1. I hope you finish your Eminem marathon, it gets better after the rock bottom of Encore. (And have you heard FACK from Curtain Call: The Hits?) Relapse is actually pretty dope, besides one or two bad songs. Also, have you done Ready To Die by Biggie yet?

  2. Yo Nick got some more Dr. Dre heat for you. Brought to you from the folks at Bomb1st.com

    This is from the 1993 Chronic tour that got cancelled halfway through, due to various issues with law enforcement and a couple shootings that happened.

  3. So I’m a huge Tech N9ne fan and tbh even tho I absolutely gritted my teeth reading all of your reviews, I still respect your opinion. I actually assumed you were also a fan when I noticed that your comment section was named “Tell Me If I’m Trippin'”. I just wanted to say that a few of the things you reiterated on multiple reviews were kinda unfair. Especially the “quality over quantity” comments. Because Tech doesn’t just push out stuff, he actually delayed “The Storm” by three months just to get a feature from Marsha Ambrosius. He ends up looking at about 100 tracks a year and writing verses for fifty, so needless to say there is a lot of unreleased content. However, it was your review, and it is your opinion, I just feel that it’s wrong to judge through the veil of ignorance, so to speak. And thanks, because reading really any of your reviews is an entertaining way for me to waste a few minutes when I don’t have anything to do.

  4. By the way I”m connor stephens brother incase your wondering. Honestly I get a lot of what your saying but why don’t you like coloring book

Tell me if I'm trippin'

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