Album Review | milo – budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies

This album was released on September 21st this year. I’ve been aware of milo’s existence ever since he dropped So the Flies Don’t Come back in 2015. However, for whatever reason, I haven’t actually checked out any of his music, so this’ll be my introduction to him as an artist. I have no expectations. I don’t know what this is gonna sound like at all. Hopefully I enjoy it though.


1. Mythbuilding Exercise No.9 produced by Kenny Segal
2. Tiptoe produced by Ol Burger Beats
3. Nominy produced by milo
4. Pure Scientific Intelligence (Quantum) performed by Nostrum Grocers produced by milo
5. Failing the Stress Test (iguessillbeheadingthen) produced by Mt. Marcy
6. Mid Answer Trying To Remember What the Question Is produced by Randal Bravery
7. Lowcoup produced by milo
8. Aubergine Cloak produced by Mt. Marcy
9. Galahad in Goosedown (Fiat Iustitia Et Pereat Mundus) produced by milo & Steel Tipped Dove
10. Deposition Regarding the Green Horse For Rap produced by Kenny Segal
11. Romulan Ale produced by milo
12. Thinking While Eating a Handful of Almonds performed by Nostrum Grocers produced by Kenny Segal
13. Stet produced by The Jefferson Park Boys
14. The Esteemed Saboteur Reggie Baylor Hosts an Evening at the Scallops Hotel
15. Sanssouci Palace (4 Years Later) produced by Q the Sun

I really love the piano driven beat on the first track. milo’s got an off-kilter, Spoken Wordish flow. There are a lot of unique references throughout the song. Honestly, I think Mythbuilding Exercise No.9 is a phenomenal song. I love the production, and the way milo raps is really fun to listen to.

My style like if Langston didn’t edit

The song’s dope af. I love it. The beat on Tiptoe is awesome too. The lyrics are super complicated though. I’m not gonna pretend to have any idea what the fuck he’s talking about. I’m completely lost to be honest. It’s as difficult as deciphering an Aesop Rock song. I’m still enjoying it though. I like his flow & delivery, and the hook is cool too. It’s a really smooth track. I pretty much feel the same way about the following track. Nominy has a slightly more uptempo & energetic beat. I like the way the song is structured. There’s just one verse. milo’s bars make me feel stupid though. I have no idea what any of these lyrics mean.

Pass on the ostentatious displays of wealth
Ran her palms along the green felt
Y’all was using binoculars wearing LL Bean belts

Nigga, what the fuck? It’s like listening to old English. I have no idea what this guy’s trying to say. As a song I was still entertained though. I liked the way he was flowing over the beat. I’d just be able to enjoy it more if I understood the lyrics. It’s still dope though. I feel the same way about the following track. I like the beat a lot. I was completely lost during milo’s verse. Honestly, Elucid’s verse wasn’t that much easier to understand. Are the lyrics really that complicated, or am I just an idiot? I like the song, but once again, I have no idea what’s going on. It’s a cool track though. I guess. I don’t know. I don’t like how dumb this record is making me feel. This definitely isn’t an accessible Hip Hop album. Failing the Stress Test is just as good as the previous few tracks. I don’t know if I’d come back to it though. I like milo’s flow, and the beat’s decent. It just doesn’t stand out much. It’s definitely my least favorite track so far, but it’s not bad at all. Mid Answer Trying to Remember What the Question Is is the next track. It’s the second song on the album in which the word “futanari” is used. Do y’all know what futanari is? According to Genius, it’s… Well… I don’t even wanna say it. It’s super disturbing. Is it problematic for me to say it’s disturbing? Am I gonna be called transphobic for saying futanari is weird? Are people really gonna get up my ass about that shit? I hope not… I don’t care what y’all say; futanari is fucking weird. Anyway, the production’s pretty jazzy & milo’s flow is dope. Once again, the lyrics are too complicated for my feeble mind to decipher. I enjoyed the song though. Lowcoup is one of the better songs on the album so far in my opinion. It’s really short. I like the slightly dark production, and the way milo’s rapping on it is super weird. The song’s just over a minute long. It’s just one verse. I don’t know how to explain why the verse is so weird to me. It just sounds like milo’s rambling. It’s like he’s talking really fast over a beat. It’s a cool song. It’s weird as hell, but I like it. I like the smooth production on Aubergine Cloak as well. As a whole, I feel pretty much the same way about this track that I feel about most of the other songs. It’s kinda cool, but the lyrics are just so complicated. It’s like listening to another language.

Fitted like a white supremacist, grand daddy hunted
Slave man boots in the land of dandy lovers, candy crushers
Make a gutter snipe mutter twice
Got a scimitar that’ll turn your chopper butter knife

Some of the lines sound pretty cool, and the way he delivers them sounds good. It’s just hard to get into when I have no idea what anything he says means. I can’t really get into the lyrics, but I can still enjoy the production, flow and song structure.

The jazzy production on Galahad in Goosedown is pretty nice. The first verse is cool I guess. It’s not like every line is completely over my head. There are a few bars here and there that I like.

They yelling, “Bro, you inspire me”
Like I ain’t the nigga who said “Oh well” to life’s entirety

Once again, I like the song, but the confusing lyrics keep it from being super enjoyable. It’s good though. I just wouldn’t call it “great.” I like the hook on Deposition Regarding the Green Horse For Rap a lot. The way the production switches up throughout the song is really cool. It has one of the best beats on the album so far. It’s a good track. I’m not crazy about the bell driven production on Romulan Ale. The song’s only about a minute and a half long. I don’t think I’m gonna come back to it. It’s not a bad song, but it doesn’t have any replay value for me personally. It’s just one verse over an underwhelming beat. Thinking While Eating a Handful of Almonds is more of the same. It’s a bunch of complicated lyrics over a jazzy instrumental. This record is really harmful to my self esteem. I feel dumb. The final verse from Elucid was just as confusing to me as milo’s verses. It’s kind of a cool song, but I don’t know if I see myself coming back to it. It’s an alright track I guess.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll go back to Stet either. It’s not a bad song at all, but I’m just starting to grow weary of milo’s style. Pretty much every song on this album follows the same formula. Stet is yet another complicated verse over a jazzy instrumental. The Esteemed Saboteur is just a repetitive instrumental with a sample of some guy giving a presentation layered over it. I’m never gonna listen to it again. I could actually see myself coming back to the final track just because I really like milo’s flow, and the piano driven beat is really dope too. It’s a good track. It’s not one of my favorites on the album, but I fuck with it.

This is a solid album. I definitely enjoyed it to an extent, but if you didn’t just skip to these final thoughts then you know that it was kind of hard for me to enjoy. The complex lyrics are hard to decipher. It kinda sounded like word vomit to be honest. It felt like a bunch of random words thrown together. I saw one comment saying that milo has his head up his ass. I definitely see how his rapping can come off as pretentious. It made me wish I was smarter. I could really only enjoy it sonically since the lyrics were too complicated for me. The production is really jazzy, and it gets kind of old after a while. I definitely started getting bored towards the end of the album. It’s an interesting listen though. I don’t think I’m gonna keep checking for milo’s music in the future just because it’s really hard to understand. I enjoyed this though. It’s kinda good. It’s definitely not an accessible album though. It’s not for everyone. However, I can appreciate the flows and production. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Mythbuilding Exercise No.9
Least Favorite Song: Failing the Stress Test


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