Mixtape Review | T-Pain – Everything Must Go, Vol. 1

This mixtape was released on August 17th this year. The last project I heard from T-Pain was that T-Wayne collaboration with Lil Wayne. This project right here is basically a compilation of more old unreleased shit T-Pain had catching virtual dust on his computer. I don’t think this is gonna be that great, but I’m sure there’ll be a decent handful of songs I fuck with. I unfortunately don’t have the production credits for this project, so you’ll have to forgive me for that.

1. Like Bam

This is actually a pretty catchy opener. The introductory vocals were cool, and I liked the way he was rapping on the first verse, even though the content isn’t really that original. He’s just saying basic rapper stuff. He said somethin’ about “shootin’ loads” all over my girl’s bellybutton. I like the light production a lot. This is a really catchy song. He killed that second verse. This is a really great song. It’s dope af.

2. Miami featuring Ace Hood

This song is more R&B-ish. I like the hook. The first verse from T-Pain is fine. I’m not crazy about the sexual content, but it didn’t really bother me that much. The verse from Ace Hood isn’t gonna stop anyone in their tracks, but it was sufficient. This is another pretty catchy song. It’s not as entertaining as the previous track, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like this. It’s dope.

3. Rest of Your Life

This is definitely the weakest song so far. The production is nice, but I’m not really feelin’ the slow melody of the hook. This song features less rapping than the previous two songs. In fact, it features ZERO rapping. It’s just an average R&B song. He’s welcoming listeners to the rest of their lives, which I find kinda dumb. It’s kinda like saying, “congratulations! Your life is your life! You’re still going!” This shit isn’t for me, but I don’t think it’s that bad. I just wouldn’t call it good.

4. Airplane

This is another R&B song. I’m not really impressed by the first verse. The hook is nice though. Other than that this is a pretty boring song. I really don’t have anything to say about it to be honest. I think I’d rather listen to this track than the previous one, but I still won’t be coming back to it. It’s just kind of uninteresting. Nothing about it really stands out in a positive way. It’s not even bad though. It’s just average as hell. It’s an okay song.

5. Dance All Night

I’m not really crazy about this beat. Uuugh… Yeah, this definitely isn’t for me. It’s another poppy R&B track. That probably could’ve been predicted from the title alone. I don’t really care to hear T-Pain singing about how he wants to see a girl dance all night. It’s not really a bad song. It’s just not my kinda music. The way the song kinda switched up for the final quarter was a good way to switch things up. This is another decent song. It’s not for me personally, but I think it’s a well done track. It’s okay.

6. Do It

This beat is decent. Okay, this is yet another song that I think is just okay. It’s only about a minute and a half long, so he doesn’t really give you a chance to get bored. The production’s not bad, and T-Pain’s singing sounds good over it. I kind of enjoyed this one the first listen. It just lacks replay value, much like the previous few songs. I don’t think it’s bad at all though. I kinda fuck with it. Not really though. It’s another okay song.

7. See What’s Happening

This production’s kinda cool. I don’t really like the way T-Pain’s singing over it though. I’m not feelin’ the pattern of percussion either. It’s just a repeating hi-hat with an occasional snare hit and some bass. I like the way T-Pain switches to a lower register for the hook, but this is still probably one of my least favorite songs on the mixtape so far. I wouldn’t call it bad, but it’s worse than the past few songs. I guess “mediocre” is the proper label. It’s not good.

8. Hallelujah

This is an upbeat song. I could see Chance the Rapper on this track. It reminds me of Finish Line. I like the hook a lot. The content is pretty standard, but I think he’s doing a decent job with it. It’s a song about a girl that he really likes.

Ooh girl, you make me say “hallelujah”

It’s a really lighthearted song. I actually like this track a lot. There’s not really anything I dislike about it. This shit is dope to me.

9. She Wanna Go

Ehhhh… This isn’t a bad song. I’m not feelin’ it though. It’s a slow paced R&B track about sex. Y’all know I rarely like songs about this topic. I don’t think T-Pain necessarily does it worse than any other artist, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna enjoy it any more than I normally would. Honestly, even if this wasn’t about sex I probably wouldn’t enjoy it that much because it really doesn’t stand out that much sonically. It’s just another average R&B song. It’s not for me. I think it’s mediocre.

10. Time Nor Place

This beat is cool. I really like the incorporation of the piano. I don’t really care for the Caribbean-influenced rhythm, but it’s not that bad. I can’t decide whether or not I like this song. I honestly really enjoyed it sonically, but I don’t know if I see myself returning to it. It’s a really cool song though. If you don’t feel like sitting through this entire mixtape I think this is a standout track worth checking out. I won’t be coming back to it personally, but it’s definitely not bad. It’s an okay track.

11. Sittin’ Around

This song isn’t for me, but I found the lyrics pretty entertaining. He sings about how he shows up to a party and sees everyone just sitting around on their iPhones. I liked that line where he said he might enter the room with his dick out. That was a really poetic, eloquently written line. He also says that by 11:30 everyone should be having sex. This is why I usually steer clear of parties lmao. Anyway, this is a super average song to me. I won’t be listening to this shit again. It’s not bad though. It’s just not very good to me. It’s okay.

12. That’s Me featuring Joey Bada$$ & Joe Budden

This song stands out from the tracklist for obvious reasons. The production is really fuckin’ cool. The hook from T-Pain is cool. The verse from Joey Bada$$ was great. Joe Budden killed it too. T-Pain doesn’t have a verse. If he came through rapping with no autotune that probably would’ve been the cherry on top honestly. It’s still a really great track as it is though. This shit is dope af to me.

13. Two Weeks Notice

This beat sounds poppy, but more Michael Jackson than Ariana Grande. In other words, it’s poppy in a way that I actually like. The hook is pretty catchy. This is a celebratory song about T-Pain quitting his job. I kind of enjoyed this song, but I don’t think I’d come back to it. Maybe if he chopped the final minute off it’d have more replay value. I just think it’s a bit too long. It’s far from bad though. It’s kinda dope. Just not dope enough for me to listen to it again in the future.

This is an okay mixtape. I’d say it’s a success considering the fact that these are literally all just leftovers that he had sitting on a hard drive. None of these songs are gonna blow anyone away, but I think this project is worth skimming because there’s a decent portion of entertaining material here. I’m really surprised T-Pain isn’t still one of the biggest artists out right now because he’s a super talented dude. Anyone who tries to discredit him just because of his use of autotune will look foolish because he uses it really well, and he’s good at making music without it too. I won’t say you’re really missing out on that much if you decide to skip this project, but I definitely don’t think you’d regret giving it a shot. It’s a solid listen.

Favorite Song: Like Bam
Least Favorite Song: She Wanna Go




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