EP Review | Ubiquitous – Under Bad Influence

This EP was released on October 19th this year. Ubiquitous is one half of the Strange Music duo CES Cru. I’ve never listened to any of their projects, but I was always impressed whenever I heard features from Ubiquitous on Tech N9ne songs. I think I’m gonna enjoy this project. It’s only four tracks, so I thankfully won’t have to suffer long if it ends up being trash. I think all the songs are produced by Seven, but I’m not completely sure.

1. Read ‘Em & Weep

This beat sounds like it has a slight Electronic influence. Ubi’s rapping his ass off on this track. I love his aggressive flow. The first verse was cool. The hook’s pretty solid. During the second verse he alliterates with the letter P, and it’s awesome. The third verse was pretty dope too. I don’t really have any problems with this track. Ubiquitous is a really skilled rapper. This shit is dope.

2. What If?

The beat on this song is a little jazzier than that of the previous track. Ubiquitous rhymed his fuckin’ ass off on that first verse. He killed it. I like the scratches on the hook. This is definitely a better song than the previous track. The second verse was great. The final verse was cool too. This is a good song. Like I said, it’s better than the first song. I don’t really have any problems with this track. I think it’s really dope.

3. The Quill featuring The Palmer Squares

I’m not familiar with these Palmer Squares guys. Apparently they’re a Hip Hop duo consisting of Acumental & Terminal Knowledge. I’ve never heard of them. Anyway, the beat on this track is pretty dope. Ubiquitous murdered the first verse. Acumental did a really good job with the second verse, and Terminal Knowledge did his thing on the final verse too. This song has a really simplistic structure; it’s just three verses, one after another. I really love it though. This is definitely my favorite song on the project so far. They all killed this shit. This is dope af.

4. The Good Guy

This beat is pretty chill. It sounds like something Dizzy Wright would rap over. It’s not bad. The hook is nothing special. Ubi’s flow on this first verse is smoother than fuck though. The second verse was really smooth too. I just listened to the whole track. I don’t really have anything to say about it. It’s just a good, lighthearted song. The structure is pretty straightforward. I wasn’t crazy about the simplistic hook, but it’s not really bad. I have no problems with this song. This shit is dope.

This EP is great. It’s honestly a lot better than I was expecting it to be for some reason. There’s not a single song on here that I didn’t like. I guess there’s not really any room for error, so it’s a good thing all the songs are dope. This pretty much just solidifies Ubiquitous as one of the better rappers signed to Strange Music in my opinion. He’s rapping his ass off all over this project. There’s not a single wack verse on this EP. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: The Quill
Least Favorite Song: The Good Guy




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