Album Review | Atmosphere – Mi Vida Local

This album was released on October 5th this year. I kinda don’t know if I’m gonna like this project. I liked their previous album, but I wasn’t really impressed by either of the singles for this one. There are a few intriguing features on this project though. I don’t think this is gonna be a bad album, but I also don’t think I’m gonna love it. As always, I’m gonna try to keep an open mind. Every song is produced by Ant.

1. Jerome

This was the second single released from this album. I don’t really like it that much. I think it’s a decent way to start the album, but the production is just really underwhelming to me. The verses from Slug are fine, although he didn’t really say anything that stood out to me. I still miss Slug’s old style of rapping. I’ll always prefer the aggressive style he had on the first handful of Atmosphere albums. I feel like this is a decent song, but nothing about it really stands out. It’s an okay track, but I personally didn’t really enjoy it very much.

2. Stopwatch

The production on this track is decent. It’s a bit more enjoyable than that of the previous song to me. I just listened to this whole song. Once again, I’m not really entertained. I think it’s better than Jerome. There are aspects of it that I like. Slug’s flow seemed slightly more interesting on this one, and I liked the scratches towards the end of the song. The hook was decent too. Neither of the verses really impressed me that much, but they weren’t bad. This is just another average song that I’ll never have the desire to listen to again. It’s decent.

3. Virgo

This was the first single from this album. It’s yet another average song. The structure is really simplistic. There are just two verses. There’s no hook or bridge or anything like that. The first verse from Slug is decent. The somber, acoustic guitar driven production isn’t really that good to me. The second verse did absolutely nothing for me. This is just a really boring song to me. Nothing about this track stands out as being good in any way. It’s a really painfully average song. I’m never gonna listen to this again.

4. Delicate

The beat on this track is actually pretty goddamn good. The first verse on this song is decent. The hook’s alright. I like the instrumental outro. I’m not sure what instrument that is, but it sounds pretty good. There’s only one verse on this song. This is the first track on the album that I can maybe see myself coming back to. I wasn’t really that impressed by Slug’s contributions to the song. I really only fuck with this track due to the production. It’s a nice song sonically. This song is far from great in my opinion, but I think it’s good enough. I fuck with this track.

5. Drown featuring Cashinova, The Lioness & deM atlaS

I’m not familiar with any of the features on this song other than deM atlaS, so this should be an interesting listen. The beat on this song is actually really fuckin’ dope. It’s better than that of the previous track. The first verse from Slug is decent. The Lioness had a much more aggressive flow though. She did a pretty good job. The sung hook from deM atlaS is fantastic. He did his thing on the final verse too. I’m not really sure what Cashinova contributed to this song. Maybe he helped with the production? I don’t know. This is definitely the best song on the album so far. I’m mostly impressed by the features though. Slug didn’t really do much for me on this track. It’s still a good song overall though. I fuck with it.

6. Anymore

The beat on this track is pretty solid. The first verse from Slug is decent. The sung hook is alright I guess. The melody just isn’t that catchy to me. The second verse from Slug is actually kinda good. His flow was a bit more aggressive than usual. The song as a whole is pretty underwhelming to me though. Just like with the first handful of songs, I can’t really say I enjoyed this. It’s not particularly bad, but nothing about it really grabs my attention in a good way. It’s a decent song though.

7. Earring featuring Sab the Artist

This song has another tolerable beat. The first verse from Slug is okay I guess. The hook’s fine. Musab’s verse was somehow even less impressive than Slug’s. This is a really boring song. Absolutely nothing about it stands out in any positive way. The verses are dull, and the production is bland. This is a super underwhelming song. It’s definitely my least favorite song so far. I still don’t think I’d use the word “bad” to describe it, but I just didn’t really enjoy it at all. Not even a little bit. This is mediocre to me.

8. Trim

This track has a really great beat. The content of this song is kind of disturbing to me though. Slug’s rapping about sex with his wife. It doesn’t sound that bad on paper, but he mentions the fact that they have three kids pretty early on in the song, so throughout the entire track I’m picturing two middle aged people having sex. I really don’t like thinking about old people having sex, so this track made me a little uncomfortable. I definitely enjoyed it more than a lot of the other songs on this album though. I could actually see myself coming back to this. The opening lines of the second verse made me laugh. This is a dope track.

9. Specificity

The beat on this track is decent. This entire song is just one verse. It’s more averageness. I really have absolutely nothing to say about this track. It’s another uninteresting song that I’ll never listen to ever again. It’s the shortest song on the album. It’s barely 2 minutes long. I can’t say I enjoyed this at all. Once again, it’s not necessarily bad. I just wouldn’t call it good. It’s average as hell.

10. Mijo

This song has another average beat. I just listened to this whole song. It’s another super underwhelming track. Absolutely nothing about this song stands out to me. Slug’s rapping about his family. The two verses didn’t interest me at all, and the production was boring. This is yet another song that I’ll most likely never hear again. As I said with the previous track, it’s not even bad. It just isn’t really good. It’s a really bland song. I won’t be returning to this.

11. Randy Mosh performed by The Dynospectrum

For those of you who don’t know, The Dynospectrum is a supergroup consisting of Slug, I Self Devine, Sab the Artist & Mr. Gene Poole. I still have to check out their self titled album at some point. The first song on this album from I Self Devine is actually really fuckin’ awesome. He rapped his ass off. The beat is decent. It’s more interesting than that of the past few tracks, but it’s still not that great. The second verse from Slug was pretty good. Gene Poole had a really great verse too. Sab the Artist had my least favorite verse, but it wasn’t bad. It was just kind of underwhelming compared to the other ones. This is a really dope track. The vocals on the hook are kinda weird, but they aren’t bad. This is probably my favorite song on the album. It was great to hear from these guys again. This track is dope.

12. Graffiti

I just listened to this entire track. It didn’t do anything for me. The production, hook, and verses were all underwhelming to me. The only aspect of this track I enjoyed even a little bit was the scratching at the end. The second beat that came on during the final few seconds of the track was better than the one Slug rapped over, but it still wasn’t that impressive to me. This is another average song that I’ll never listen to again. It’s decent though. I guess.

This album is okay I guess. I don’t think there are actually any bad songs on it. It’s just that most of the verses have underwhelming flows, and a lot of the beats are really lackluster. To me, I Self Devine had the best verse on the whole album. A lot of the songs on this record are just super dull to me. I really miss Slug’s older style of rapping. After You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having his rapping just got kind of boring to me. I don’t think this is a bad album. It’s just not really that good to me. There are a few songs I enjoyed, but for the most part this was a bland listen. It’s an okay album though.

Favorite Song: Randy Mosh
Least Favorite Song: Earring




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