EP Review | Denmark Vessey – Sun Go Nova

This EP was released on April 20th this year by Mello Music Group. It was released as a two-part EP. I’ll only be reviewing the first part since the second half is just instrumentals. I think this is gonna be a really good project. I’m not really familiar with Denmark Vessey, but the beats on this project are done by Earl Sweatshirt & Knxwledge, so that’s definitely a good sign. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad project released by Mello Music Group.


1. Zzzzzz featuring ADAD produced by randomblackdude
2. Trustfall produced by randomblackdude
3. Stolat produced by Knxwledge
4. Sun Go Nova produced by Knxwledge
5. Sellout featuring DrxQuinnx & Vic Spencer produced by randomblackdude

The first song is pretty solid. I really love Earl’s production. The rapping from Denmark Vessey didn’t blow me away, but it was pretty good. It was kinda hard to understand what he was saying at some points, but I enjoyed it. The guest verse from ADAD was pretty good too. It’s a pretty good opening track.

Trustfall was the second single released from the project. Once again, the production from Earl Sweatshirt is really great. The first verse was pretty good. I like the line where he says he has trust issues like Metro. I like the hook too. I think it’s a pretty solid track, but I don’t really like it quite as much as the first song. It’s still good though. I don’t really have any problems with it. It’s dope. The music video’s pretty cool too. The production on Stolat is fucking awesome. That’s definitely my favorite beat on the project so far. However, the way the song’s mixed seems kinda rough. It’s hard to hear what Denmark is saying. That’s really unfortunate. I wasn’t really blown away by the lyricism on the other tracks, but I still would’ve liked to hear what he had to say. I can make out a few lines though. Despite my inability to hear all the lyrics I still really enjoyed the song. Again, the production is really great. It’s a pretty good song. I fuck with it. The title track suffers from the same issue. It’s hard to make out the lyrics. Denmark’s flow on this track is really great though. The production’s pretty good too. The way Denmark’s rapping is faster and more melodic than it is on the other tracks. His flow on the second verse is awesome. It’s a cool song. I just really wish the lyrics were easier to hear. I enjoyed it overall though. It’s not perfect, but I was definitely entertained by it.

Sellout is easily the best song on the project. The beat from Earl Sweatshirt is incredible, and Denmark sounds great over it. The first verse was dope. I loved that reference to Sonic the Hedgehog. The second verse from DrxQuinnx was nice. Vic Spencer did his thing on the final verse too. Even the music video was cool. I wasn’t really blown away by any of the verses, but they were all pretty solid. The beat is really what pushes the song to the next level for me though. I love it. The song’s dope af.

This project is pretty good. I gotta be honest though… Most of my enjoyment really came from the production from Knxwledge & Earl. Denmark Vessey definitely isn’t a bad rapper. There weren’t really that many lines from him that really stuck with me though. A lot of his rapping is just tolerable to me. It doesn’t really stand out that much. It’s cool though. It’s not bad at all. I definitely don’t think this is a must listen project. I enjoyed it to a certain extent. There’s not a single track that I didn’t like. It’s just solid to me. I wasn’t really that impressed by any of the production on the second part of this EP. It was decent though. So yeah. Overall I think this is a pretty good project.

Favorite Song: Sellout
Least Favorite Song: Trustfall




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