more flavor. It’s an okay song. Definitely above average. I kinda like it. Not that much though.

This is an okay album. It kinda sounds like a BROCKHAMPTON project, except the production is less creative, and it’s not gay as hell. There weren’t really any moments where I was truly blown away. It’s a solid listen though. It didn’t feel like a waste of time because I got a decent handful of songs that I liked. I kinda get why he wouldn’t market this as his second album though. It’s not that good. It’s okay though. It’s definitely not bad. It’s solid.

Least Favorite Song: HICCUP




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