Album Review | Freddie Gibbs & Curren$y – Fetti

This album was released on Halloween this year. I’m really not sure how I’m gonna feel about this project to be honest. I wasn’t crazy about Freddie’s most recent project, Freddie. I’ve never been a fan of Curren$y either. The last project I listened to from him was Pilot Talk III, which is still one of the most boring albums I’ve ever listened to in my life. There’s nothing interesting about Curren$y as a rapper. He never says anything that stands out to me, and his flow is lazy. If Freddie Gibbs wasn’t involved with this album I wouldn’t be listening to it. It should be interesting to hear him over production from The Alchemist, who did all the beats on this project. I’ll hopefully get at least a few dope songs out of this project. Freddie Gibbs & Curren$y actually dropped a song together called Fetti a few years ago, which showed up on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack. I liked that song, so that’s a good sign for this project. Again, every song is produced by The Alchemist.


1. Location Remote
2. The Blow
3. New Thangs
4. Saturday Night Special
5. Now & Later Gators
6. No Window Tints
7. Willie Lloyd
8. Tapatio
9. Bundy & Sincere

This project is under 25 minutes long, which is probably for the best. I can only take Curren$y in small doses. Dude puts me to sleep. The production on the first song is really fuckin’ dope. It makes me feel like I’m in an abandoned building sniffing coke. The first verse from Curren$y was decent. The second verse from Freddie Gibbs was dope. I think the opening song is pretty good. I like the simplistic structure. I enjoyed it. The beat on The Blow is dope. I like the high pitched vocals on the hook. Freddie’s verse was dope. Curren$y’s verse was surprisingly good. I feel like his flow was a bit more aggressive than usual. It’s not an amazing verse or anything, but it’s pretty good for him. I think The Blow is a pretty solid song. It’s not that great, but I definitely enjoyed it to a certain extent. It’s a good track. The beat on New Thangs is really nice. The opening verse from Curren$y was decent. It’s about as average as it gets. The second verse from Freddie Gibbs was cool though. I don’t know, man… I definitely enjoyed the song to a certain extent, but I don’t know how often I’ll be coming back to it. It’s cool on the first listen, but it feels like something’s missing. It’s just two decent verses over a good beat. I don’t really think that’s enough to make the song worth returning to. It’s definitely not a bad track. It just lacks replay value for me personally. I’m not crazy about the beat on Saturday Night Special. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t really stand out that much to me. The first verse from Curren$y kinda sucked. I mean, it was decent I guess. Freddie definitely had the better verse. It wasn’t good enough to make this song worth returning to though. I don’t think I’m ever gonna wanna listen to it again. It’s even less memorable than the song it follows to be honest. It’s the only track on the project that makes it past three minutes in length. I’m never listening to it ever again. The production on Now & Later Gators is really great. I really shouldn’t like that hook. Freddie’s singing, and he’s really tryin’ to hit a note. His voice sounds like it’s really straining. It doesn’t even sound that bad though. The two verses are really short. Curren$y’s nowhere to be found, which is probably for the best. Now & Later Gators is honestly my favorite track so far. The production is fantastic, and Freddie sounds really smooth over it. It’s a dope song. The beat on No Window Tints is pretty cool. The song as a whole isn’t very good to me though. It’s just one verse from Curren$y. Freddie Gibbs doesn’t contribute to the song at all. The verse is painfully average. It’s probably my least favorite song on the album just because nothing about it really stands out in a positive way. I mean, the beat’s not bad, but it’s not anything to write home about. I really like the dark production on Willie Lloyd. To me, it’s the best song on the album so far. It’s just one long verse from Freddie Gibbs over a dark, piano driven beat from the Alchemist. It’s dope. I don’t really have any issues with it. I’m glad Curren$y wasn’t on that track. The beat on Tapatio is cool. The first verse from Curren$y didn’t do anything for me. The verse from Freddie Gibbs was cool though. I don’t know… I kind of enjoyed the song on the first listen, but it’s not really that memorable. I don’t think I’m gonna be returning to it. It’s not a bad song. It’s just not that good to me. The beat on Bundy & Sincere is smooth as hell. The first verse from Curren$y is definitely the best performance from him on the entire album. The second verse from Freddie Gibbs didn’t wow me, but it was cool. I like the song. It definitely has one of the better beats on the album. It’s not one of my favorite tracks, but I fuck with it. It’s dope.

This album isn’t bad. I don’t think I would call it “good,” but I’m not mad it. None of the songs are really bad. I just wasn’t really into every single track. The production’s pretty solid, and most of the verses from Freddie Gibbs were cool. Just as I predicted, Curren$y wasn’t really doin’ anything for me on this project. The songs I didn’t like weren’t terrible. They were just super average. I don’t think there’s a single moment on this project where I was really blown away. It’s a solid listen though. I got a decent handful of good songs out of it. It’s a decent album.

Favorite Song: Willie Lloyd
Least Favorite Song: No Window Tints




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