EP Review | Taylor Bennett – Be Yourself

This EP was released on July 13th in 2018. This is my first time listening to a project form Taylor Bennett. I meant to check out that Restoration of an American Idol project he dropped in 2017, but I just never got around to it. I’m just gonna be honest… The cover of this EP is really bad. This motherfucker is sitting on a stool in rainbow briefs. I don’t mean to come off as homophobic, but that cover makes me really uncomfortable. I fuck with gay niggas too. That’s the gayest cover I’ve ever seen for a Hip Hop project. Anyway, I guess this project is gonna be a bunch of pro-LGBT songs. For those of you who don’t know, he came out as bisexual early last year. Like I said, I’ve never checked out any of his other music, so I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about this. I definitely don’t think it’ll be wack though. Also, if you don’t know who he is, he’s Chance the Rapper’s little brother. I don’t have the production credits for every single track, so you’ll have to forgive me for that.

1. Be Yourself featuring Bianca Shaw produced by STIX

This song has a super friendly, slightly poppy, ultra soft, elementary school playground sounding beat. It works though. I don’t think it’s bad at all. Taylor rapped his ass off. That verse was long as hell, but his flow was great. It was a pretty personal verse. He talked a little bit about his childhood. This is a really soft song sonically. I enjoyed it though. I really liked the personal verse from Taylor, and the singing on the outro from Bianca Shaw sounded pretty good. I’m not blown away by this song, but I definitely enjoyed it to a certain extent. It’s dope to me.

2. Rock ‘n’ Roll featuring Zxxk produced by CEOBEATZ

I’m not really feelin’ the vocals from Taylor Bennett on this hook. His voice just sounds a bit too squeaky to me. His verse was decent. I really liked his flow. None of the lyrics really stood out though. I really liked the way Zxxk’s vocals sounded on the second verse. He probably should’ve done the hook to be honest. The song is okay I guess. There are definitely aspects of it that I enjoyed. Like I said, Taylor’s flow on his verse was pretty dope, and Zxxk sounded pretty good. I just wasn’t really feelin’ the hook, and the production wasn’t that great to me. It’s a decent song though. It’s not really bad. I just won’t be coming back to it. It’s okay.

3. Hype Me Up featuring Supa Bwe

The beat on this song is pretty dope. It sounds kind of familiar like something I’ve already heard before, but it’s still good. The hook on this track is definitely a step up from that of the previous one. Taylor’s flow on his verse was really great. The dude has a really good cadence. I wasn’t crazy about the verse from Supa Bwe, but it wasn’t really bad. He didn’t really rap. He was singing the whole time. He kinda reminded me of that Juice WRLD guy, except less terrible. I enjoyed this track. I think it’s dope.

4. Better Than You Ever Been featuring Young Thug produced by naz.

This track has a decent beat. The hook is nothing special. This is a track about a girl who’s really good looking. The first verse from Taylor was okay. This isn’t a bad song, but I’m not really enjoying it that much. It’s just not that good to me. Nothing about it really stands out in a good way. It’s not bad at all though. The Young Thug verse did nothing for me. This song is kind of underwhelming. I think it’s fine though. It’s probably my least favorite track on the project so far, but it’s tolerable. I just won’t be listening to it again.

5. Everything I Can’t Handle produced by naz.

This song has the best beat on the project so far. I just listened to the entire song. I like it. I don’t really have anything to say about it though. The entire track is just one long verse. It’s good. That’s pretty much all I can say. The production was dope, and the verse was enjoyable. There’s not really anything I dislike about this one. It’s dope.

6. Know Yourself produced by Star Ro

This track has a pretty good beat. This song has a pretty similar structure to the previous one. He’s rapping pretty much the whole time. His flow is really dope. This is definitely the best song on the project. There are a couple moments where he sings a few lines that don’t really sound very good, but it’s not bad enough to actually affect my enjoyment of the song. The vocals on the outro were not good. It’s fine though. As I said before, this is the best song on the project. It’s dope.

This is a pretty good EP. It’s definitely a flawed project; I wasn’t really blown away at any time while listening to it, and there are a couple songs that I wasn’t fuckin’ with. I enjoyed the majority of these songs though. He didn’t really go into his sexuality that much on this project. He mentioned it a couple times, but the content is pretty varied. This definitely isn’t a must listen project, but I don’t regret checking it out. It’s pretty solid. I fuck with this one. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Know Yourself
Least Favorite Song: Better Than You Ever Been




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