Album Review | Onry Ozzborn – Nervous Hvnd

This album was released on September 13th this year. The first project I ever listened to from Onry Ozzborn was last year’s c v p ii d EP, which was pretty great. I still listen to songs like Contractions, They’re There & Surgical Mask all the time. The production on that project was awesome. I’m expecting this new album to be really good because all the beats are handled by the same artist who produced c v p ii d. Rain. Rain’s the name of the producer… He did all the beats. Or she. I don’t know if Rain is a boy or a girl. Or maybe it’s a group. Who knows? Anyway, I’m looking forward to this project.

1. Nervous Hvnd

The beat on this track is pretty solid. It’s not super impressive, but it works. It sounds pretty good. I just finished listening to the entire song. It’s a pretty short track. It’s under two minutes long. I enjoyed it, but… Well… Let’s just say that if this ends up being the best song on the album, I’ll be super disappointed. It was kinda cool lyrically. I liked hearing him rap about how he puts his nervous hand in his pocket, but as a song it’s not really that exciting. I definitely enjoyed it to some extent though. It’s a solid track. I fuck with it.

2. Bummer

The production on this track is top notch. It’s up to par with the instrumentals that showed up on c v p ii d. Onry’s flow on the first verse is pretty tight. Onry Ozzborn has some pretty complicated lyrics to be honest. I’d be lying if I claimed to know what the hell he was talking about most of the time.

Fisherman’s wharf to red dwarves, we gathering the unknown
Just to pass time and prove that we prevalent in these bones
Like Johnny & his mans & ’em
Sweepin’ the leg of every single unicorn and dragon that we condemn

See? What the fuck does that even mean? I guess it’s the kinda song that you have to listen to a bunch of times before finally figuring out what it means. Anyway, the hook on this song is pretty good. This song is definitely more interesting than the opening track to me. The second verse was cool. I enjoyed this song a lot. I’m pretty lost when it comes to the meaning of the lyrics, but I still like the song. It’s dope.


This song definitely has the best beat on the album so far. It’s really fuckin’ cool. Rain is a really talented producer. This track is pretty straightforward lyrically. In the first verse, Onry Ozzborn describes someone around my age being pressured to take a few hits of a joint. Throughout the rest of the song he raps about how his life pretty much went downhill after that point. By the end of the song it sounds like the protagonist of the story is indulging heavily in other drugs and slitting his wrists. It’s a pretty dark song. It’s dope though. This is probably my favorite track so far honestly. I was hooked by the lyrics, and I love the production. I’m not in love with the hook, but it’s not bad. This shit is dope. I fuck with this track.

4. Doo Wop featuring DJ Comfortable Kathy

The beat on this track is pretty good. I love the kind of electronic style Rain’s beats all have. Hmmm… This is a pretty sparse song lyrically. There are only a few lines on the first verse. He repeats the same line a few times during the second verse. I definitely enjoyed the song to some extent, but my amusement mostly comes from the production. Rain did a great job with this track. I like the way it kind of switches up for the final thirty seconds of the song too. I like this song, but it’s not one of my favorites. It’s pretty good though.

5. Holy Moly featuring vioLIT

The production on this track is pretty dope. It’s a bit more simplistic than the previous few tracks. The first verse is really nice. That reference to Jordan Peele & Get Out was great. This song definitely has the best hook on the album so far. It’s kind of melodic. vioLIT is Onry Ozzborn’s daughter. She just contributes an ad-lib where she says “KABLAAM.” It was also on the opening song of this album. I don’t know why she wasn’t credited on that track. The second verse is dope. I’m gonna go ahead and say that this is the best song so far. It’s the best choice for a single. I fuck with this track. It’s dope.

6. Pretty Mvch featuring DJ Comfortable Kathy

This song definitely has my least favorite beat on the album so far. It’s not trash, but I didn’t really like it that much. It sounds a bit too much like Techno to me. I’m also not really in love with the hook on this song either. The verses were solid though. He had a pretty cool reference to Everyday Struggle. I just don’t really like the way DJ Comfortable Kathy sounds on this track. I don’t think it’s a bad song at all. It’s just not good enough for me to want to return to it. It’s a decent song I guess.

7. Living the Dream

The beat on this track is really good. Again, Rain is a really talented producer. I love the melodic, electronic sound a lot of these beats have. I honestly have no idea what the hell Onry’s talking about on this track. His flow is really nice though. He sounds great over this beat. There are about four different verses on this song, and they’re all pretty good. I have no idea what he was talking about, but his flow was great. The hook’s really simplistic, but it works. I fuck with this track. It’s dope.

8. psychobabble

Huh. Psychobabble. I’ve never heard that word before. It’s interesting though. I have a feeling I’m gonna really like this track lyrically. The beat on this song is fantastic. It’s honestly my favorite beat on the whole album so far. Oh shit… Yeah… I have absolutely no idea what the hell this motherfucker is talking about. There was a reference to Tom Petty, and the opening line about people with Napoleon complexes made sense. A lot of the lines just seem random as hell though. It’s not quite as confusing as that milo album that came out recently. I’m still pretty lost though. He had some lines about Kanye West & Kim Kardashian. I think he mentioned Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg too. The hook on this track isn’t anything special. It works though. Yeah, a lot of these lyrics don’t really mean anything to me. I like the song though. I can appreciate his flow and rhyme patterns. The lyrics are confusing, but I fuck with this track. It’s dope.

9. M1LD3W (Ethos & Swamburger) featuring ? & ¿

iTunes doesn’t have any features listed for this song, but the BandCamp page does. I’m assuming those guys don’t really have extensive music careers. Nobody with a name like ¿ is gonna be successful. What do you even fuckin’ call him? “My favorite artist is inverted question mark!” That’s such a terrible name for an artist. It’s literally just a punctuation mark. What if I became a rapper and my stage name was “%?” That would be stupid as fuck, but I digress. This song is actually pretty dope. Once again, I was completely lost lyrically. However, the production on this track is really dope, and Onry’s flow on this track is great. The two featured rappers had really nice flows too. I was surprised by how good they sounded. I didn’t really get a lot of the lyrics, but they sounded great on this track. There’s no hook or anything like that. They’re all just rapping the entire time. Damn. I just searched BandCamp for “?” and there are actually a lot of artists with that name. One of them is actually a Folk artist from my hometown of Durham, North Carolina. That’s interesting. His last release is a song from October of last year. I’m not gonna listen to it. Anyway, I fuck with this song. It’s dope.

10. TheSubmarineTwoStep

The beat on this song is really good. I just listened to this entire track. Yet again, I have no idea what the lyrics mean. He opened the song up talking about how the nerds became bullies. I don’t really see how that connects to anything else he said though. There’s a line about Santa Claus. I really like the hook on this song. There’s only one verse. I like this song, but I don’t really have much to say about it. The production’s pretty nice, and I enjoyed Onry’s flow on this track. This is dope to me.

11. How Should I Say This?

This song has one of the best beats on the entire album, and Onry’s flow on this track is fantastic. It’s a lot more fast paced than any of the other songs. The melodic hook on this track is pretty good too. I just finished listening to the song. I don’t really have much to say about it. I enjoyed it. It’s definitely a standout track. This is the most impressive his flow has been on the entire album, and the production’s really nice. I don’t really have any gripes with this track. I enjoyed it. It’s dope.

This is a good album. I don’t think I enjoyed it quite as much as his c v p ii d EP, but it’s still pretty solid. I don’t think any of the songs on this project are actually bad. I wasn’t really amazed by any of these tracks, but almost all of them are above average. I think Onry Ozzborn & Rain are a perfect pair honestly. This is a really well produced album. I probably would’ve enjoyed this project more if I understood the lyrics a bit more, but I was still entertained by Onry Ozzborn’s flow and rhyme patterns. This isn’t a must listen album, but I’m glad I checked it out. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Holy Moly
Least Favorite Song: Pretty Mvch



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