Don’t Sleep | Dumbfoundead – CAFE BLEU

Don’t sleep on this new EP from Dumbfoundead. I’m more familiar with Dumbfoundead’s work as a battle rapper. This was my first time listening to any of his actual music. I almost didn’t check this project out, but I’m really glad that I did. There’s not a single track on this project that I don’t like. Dummie actually does a lot of singing on this project, and it sounds pretty good honestly. The first track is a really chill tribute song to Cafe Bleu, which is a sports bar in Koreatown, LA. I really like the laid back production. It makes me feel like I’m chilling on a beach. It’s the kinda song you listen to while staring into a sunset. The next song is the song that really sold me on this project. Again, I love the laidback production, and the sung hook sounds really fuckin’ good.

Baby don’t be a worrier, I’mma make you a warrior
I’mma give you tutorials on a state of euphoria
Took a bean, now I’m seeing like three or four of ya
Life isn’t choreo, go and live it notorious

I love his flow during these lines. The song sounds like what I’d expect to hear right before I tried ecstasy for the first time. It’s my favorite song on the whole project. WASHED is probably my second favorite song. I love the beat from Shawn Wasabi, and the hook is even better than that of WEIRD—the second track. I’m really surprised that more people aren’t talking about this project because songs like these seem pretty accessible. There’s a stigma surrounding battle rappers… A lot of people think they are incapable of making quality music. This project is really great though. CHILL FOO sounds like it has some Indie Rock influence. I love the guitar driven production, and the melodic vocals from Dummie sound really fuckin’ good. It’s a really catchy track. The next song is probably my least favorite track on the project, but it’s still really good. I’d never heard of the featured artists that are on the track, but they weren’t bad at all. Paloalto actually rapped his entire verse in Korean with the exception of a few words. I obviously couldn’t take anything away from his verse lyrically, but I can enjoy it sonically. His flow was cool. The two guys from Year of the OX were nice too. It’s a good track. The final track is the shortest song on the album. I think it has one of the better beats on the project. Dummie’s singing on the hook sounds really good too. There’s only one verse on the song, but it’s dope. I was really surprised by how much I liked this project. I think every song on the project is dope. Some of the tracks even gave me a Camp era Childish Gambino vibe. This shit is exceptional.

Favorite song: Weird
least favorite song: Almost there



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